The impossibly delicate hand-painted art of UAE based artist Julia Ibbini.

Ibbini’s laser-cut, algorithmically generated paper sculptures are inspired by Islamic absract art, embroidery and meenakari enamel work – each one built up in multiple layers and meticulously coloured in brilliant shades of pink, blue, yellow, and orange.


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4 thoughts on “A Cut Above

  1. Rob

    They look very nice, but “laser-cut, algorithmically generated ” sounds like the artist didn’t have the most hands on of roles.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      “A single piece can take months to design, weeks to cut and can comprise of hundreds of individual parts. The final development is carried out entirely by hand with each part glued individually and combined with ink poured over mylar to create intensity of colour.”

      1. henry

        Even seen the Irish linen that was once an art and the most prized in the world ?
        A craft lost to us like silverware carpentry iron work crystal

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