Right To Be Heard


On Monday, Fine Gael TD and Minister of State David Stanton visited the Clonakilty Lodge Direct Provision Centre in west Cork without meeting any residents.

Yesterday, a demonstration against the snub took place at the centre.

Bairbre Flood, of the Yearningcurve podcast, writes;

Yesterday I talked to a resident about why they felt the need to go on protest.

She preferred not to give her name, but explains clearly how events unfolded, the context for the protest, and what they hope will come from this.

Yearning Curve

Yesterday: Meanwhile, In Clonakilty

3 thoughts on “Right To Be Heard

  1. Ron

    ‘She preferred not to give her name’

    I would say that’s a smart move not to give her name. We have all seen in this country how the filth operate in the various arms of state when people complain about their incompetence, ineptitude, and corrupt practices. Never forget Mc Cabe as the litmus test of how far these political and state filthbags are really willing to go..

    But it’s just another day in the banana republic we call Ireland

    1. Jake38

      If Ireland is such a hellhole why did these people travel thousands of miles, generally passing over about a dozen countries, to get here?

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