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The impossibly delicate hand-painted art of UAE based artist Julia Ibbini.

Ibbini’s laser-cut, algorithmically generated paper sculptures are inspired by Islamic absract art, embroidery and meenakari enamel work – each one built up in multiple layers and meticulously coloured in brilliant shades of pink, blue, yellow, and orange.


jacob-1jacob-9jacob-4 jacob-5jacob-6 jacob-8

The geometric water colours of Jacob Van Loon (Above: ‘8th & Main’ [1,2 and video], ‘Pershing’ [3,4] and ‘Haish’ [5,6]). Grids of boxes drawn and redrawn over layers of white-out fluid, like abstract architectural plans, sometimes neatly filled, sometimes haemorraging colour. Sez he:

By the time I have a final sketch, the layers of primer are caked up and full of valleys and ridges created by broad brush strokes. “When I’m ready for color, it’s not just about pragmatically filling in the spaces, it’s about putting paint down, letting it travel in the valleys and ridges, and seeing where and how it all comes to rest.