A Limerick A Day


Gardai say 10 per cent of drink drivers was detected between the hours of 6am-6pm

I’m sure that it’s certain to irk
If you’re caught while you’re going to work
But a single night’s sleep
After driving won’t keep
You from driving like a dangerous jerk

John Moynes


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4 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. SOQ

    If you are knocking it into you until 3 or 4 in the morning then you will be over the limit but where is the line? Age, weight and gender all play a part so a lot of it is guesswork. Can anyone recommend a website that takes these factors into account?

    Not that I agree with the current limit mind as there is no evidence that the difference between here and say England, makes any difference.

    1. Zaccone

      You can buy a breathalyzer for 30eur on ebay. It won’t be as accurate as a proper 200euro+ police quality one, but it’ll be enough to give you an idea when testing yourself the morning/afternoon after. Well worth the investment.

  2. Maybe777

    What stats are available that show
    A) what part of the day accidents are happening and
    B) if the people causing those accidents are over the limit?
    I’m not defending poor decisions by road users, and have nothing but sympathy for victims and their families, but I hope this push for morning breathalyzer tests is based on an expected return and not just an easy way to give the pr guys a good news bullet point

    1. SOQ

      Good luck trying to get that sort of information out of the RSA. Common sense should tell you that the times and places where most accidents happen is also when and where the speed and alcohol checks should occur. You don’t get many pile ups on a Sunday morning driving to mass now do you?

      IMO this public harassment is more to do with previously falsified breathalyzer tests than anything else. They probably have stupidly abstracted KPI’s to hit, same as speeding tickets.

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