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From top: John Connors; Tweet from ‘Doctors for Choice’

Terry McMahon writes:

I Had the honour of hosting an extraordinary post-show Q&A with actor and writer John Connors in Clontarf last night.

The passionately articulate audience discussed class, ethnicity, gender, and mental and physical disability. It was remarkable to have uninhibited conversations about such taboo subjects.

They also touched on a subject that nobody is allowed to question anymore. Abortion.

There are many reasons why a woman or couple might feel the need for an abortion but this is also a subject that caused such rage-fueled hatred in so many egalitarian activists that they wanted John wiped off the face of the earth. Or, at the very least, stripped of his thoughts, his voice and his livelihood.

Later we talked about the avalanche of celebrities who fell over each other to be front row centre on the abortion train. They couldn’t get enough of it. Horrific stories of young girls impregnated by their scumbag fathers and rape victims left in crisis by their scumbag rapists were the only conversations allowed to be had.

Anyone who questioned if ethnicity, gender or mental or physical disability would be grounds for termination were labelled right-wing, misogynistic, fear-mongering extremists.

No doubt some will insist that it’s done. Get over it. Move on.

Then Doctors For Choice post this remarkable tweet (above). And the questions came back.

Proudly using the word “guesstimate,” they describe 900 terminations in two months. Men and women who have sworn to protect life consider 900 terminations a “privelege” (sic).

And Government leaders who let women die of cervical cancer consider themselves feminist icons. And 450 lives per month are considered products for pharmaceutical companies.

At the time, John Connors spoke up. His questions have been answered. Ethnicity, gender and physical or mental health are perfectly normal grounds for abortion. As is anything else.

We even refuse to administer pain relief to late-term aborted babies on the grounds that it may, “shame the mother.”

Where are the celebrities who brayed so loudly and so proudly back then? The ones who labelled anybody who spoke up as right-wing, misogynistic, fear-mongering extremists.

Where are these wailing accusors? These heart-on-the-sleeve liberals. These egalitarian activists. These suddenly silent hypocrites.

Terry McMahon is a filmmaker and can be found on Twitter @terrymcmahon69

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53 thoughts on “Made Of Sterner Stuff

    1. Cian

      Anything is grounds for abortion. A woman can get an abortion (in the first 12 weeks) for any, or no, reason.

      That was clear from the beginning of the Remove the 8th campaign.

  1. postmanpat

    Why is the traveler from Love/Hate on the tweet picture? These Terry McMahon stream of consciousness rants give me a headache.

  2. Blimpler

    “They wanted John wiped off the face of the earth”

    We could do with wiping overly-dramatic hyperbole off the fact of the earth anyway.

  3. b

    “Where are these wailing accusors?”

    Terry windmilling at thin air again, gratuitously twisting the truth

  4. Niamh

    ‘Ethnicity, gender and physical or mental health are perfectly normal grounds for abortion. As is anything else.’

    Sex is not detectable or developed at 12 weeks. Why would someone terminate on the grounds of ethnicity? Wouldn’t this be racist against….themselves?

    ‘We even refuse to administer pain relief to late-term aborted babies on the grounds that it may, “shame the mother.”’

    Last time you were asked for evidence of this, Terry. You never provided it. I ask again. What pain relief is required up to 12 weeks, before neurological development is sufficient to register pain?

    No abortion is celebrated. Please consider how much you are demonising women by refusing to empathise to that degree, scapegoating us as elitist middle-class ‘celebrities’ and grinding your axe against uppity women.

    John Connor is a Traveller, not the Messiah. He is entitled to as much criticism for an opinion on other people’s intimate realities as anyone else.

    Finally, nobody is preventing you from holding and expressing your view. You have expressed it here several times. What they are doing is disagreeing, sometimes ad hominem, which is not noble, but it isn’t verboten.

    However, if the 8th had not been Repealed, your opinion would have remained a law that directly affected my life. This is why it had to be repealed – there is a difference between the right to practice moral judgment and oppose abortion, and having your opposition enshrined in law by a post-Catholic democracy. These are two different things.

    1. millie st murderlark

      Niamh, I am truly thrilled to see you back. Your sound thrashing of the drivel Terry likes to think is a well-made point is always such a treat.

    2. newsjustin

      “Sex is not detectable or developed at 12 weeks. ”

      Just on a point of fact, nothing else, a baby’s sex can be determined by blood test at 9 weeks. And it is decided at conception, it does not develop.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Aye that, but should be noted that earlier tests are additional services and cost money.

      2. Cian

        is that 9 weeks after LMP? or 9 weeks after conception (11 weeks after LMP)?

        Note: the 12-week limit on abortion is based on LMP.

    3. Dub Spot

      “John Connor is a Traveller, not the Messiah.”

      Ah here, Hosanna in the Hiace he never claimed to be.

  5. Nigel

    Talk about abortion all you want but if you must insist on cloaking it in sarcastic insinuations of martyrdom and oppression you are a tedious passive aggressive whinebaby. The only grounds for abortion are whether a woman wants one or not. Maybe you should be in doctor’s offices when they make their choices, giving them a good ugly little sneer as part of the medical process, just so they know what you think of them, that being something they really need to take into account when deciding.

  6. Rep

    We even refuse to administer pain relief to late-term aborted babies on the grounds that it may, “shame the mother.”

    Where is this quote from exactly? You made this claim before and when asked to back it up had a typical hissy fit about being attacked while still not backing up these bold claims

    The rest is typically aggressive emotional drivel. A woman can have an abortion up to 12 weeks for any reason. Her reasoning in personal. She does not need to explain it to people like you.

    1. missred

      I am baffled indeed at the emotional drivel and the no back-up links (though really we’ve seen it with his posts before), but also at the timing of this post. You’d swear it we had gone back in time to a year ago. It’s like leaping past when the horse has bolted.

  7. Daisy Chainsaw

    What statistics does Terry have for abortions due to the mental disability of the foetus?

    1. millie st murderlark

      What statistics does Terry have for any of the undiluted poo he’s put forward under the guise of an article?

  8. Not Gerry Adams

    Hon the lads! Well done to Terry and John for making their voices on the matter heard! Looking forward to their input on women’s access to contraception, telling fellas to wear condoms etc. LADS LADS LADS ad infinitum

  9. newsjustin

    What did John Connors actually say? I must have missed that.

    Look, abortion is now widely available and happening. The Doctors for Choice tweet is just a foretaste of what is to come. It will be important to keep statistics on abortion procedures, but yes, below 12 weeks, abortion can and will be for any reason – sex, likelihood of down syndrome, family circumstances or just plain not wanted. That’s what people who voted Yes voted for.

  10. missred

    Oh for goodness sake. This stuff has been discussed and the country has voted. Also am sick of this hyperbolic language in this author’s posts. Use citations please.

  11. ReproBertie

    “And 450 lives per month are considered products for pharmaceutical companies.”
    Can Terry explain what he means by this?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Organ harvesting probably. Antis are obsessed with organs that haven’t even formed at the stage the termination takes place at being harvested for experimentation, or being used in drug making, or probably cosmetics… some wackadoodle drool like that.

      1. ReproBertie

        This is why I’d like Terry to explain. If it is what you believe then I presume he can back this up with some facts.

      2. Ian-O

        And stem cells.

        You can sell a bottle of organic stem cells with a tiger lilly scent for a squillion yo yos on the black internet ya know.

    2. Lobster

      In some cases medical research can be carried out after abortions. Antis claim this means people are getting paid to abort, ignoring the fact that medical research is also carried out on living and dead people where it can contribute to alleviate pain or extend life. Interesting articles today on studies carried out on a woman who can’t feel pain for example. Particularly in the case of ffa this research could be used to create cures in future, which would be incredible.
      I promised myself I wouldn’t come near this dangerous click bait cap. But here I am. Sigh.

  12. George

    The man pretends to be pro-choice. If you don’t like abortion don’t have one. There’s nothing left to talk about except making it properly accessible in all parts of the country.

  13. Ian-O

    John Connors the person who compared abortion to ”baby genocide”?

    He didn’t ‘speak up’, he posted some hyperbolic crap on twitter and was challenged over it. Does Terry think free speech means freedom from criticism or in some cases, sanction? You can say what you like within reason of course, but never think you can do so without someone disagreeing.

    He is perfectly entitled to have his views and express them and I would defend his right to say what he thinks but that doesn’t mean I or other cannot disagree with them or take issue with the terminology used.

    ‘Baby genocide’ is a rather stupid thing to say, but he said it and was called out. I remember scrolling through his twitter feed and the vast majority of those who disagreed with him did so in a manner that did not refer to him being a traveler. Some did, most did not and stuck directly to the issue. No idea what was said on other platforms but this attempt to link those who were pro choice with those who are anti traveler seems grasping at best.

    I have no problem with John the director, John the actor, John the Irishman, John the traveler and so on, I take issue with his opinion on one issue and find myself in agreement with him on many others. Anyone who linked him being a traveler to his views were worse though, fupping stupid vector of attack that just makes you look small and petty at best and racist and spiteful more likely.

  14. Holden MaGroin

    “Horrific stories of young girls impregnated by their scumbag fathers and rape victims left in crisis by their scumbag rapists were the only conversations allowed to be had.”

    They were some of the stories not all. This statement is incorrect.

    1. missred

      I think everyone is pretty unanimous on this whole thread of your above statement. It’s like someone shouting into the ether and the rant gets magically transcribed and sent to Broadsheet

  15. johnny

    I got stuck in a elevator recently, it was overloaded on way to a party, elevator took off then stalled.I had pack smokes some weed,my phone and GF,we were uh oh well fire dept here soon-can we smoke:)
    Anyway,grown man starts with hey hey dont panic,its all good,dont panic-I’m looking at GF, hm thinking oh no he’s so going have a meltdown-shortly after he was trying pry the doors open complaining that he could not breathe.I was jonesing for a smoke thinking feck wish I had a Juul on me,at this point other passengers had taken their beers out paper bag to help this ‘dont panic’ chap breathe and calm the F down.

    Point of all this is Terry/Jon get lots exposure to put across their views, what’s with all the people are trying shut them up-what people where,reminds me the grown man in elevator saying don’t panic,dont panic….

    PS-fire dept had us out in 20 mins.

  16. bisted

    …really Broadsheet…there is still a very strong whiff of Gemma of this…why do you give a platform to people who peddle her myths…

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