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The mesmerising shenanigans of a large spiral of cut aluminium manipulated by designer and fabricator Chaz Capobianco (who may just have invented the new Slinky).


The geometric cakes of pastry chef (and former architect) Dinara Kasko. Digitally designed with modelling software, formed inside 3D printed silicone moulds and shipped worldwide.


jacob-1jacob-9jacob-4 jacob-5jacob-6 jacob-8

The geometric water colours of Jacob Van Loon (Above: ‘8th & Main’ [1,2 and video], ‘Pershing’ [3,4] and ‘Haish’ [5,6]). Grids of boxes drawn and redrawn over layers of white-out fluid, like abstract architectural plans, sometimes neatly filled, sometimes haemorraging colour. Sez he:

By the time I have a final sketch, the layers of primer are caked up and full of valleys and ridges created by broad brush strokes. “When I’m ready for color, it’s not just about pragmatically filling in the spaces, it’s about putting paint down, letting it travel in the valleys and ridges, and seeing where and how it all comes to rest.


bisbee-1 bisbee-2 bisbee-5 bisbee-7 bisbee-8 bisbee-10 bisbee-last
Artist in residence at Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine, John Bisbee uses nails and only nails  – bent, welded, hammered and soldered together – to form his extraordinary geometric sculptures.


cubes dots-new duals hexwave twistingcircle2
All-new eye-contusing mathematical animations by David Whyte, created using the visual arts friendly Processing language.

More updated daily on his Bees & Bombs Tumblr.

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