Your Privacy Is Important To Us


This afternoon.

They’re in so much trouble.

Facebook staff had access to millions of people’s passwords (CNN)

48 thoughts on “Your Privacy Is Important To Us

  1. millie st murderlark

    Makes me all the happier that I have eschewed Facebook for the best part of a decade.

    They can have my password from 2007. So can you all.


    1. bisted

      …hah…me too…and I was going to share my password until I realised that I still use it…doh…

    2. Clampers Outside!

      ’tis far from Vermouth you (or anyone on here I’d guess) were raised wha’! And sweet Vermouth at that! :)

      1. SOQ

        Millie is from a vintage when a lady never revealed her age let along dob. It was called personal data protection back in the day.

        Now we just blame commercial social media surveillance companies when we realise we have been force fed pro Trump / Brexit stuff.

    3. rotide

      Hey Millie, What would your porn star name be?

      You Combine your first pets name with your monthers maiden name, its fun!

      1. rotide

        Eh lads, Don’t ever answer those questions when your email address is obtainable since they’re the standard security questions

      2. V for Frilly

        Ye’ll like this
        Cheeky O’Brien

        De’ye think I should log in as that user!
        Feck it
        Memes and his pals
        Same’oh and a few others will think they got the match 4 plus the bonus ball they’ll be so excited

      1. bisted

        …funny that…most places still use ‘mothers maiden name’ as a security question…go home lowtide, you’re phished…

  2. martco

    and to all those fools I told over the years to stay to fupp off Friendface…

    I. Fupping. Told. You. So.

    (sooner the cesspit collapses like all the other social media vampire squid efforts that came prior the better)

      1. rotide

        That site taught me to always use dynamic passwords

        For reference


        is a LOT more secure than


        Keep your passwords long, use a standard phrase if you want but always vary it by site.

        1. Cian

          How does that help?
          If I know your BS password then i can make a guess that your gmail is

          1. rotide

            Well, i use that format for logins to non important things such as websites. Mail, Banking and other important things is a whole other story. I’d still recommend 16 character passwords though

      2. martco

        nice hint that’s a good tool alrite.

        and for sure. at least one of them will have been.

        so important to spin them pwds regular & make them difficult, have different emails for different aspects of your life etc but I guarantee you however at least half online don’t care. I gave up trying to get Mrs Martco to do something about it years ago. I know one or two who think it’d be ok for the Govt to monitor your isp connection cos like they’re protecting us. aww!
        rakes of things waiting in the long grass to trip people up, minimum footprint is your best bet, too late for most tho

      3. Lilly

        Typed in my email address and got this:

        Oh no — pwned!
        Pwned on 3 breached sites and found no pastes (subscribe to search sensitive breaches)

        What do they mean by ‘found no pastes’. Does breach refer to old password or current one? My account was hacked twice in the past. Agh, such a head wreck.

        1. millie st murderlark

          I have one breach on each email, which isn’t the worst.

          Think an aul password change is in order.

          1. SOQ

            Sorry lads but you get what you pay for.

   is a free service, the other six require a subscription.

            You don’t expect people to be trawling the non indexed part of the internet (called dark web in the media) for the good of their health now do you?

        2. rotide

          It means your login details haven’t been found in any publicly available batches of stolen login details

  3. Termagant

    I can’t think of any valid reason for passwords to ever be written to an unencrypted file on a non-whitelisted system. There’s no non-shady circumstances for it to ever occur.

    “To be clear, these passwords were never visible to anyone outside of Facebook”
    Great so that’s only 30,000 people

    And they found out in January but didn’t say a word until someone else caught wind of it this morning

    Fer jaysus sake

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    they just dont care about facebook users. this isnt negligence, they just dont care. sure they’ve been selling our info for years. in their eyes, we are there to be harvested as best possible.

    1. rotide

      And people have known this for years.

      Im going to bet it doesn’t stop you using whatsapp and google

      1. Dub Spot

        But hey, Facebook employees get free food and Leo will be around to launch another 1,500 accounts payable jobs for Zuck in the “new” HQ in the old bank site in Ballsbridge. And there will be FB Pride float, so it’s all cool.

  5. Giggidygoo

    Went off it after a month, years ago,. There are only so many virtual cakes I coild take.

  6. The Great Wall of Gammon

    Use multi factor authentication on every device and every service you can and it won’t make a blind bit of difference about your passwords being compromised. The day passwords are relegated to the annals of time can’t come soon enough.

  7. dav

    My password is incorrect, so when I get it wrong they tell me that my password is incorrect…

  8. Ian-O

    I signed up for Facebook when it first started to get popular. Was on for a short while, cannot remember how long but not more than 3-4 months at best. I got sick of morons who I barely even knew in school and college messaging me calling me ‘mate’ so dumped it. I have created free email accounts and switched out of my real address but even now, nearly 12 years later, I get mails from them saying they ‘haven’t seen me in a while’. Set to go to junk now but its galling to think they have held onto my real address all this time.

    I would rather eat a glass sandwich than have anything to do with Zuckerburgs shyt show of a ‘service’. Nothing ‘social’ about their media IMO. This and another site are my only online presence (well I am on my employers website which I detest). I never understood the pathological need for people to splash their entire lives online.

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