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  1. SOQ

    The EU was simply not going to allow UK sit out the May elections because if they continue with their procrastination afterwards that will cause an even bigger constitutional crisis. As of this morning, the revoke petition sits at 2.3 million and will continue to grow. May is a dead woman walking.

    1. bisted

      …if they get more than 17.4million the betrayal of the electorate won’t seem so bad…

      1. SOQ

        Change the bloody record will you? At no stage was Brexit ever defined. Even now it can mean a number of things and that is as a direct result of the lies told by the leave campaign.

        1. bisted

          …we’ve been told from the outset that brexit means brexit…it means UK leaving the EU, by negotiation if possible, but leaving nonetheless. I, among others, have realised for a long time that this is not going to happen…article 50 ill be revoked and the will of the UK electorate will be over-ruled. Brexit provided the best chance in my lifetime for Irish Unity but it’s back to the stalemate that has existed and to victory for the DUP…

    2. eoin

      I always thought your hammering on for a second referendum/people’s vote was an undermining of democracy, the vote in June 2016 when 17m voted to leave. But as others are pointing out, Theresa May herself bringing the same draft deal back to parliament for a second and now a third time is also an undermining of democracy.

      1. Lilly

        Yes, but many voted based on lies they were fed. At least if they get another go, they’ll know what the issues are.

  2. eoin

    Alarm bells should be ringing, the galoot at the Dept of Housing enters into a €300 million public-private-partnership (PPP) with the Australian bank Macquarie. PPPs have been demonstrated in the UK to be an extremely expensive form of financing. No details on the overall cost of the houses, but this is the same galoot who thinks €360,000 new homes are “affordable”.

    “The Comhar consortium is 100% owned by Macquarie Capital Group Ltd. and supported by John Sisk & Son (Holdings) Ltd. as works contractor, Choice Housing as facilities management provider and Oaklee Housing as tenancy management provider. The project is being funded by the EIB, Bank of Ireland and Korea Development Bank.”


    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      PPPs in Australia have always worked out well for the Private party. F**kin toll roads being the prime example.

        1. eoin

          Poor Fionnan, he’s scheduled to be back in court on Monday, the DPP is prosecuting after an Indo article caused the collapse of a rape trial last year.

          “he DPP filed a High Court action seeking attachment orders against the newspaper’s editor Fionnán Sheahan, journalist Nicola Anderson and Independent News & Media (INM). The DPP could seek the imprisonment of the journalists or a fine over publication of the report.”


  3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    How is that Brexit working out for ya? “Fifth biggest economy in the World” said the Brexiteers. I heard a BBC reporter ask the rhetorical question “What is not to like?’ — Yes, being the fifth biggest economy is pretty good, Brexit isn’t going to help.

  4. eoin

    Bottom line yesterday, Theresa May walked away with a free, no quid-pro-quo extension of 13 days to Brexit, she also smashed the principle of no-extension-without-justification. It was the EU which blinked.

    If the EU will extend to 11 April, what else might they do?

          1. bisted

            …sure isn’t…one is actual participation in a democratic electoral process…the other is the incessant bleating of anonymous keyboard warriors…

    1. ReproBertie

      “Theresa May walked away with a free, no quid-pro-quo extension of 13 days to Brexit”
      Except, of course, for the conditions attached:
      – Get the WA through the HoC next week and you can have until May 22nd to prepare.
      – Fail to do so and you have until April 12th to get your house in order and agree to contest the EU elections or leave without a deal.

  5. eoin

    Just look what happened to an employee at a college affiliated to Queens University yesterday. He was fired. Why?

    “”You stated that you would be ‘horrified’, using that word twice, if a student at Union Theological College was taught that a same-sex, sexually active relationship was sinful, knowing full well that was the doctrinal position of your employer.””


    Christ Almighty, I know it’s Northern Ireland in 2019, but still.

    1. martco

      ah. the good ole burning bush merchants. another fine example of the utter boo boo that is religion generally.

      also, a 32 counties? the likes of those lads intertwined in matters of state?? NEVERRRR!

    2. SOQ

      And thats only the Presbyterians, the free P’s are worse.

      Losing a job for actually being gay is still common in NI. Most gay people have that t shirt and it is not exclusively protestants doing it either.

  6. bisted

    …sure isn’t…one is actual participation in a democratic electoral process…the other is the incessant bleating of anonymous keyboard warriors…

  7. eoin

    Missed the story in the Times Ireland today.

    “The taoiseach’s department spent €1.8 million on advertising last year, up from €71,000 in 2017, The Times can disclose…Across all 15 government departments a total of €6.88 million was spent on advertising and publicity last year, up from €6.22 million in 2017.”

    This is FG govt spending (okay, Ross and Hannigan and the other one also have a share) but it’s basically there to make the govt look good and increase the prospects for re-election. And €7m in one lump, being directed by FG, is a considerable advertising budget which might sway media in their otherwise independent reporting of govt performance.

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