In Christchurch


The attacks in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand were carried out when the mosques were crowded during Friday prayers

Political leaders from across the world have expressed their condemnation at the deadly shooting at two mosques in New Zealand

Forty people were killed and at least 20 suffered serious injuries in “terrorist” shootings targeting the mosques during Friday prayers in the city of Christchurch, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

Police say three men and a woman are in custody in connection with the attacks.

Christchurch shootings: 49 dead in New Zealand mosque attacks (BBC)

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181 thoughts on “In Christchurch

  1. Starina

    Why was the comment on Gemma deleted?! Broadsheet promoted her, don’t pretend you didn’t. Just admit you backed the wrong horse and move forward.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      True, BS did move on, so why don’t commenters move on as well, and stop posting her ridiculous nonsense… I do wonder.

      1. Owen C

        I didn’t post her nonsense. I simply said “anyone seen her nonsense?”, and noted some people on her may have backed that crazy horse. This got deleted.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          “some”… “may have” and a bit of finger pointing….

          Sounds like that deleted comment was nonsense then, big deal. Move on man.

          1. Starina

            this is what you’re choosing to spend your energy on today, Clamps? Defending those who defend Gemma OD?

          2. Owen C

            We’d “move on” if the original issue was acknowledged. But it never was. BS didn’t “move on”, they just ignored what happened.

            Maybe you should move on from complaining about people complaining. Makes about as much sense.

          1. Owen C

            Are you for real? We have people calling Leo a fascist on a daily basis, but you think questioning the general sanity of people who think 9-11, Sandy Hook and today’s mass shooting were all inside jobs is a defamatory event? My God. I’ll expect every comment calling someone “crazy” or “insane” or a fascist or whatever mean term to be deleted immediately.

          2. Bodger

            Owen, yes I am for real. Some people are litigious and they will threaten to sue if you call them insane or even alt right.

          3. Owen C

            So its ok to call Leo a fascist because he doesn’t threaten to sue, but you will give other un-named people a pass cos they issue fantastical litigation threats? Interesting reward system going on here. You should probably publish these legal threats so we can better understand the pressures that these un-named people are putting on critical commentary. I mean, if it was #redacted that was doing it, we’d probably be hearing all about it, no?

          4. Commenter #1


            “We only remove allegedly libelous comments when they’re about particular, ‘litigious’ individuals; otherwise, call people whatever you want.”

          5. class wario

            i have no problem with somebody covering their bottom in respect of an extremely litigious person in isolation but hasn’t BS prided itself on posting things that other news media won’t for fear of the same thing? i recall quite a lot of posts insinuating many things about terry prone and the communciations clinic, for example, or the many DOB posts. i can’t help but feel this newfound concern is a bit more cynical

          6. Clampers Outside!

            I’d also add… BS don’t to commentary on DOB. They do court reports and timelines of reportage.

            if I remember correctly, this was explained as a position of BS taken in the past due to legal hassles before taking such a position.

          7. Bodger

            class wario, this is not straightforward. When Anton Savage/Terry Prone said they would close us down their threats were groundless. When Denis threatened to injunct us he was acting unconstitutionally. When a number of people complained about being described as ‘alt right’ we were left with the prospect of having to prove they were white supremacists (as per Press Association definition), if it ever came to court. We fight the battles we can win.

          8. Commenter #1

            “What’s so “lol” about that?”

            BS’s commitment to deleting commentary that is potentially libelous/defamatory/slanderous etc. only applies when it relates to specific individuals. Essentially, you can apparently say what you want about most people, so long as they haven’t threatened BS w/legal action in the past. It’s unprincipled, and self-serving.

            The latter is understandable to an extent, but BS should be upfront about it. Maybe a handy list of individuals who it’s not ok to run the risk of libeling. Would save them a lot of effort deleting potentially problematic comments.

          9. Clampers Outside !

            “Maybe a handy list of individuals who it’s not ok to run the risk of libeling.”

            Just making a list like that would be asking for legal trouble. Really dumb idea in fairness.

          10. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I wish the term alt-right hadn’t been coined. It sounds soft. Good old fashioned fascism, pure and simple.

          11. Nigel

            It’s pure white nationalism now. Even people who are not themselves white nationalists, who pick and choose the non-white nationalist bits of at right nonsense like Q or pizzagate or stuff about Soros to repeat or endorse, whether sincerely or as a joke, are essentially propagating white nationalism. GO’D is a textbook case on how someone can get sucked right down into it.

      2. Starina

        The censorship of comments recalling BS’s support for Gemma suggests that someone at BS HQ still supports her.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          That’s an assumption of motivation.

          One could just as easily assume that the person in BS feels stupid for that support and doesn’t want to go there.

          Or… more likely…. considering the tendency of that person to sue anyone, it is likely posts are deleted to save a legal headache.

          1. Owen C

            Who has she sued of late? Asking for solicitor details is somewhat different to actually suing a person.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            Look online, it has been said often enough that she’s quick to legal action.

            And I think BS has explained above regarding comments on that persons mental state.

        2. Nigel

          It’s probably more complicated than that. Broadsheet is definitely Q-curious, but has never shown any tendency to embrace Q’s white nationalist roots – they just like a good conspiracy theory. Similarly, and tangentially, Gemma’s investigative work and her anti-corruption platform are all very noble and exemplary. Her slipping deeper is arguably a tragedy. Broadsheet’s got complicated feelings about this, so it;s easier to just blank her completely. Anyway, that’s my useless armchair analysis on this horrible, horrible day. Fupp.

          1. Nigel

            Oh, i think it was still pretty tragic even if you could see it coming. Sometimes the worst part of a tragedy is knowing it’s going to happen and being powerless to stop it. That doesn’t make her any less reprehensible, mind.

        3. Dub Spot

          You should know that keeping your gob shut about legal matters or possible litigation is the right thing to do and that there can be consequences otherwise.

          Fair play, Bodger. I am sure the rest can read the current issue of Phoenix mag for free in Centra. Move on.

      3. millie st murderlark

        Because they go on a mass comment deletion every time someone makes a comment about her and her links to BS

      4. millie st murderlark

        Which is the equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears, turning their back and sticking a bucket on their head in terms of avoidance. As OwenC says below, if they had made an acknowledgement at any point, the reaction would likely be very different.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Wanting to distance oneself from one’s past can also be interpreted as simply moving on just as easily as what you have interpreted it to mean.

          No one in the comments knows how things ended between BS and herself, might be a legal issue, who knows.

  2. Owen C

    Woh. My comment was deleted? I said nothing inflammatory, defamatory or libelous. I pointed out a fact, which is directly related to the story. Sorry if you’re uncomfortable with that lads. Maybe don’t harp on too much about censorship in the future yeah?

    1. jusayinlike

      Hey Owen, why don’t you go back to your gambling house, by all accounts it needs your whole attention..

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      saw her horrible tweet on the People before profit page, nice guy from Cork, very informative, Ed Fitzgerald

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        That it didn’t happen. That’s it’s a made up event by “crisis actors” to persecute people like her just because they don’t like brown people. She’s the real victim here.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          God, she’s appalling. I’ve gone online and reported that tweet.
          So now, so.

        2. Lilly

          Or that it did happen but was orchestrated by unlikely group to achieve convoluted, long-term objective.

    2. gobbledy

      Jusayinlike said the same here about Bataclan yesterday and it was allowed to stand

      Same with people calling Brian Cowen fat etc

      1. Lilly

        You do realise you called Denis O’Brien corpulent just yesterday. Look up ‘corpulent ‘ in your dictionary and come back to us.

          1. Lilly

            Indeed you did.

            ‘Trumsters wear red
            But my cap is green
            Give it to Denis. Digicel’s tanking
            And his High Court wanking is
            Leaving him short of liquid,
            The corpulent squid.’

          2. gobbledy

            If you’re going to quote me get your spelling right. I wrote Trumpsters! Not Trumsters.

            I didn’t refer to Denis O’Brien.

            I referred to a character called Denis who self pleasures in the High Court costing him lots.

  3. Alastair

    Morto for you Broadsheet. Too thin skinned to acknowledge the role you played in promoting the sickness that is Gemma’s platform.

    1. Owen C

      And its not even that hard to fix it. Small “mea culpa” style post from Bodger, saying “wow, we did not see how crazy her views really were and were sucked in by the anti-corruption message. Let this be a lesson to us all to be a bit more cautious about who we give support and message amplification to. We previously were happy to give her some support but are horrified by her recent disgusting commentary”. But no, its a defensive “she didn’t say anything bad when we supported her” (fact check: there were clear signs), deleting comments noting their mistake, acting as if they had no role to play in pushing her towards mainstream and giving her a huge platform to build her profile. Bonkers and self destructive attitude.

          1. Johnny

            -you were a bond trader now your an analyst,sorry about your career such that it is,is your little shop still for sale ?

          2. Owen C

            John, i know i was really mean to you when you were asking about bank capital rules (it really was relentless nonsense though to be fair), but I should probably apologise for that. But its really sad that a 50 year old man is on his laptop at 6 in the morning to offer tacit support to Gemma O’Doherty who’s false flagging yet another terrorist attack. There’s more to life than being angry dude. You backed the wrong pony, move on from it.

          3. Johnny

            -your obsession with Gemma is rivalied only by your at this point kinda creepy and weird obsession with me,did they bother making you a business card at the new shop,given the turnover and For Sale sale,hardly seems worth it….

            Ps-SF supporter for long,long time including last pres election.

          4. rotide

            Johnny, you never fail to fall back on the ‘U HAEV AN OBSESHUN WIV ME’ when people reply and refute your dribbling nonsense.

            Nobody is obsessed with you, people just take the time to correct your ramblings.

          5. johnny

            Ro- here’s a quarter, call someone who gives a poo.
            You probably hold the record on here for commenting on my posts- even yesterday in the hat competition you just had, had to mention me!
            No no you’re not obsessed, you’re not no really almost every one in the 125 other comments mentioned me – on a post i had not commented on – its totally normal…

          1. Owen C

            I actually know what he means. But Johnny Come Lately has his facts wrong as ever. Which is sad but predictable for our angry East Coast Caller.

          2. Owen C

            He found out via twitter, where i was kind enough to answer some of his queries on market related stuff from his anonymous account. He then tries to “out” me on here where i post in an entirely personal capacity. Which is pretty bad form but alas somewhat expected given his perma-griping.

          3. Johnny

            Owen-last time on here you were going on about my summer house and how you carried a bag,at golf club near by.
            Your obsessed with Gemma,it’s literally the only reason you come on here.
            Carry on-are you at work:)
            Amazed a regulated financial institution allows you maintain such a toxic online pessence on their dime….

          4. Owen C

            John, my comments about your house were in direct response to your comments about my job. Again, you are the weird protagonist here, its reasonably easy to see this. Its not yet 7.30am and you’ve already spent an hour hammering away on the keyboard about what ails you. Seek help.

          5. Owen C

            John, were you that kid who was always saying “I’ll tell teacher” when you were in school? Probably explains a lot about your angry views on life.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      A lot of us were taken in by her because of her being fired by the Indo over the whole penalty points thing, I can’t say I was a huge supporter, but I read her articles. I’m happy to say now that I was duped and I’m sorry I ever gave her my support… and nobody will give a shiny, or shed tears over my “painful revelation”.

      It’s okay to be wrong and admit it. What’s not okay is doubling down and digging in your heels over her. She’s “done the state some service”, but do you really want to have your name associated with someone like her and her dangerous beliefs about unicorns, vaccines, brown people and SorostheBogeyman?

    2. Clampers Outside !

      That was last October.

      The 30th October to be precise, less than 4 full days after the Presidential election.

      That was the first of those type videos by her, and before the full gamit of conspiracy stuff blew up and all could see that stuff for what it was.

      What point exactly are you trying to make posting that? I’ve no clue in fairness, and I say that with complete honesty.

  4. class wario

    there is an entire global political economy in which people who push extreme islamophobia and white supremacy are enriched while radicalising people like this shooter. we are seeing our own version of this whereby people like grand torino and gemma o’doherty are able to monetise making people think there is an invasion of brown people in ireland aiming to wipe them out.

    these people need to be stopped.

  5. Jim

    Just saw her tweet. Plenty out there who subscribe to this lunacy though. I have a neighbour like this and I have to grin and smile at his tinfoil hat nonsense from time to time because the kids like to play together on the green.

    1. Birneybau2

      Co-worker beside me, 9/11 truther. If he mentions anything like ‘false flag’ today I may do/say something I regret.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Describing a view held as being lunatic, is not the same as saying someone is a lunatic.

          1. Clampers Outside !

            Well, I’d say you’ve been either told wrong, or interpreted what you were told incorrectly (I don’t know what ‘above’ refers to exactly)

            I say again, a sane person can have ideas that could be described as lunatic, but it does not mean you’re calling the person a lunatic.

          2. Owen C

            From Bodger: “Owen, because a jury might disagree with your diagnosis of her mental health.”

          3. Clampers Outside !

            Fair enough.

            Aye, see your point now… Basically, BS is acting as it sees fit to avoid getting to that decision being made by removing stuff that may lie between the two stools. Still no biggy, imo.

            Choose better language when posting is the answer, and you’ll still be able to make your point.

    2. Junkface

      Yep, I just saw her tweet. That is really disgusting from her. On the very day of the attack, to be so callous. 49 innocent people died and she calls it faked? WTF!?

  6. Junkface

    Awful news from New Zealand, horrific waste of innocent lives. I’ll never understand how people can do this to a fellow human being. I would never have suspected a right wing terror attack in New Zealand. Jesus, its shocking

    1. Formerly Known As

      Shocking. My guess is that the Aussie killer decided he couldn’t get the guns in Australia, so did it in New Zealand. No mass shootings in Oz since 1996. Strong gun laws is the only good thing that pm John Howard did.

  7. Dub Spot

    Today is not the day for virtue signalling or mouthing off about nationalism, Islam, alt-right loons, ISIS, Gemma O’D, or the rest.

    People have been killed and hurt in NZ. Think about those people. Not yourself.


    1. millie st murderlark

      You’re quite right. I was just scrolling down and thinking the same thing.

      A timely reminder, DubSpot.

      1. Birneybau2

        Exactly Alastair. Looks like Millie took the post up wrong. It is exactly the kind of day to shine a light on those that espouse hateful rhetoric. There are consequences.

        1. millie st murderlark

          Quibbling about how much of a loose cannon (and I’m being polite here) Gemma O’D is could hardly be called “shining a light” on anything.

          It is petty bickering, not much else.

  8. Birneybau2

    It is exactly the kind of day to shine a light on those that espouse hateful rhetoric. There are consequences.

    1. Clampers Outside !

      Worth a look… – with short vid

      “‘I found a lot of similarities between jihadis and neo-Nazis – and it has less to do with the ideology and more to do with their human needs that aren’t being met’ explains @Deeyah_Khan, director of two films on @Netflix exploring white supremacy and radical Islam.”

      (I was going to post this as a response to another comment, but that comment disappeared)

      1. Jim

        I have both those docs on my watchlist but didn’t realize it was the same director. She has a fair point. I believe a lot of racism and hatred is bred from economic insecurity. And hasn’t this always been the case?

  9. Formerly Known As

    I went to Breitbart to see how it covered the massacre of innocent New Zealanders. You want to see the bs that creates murders like today, check out the comments. Nutty as. Scary that these people support the slaughter of innocent people.

  10. Martco

    reminder (and yeah I know its a bit granda of me) if any of ye have young uns with smartphones/internet capability

    if you haven’t already done so please have “the talk” with them about going after video footage of this man going about his evil..the full show can still be found & watched without much challenge

  11. George

    One of the alleged murderers posted a manifesto online praising Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose”. I wonder what Trump’s comment will be.

    1. Formerly known as

      Breitbart has latched onto him saying he admires the Chinese Government. They are trying to divert attention from his Trump line. Geez, the commentators on that site are dim-witted.

  12. Janet, I ate my avatar

    my heart goes out to the freinds and family starting the journey from shock, anger, helplessness and years of grief ahead of them, made worse by sickening comments in the media. Rest in peace, victims of a sick world.

  13. eoin

    I checked everyone’s favorite Twitter feed this morning and saw the following re-tweet from someone I didn’t recognise (but turns out to be a pro-Trump US-based commenter)

    “To be clear:

    We played the “Candace is Hitler” game.
    We played the “Candace is anti-rape victims” game.

    If the media attempts this “Candace inspired a mosque shooting in New Zealand” bit—they better all lawyer the f*ck up.
    I will go full Covington Catholic lawsuit.

    Try me.”

    If, in the Land of Free Speech, someone can credibly issue such a threat, it’s not surprising that BS would be extra careful in this libel backwater.

  14. Johnny Keenan

    In a country of tolerance like New Zealand this can happen.

    Ireland we need to talk.

    Thoughts and positive energy with the people of Christchurch and especially the Muslim community


    1. eoin

      We do need a conversation. I seem to recall, I think it was in the Phoenix, but around 6 months ago, the Gardai in Donegal arrested a prominent English far-right chap in possession of fire-arms. Don’t know what became of that. And separately, there are those people with the funny yellow/black signs turning up at any protest that has a whiff of nationalism/immigration about it.

        1. rotide

          He won’t answer.

          Johnny K, like Bodger was taken in by the guff that GoD spouted because it pandered to their confirmation bias. That The Man is doing everything in his power to keep the Working Man down. Obviously life isn’t actually that simple but even as GoD got spouted crazier and crazier nonsese they continued to lap it up.

          They won’t comment becuase they still believe the stuff she was selling right up untill she went full Alex Jones. Even though in retrospect it should be completely obvious she was unhinged and a lot of what she said varied from hyperbole to full blown lies.

          1. fluffybiscuits

            Rotide BS should look at cutting Keenan loose as well. The site should not be tainted with anyone unwilling to renounce an individuals (what I percieve) to be a hateful ideaology.Keenan can save himself from the Yaxley Lennonesque propganda machine that GOD has going on.

            If people lie down with dogs then they get fleas…

      1. eoin

        And fair play to you, we don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater, GO’D struck a chord on anti-corruption, the treatment of whilstleblowers, media ownership/concentration/bias and she’s done more than anyone to highlight the murder of Mary Boyle, calling out Gardai who get it wrong, confronting Callinan about penalty points. I was disappointed when she didn’t make it to the ballot paper.

        It was only after the campaign that anti-vax, abortion, immigration, LGBT/transgender and Soros/NWO/marxist conspiracy stuff started coming out and maybe those issues need to be aired, but she has turned off a lot of people with the way she goes about it. Maybe if she had made it to the election stage, she could have been held to account.

        1. rotide

          That’s just not correct Eoin.

          The antivax, transgender and conspiracy stuff were ALL in evidence during the campaign.

          Also, she WAS held to account. She didn’t get any nominations for a reason.

          1. Kill Frill

            Well She did
            apologies for the use of she – ye understand the usage on this occasion

            Well she did. Ro, one
            She just told her believers
            And followers
            And viewers too probably
            That she had others

        1. The Old Boy

          I’m sure you had a half-bottle of wine during a two hour lunch starting at half twelve. At least, that’s how I imagine Fridays are in France.

    1. fluffybiscuits

      The Nazis had a Department of Public Enlightenment. Its purpose was to propagandise the Jews and villify them. It was credited with winning the public over .

      PS I dont give a cr@p about Godwins law…

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