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Double down, anyone?

‘Many Democrats had invested such hope in Mueller as the saviour who would topple Trump that their reaction to Barr’s conclusions reeked of disappointment. That’s understandable, but perhaps Mueller has done them a favour.

His report will no doubt reveal more unsavoury details about Trump and his campaign. A finding of criminal behaviour risked plunging the US into total political paralysis, with the Democrats going all-out for an impeachment that Republicans would not allow to occur – in the process feeding Trump’s victim complex and exciting his base in time for the 2020 election.

It’s important that Trump does not have a second term. But it would be infinitely better to have him rejected by the people at the ballot box. The conclusion of Mueller’s investigation will force Democrats to focus on the task at hand: how to convince enough Americans that their president is unfit for office and must be replaced.’

Editorial in this morning’s Irish Times.

The Irish Times view on the Mueller report: open questions (Irish Times)


Via  Sharyl Attkisson in The Hill’

‘Whatever his supposed flaws, the rampant accusations and speculation that shrouded Trump’s presidency, even before it began, ultimately have proven unfounded. Just as Trump said all along.

Yet, each time Trump said so, some of us in the media lampooned him. We treated any words he spoke in his own defense as if they were automatically to be disbelieved because he had uttered them. Some even declared his words to be “lies,” although they had no evidence to back up their claims.

We in the media allowed unproven charges and false accusations to dominate the news landscape for more than two years, in a way that was wildly unbalanced and disproportionate to the evidence.We did a poor job of tracking down leaks of false information.

We failed to reasonably weigh the motives of anonymous sources and those claiming to have secret, special evidence of Trump’s “treason.”

As such, we reported a tremendous amount of false information, always to Trump’s detriment.And when we corrected our mistakes, we often doubled down more than we apologised.

We may have been technically wrong on that tiny point, we would acknowledge. But, in the same breath, we would insist that Trump was so obviously guilty of being Russian President Vladimir Putin’s puppet that the technical details hardly mattered.’

Apologies to President Trump (Sharyl Attkisson, The Hill)

Yesterday: I’m Gonna Set It Straight, This Watergate

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28 thoughts on “But…But…

  1. Tom

    Yes those completely baseless allegations. He never requested Russian help at a campaign rally.

    Can’t trust the MSM. I’m away to get the latest from my paedo and right wing terrorist buddies on 8chan.

      1. Ian-O

        Using the acronym TDS is a great way to let us know how utterly worthless your opinion is.

        On anything.

        1. jusayinlike


          What would you call peddling baseless conspiracy theories which only embolden Trump and help manufacture consent for nonsensical CIA regime change wars?

          1. Ian-O

            Dunno, I am talking about the idiot term TDS which devalues and mocks those with genuine mental illness.

            As for baseless rumours, the man himself started them with his usual childish showboating to his idiotic fan base.

          2. jusayinlike

            Now everything ending in syndrome is a hate crime… get lost..

            As for the man saying it himself, if that’s the case why wasn’t he indicted?

    1. Lobster

      Can’t agree more. This is shameful. I’ve loved this site for years, but this pathetic spin in favour of that scumbag is destroying it.
      No collusion doesn’t mean no corruption. He openly requested Russian assistance, but we’re supposed to ignore that now.

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    the findings don’t exonerate him of being a horrible human with disgusting views, motives and general M.O., all it does is show how warped america had become. they elected him, they’ve allowed him more free reign than any other pres, and now with a chance to take him out, they’ve said everything hes done is fine, and on top of that, they released 1 billion for his wall. the country is an extremist lunatic country and theyre fupping dangerous.

      1. Ian-O

        American Christian Evangelicals are only a generation away from becoming like ISIS in deed rather than just in thought.

        They are, without a shadow of a doubt, truly evil.

        1. Dr.Fart MD

          yea, absolutely! theyre very mental. they say god sent trump n’all. and clearly, christian values are a thing of the past for them, as they dont care about his adultery, they blame the women, and they forgive him. and the way shooting is so normalised over there, not long before the twain meet.

          1. Ian-O

            So there isn’t a rise in far right nationalism in the US, there isn’t a rise in those who believe Trump will facilitate the rapture?

            These people are not armed to the teeth, no? Just good old fashioned Christians I guess? Well, if we are talking 13th Century Christian perhaps?

            But yeah, sure downplay it, its not like there isn’t someone in the white house that needs their support for their sick beliefs.

          2. Yep

            ISIS, Ian. ISIS. I’m not downplaying anything you said after but your projected comparison is pure hyperbole.

            Every POTUS has courted the nutjobs. They have to.

  3. Giggidygoo

    ‘It’s important that Trump does not have a second term…’ Says the Irish Times. Id prefer to make my mind up rather than be dictated to by a twopenny excuse for a media outlet.

  4. bisted

    …whoever becomes president in US seems to be a lose:lose for the rest of the world…but…if crooked Hillary hadn’t snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, things would have been a lot worse…

      1. bisted

        …nope…just crooked Hillary’s track record when she was Sec of State…she was itching to get her finger on the nuclear button and pick a fight with Russia…Trump has been pretty bad but there a lot of innocent people alive today who would have died under that evil warmonger Hillary…

        1. ReproBertie

          Not as many as would have died if they had resurrected Genghis Kahn and made him president. I mean, can you imagine?

      2. henry

        Oh deary me
        Listened to pat Kenny making a total bottom of himself with his trump bashing
        On his morning show
        Taken apart and shown truly that a witch hunt was underway which was like the excesses of the Mc carthy era in the fifties
        Trump is a nasty man but so far his presidency has done what it says on the tin
        Maybe its time our government changed its tune with trump as the way brexit is going its friends me need not hostility from nations that Leo has done his best to alienate
        He has delivered

        The democrats really need to stop humiliating themselves

  5. TheQ47

    What about the assertion that the Mueller investigation wasn’t about Trump and Russian collusion at all, that it was just a smokescreen to cover for the fact the Mueller was really investigating some supposed paedophile ring at the highest levels, or something.

    Anyone remember that?

    Is that still the case, or are we to forget that now too?

  6. f_lawless

    I think it’s good to take a step back for a moment to try to get some perspective – the lunatic warhawks in the US have been escalating tensions between the US and Russia (both nuclear powers) to levels not seen since the Cold War era based on contrived narratives. One minor mistake on either side could easily escalate into a “hot war”. Isn’t it a positive thing for the safety of the world at large, regardless of your views on Trump, now the “Trump is Putin’s puppet” narrative has been discredited? Manufacturing public consent for more aggressive manoeuvres against Russia in a bid to ratchet up tensions and provoke them will be that bit harder (at least, one would hope people are starting to become more sceptical!) – And there’s almost nothing those US warhawk lunatics wouldn’t be prepared to attempt in their desperation to hold on to US hegemony.

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