From top: Football defector Declan Rice as a Republic of Ireland player; from his Instagram account in 2015


The footie star, who turned his back on Ireland last month, could start for England tomorrow for the first time following his country switch

…But social media posts have emerged of Rice crowing “up the Ra” and his hope of playing AGAINST the Three Lions….


RICE’S SHOCK COMMENTS Former Ireland star Declan Rice roars ‘Up the Ra’ in resurfaced social media posts ahead of first England game (The Irish Sun)

23 thoughts on “Tweet Dec

  1. Eoineyo

    Oh there’s a shocker, a 15 year old says something stupid. Thanks be to Oden there was no social media when I was 15.

  2. Rep

    Surely the shocking thing here is that someone trawled through years worth of posts and comments from him till they found that. Now that is tragic.

    1. shortforBob

      I think trawling through social media is what passes for journalism nowadays. (Also they might have figured out a way to do it automatic like, and to pay special attention to anything that is later deleted.)

  3. Catherine costelloe

    I wouldn’t trust the person that got the ball rolling on this ……what a petty , vicious botty.

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