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This morning.

Feather-light political coverage from RTÉ and the Irish Independent suggesting junk food, as opposed to lack of empathy, is Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s ‘downfall’.

Spinning classes, amirite.

Leo Varadkar reveals he used to weigh almost 18 stone (RTÉ)

23 thoughts on “You Are Cake News

  1. eoin

    “Spinning classes, amirite”

    Or all the (over)running.

    When he finishes his podcasts with RTE or the Indo or whoever, could he publish the blasted PwC report on the National Childrens Hospital, you know, the building, with bricks, foundations, windows, which was supposed to cost an already eyewatering €400 million but is now predicted to cost €1,400 million, or is it €1.73bn.

    1. Cian

      where are you getting the €400 million figure from? and what does that 400 million include?

      1. Ron

        You know exactly what he his talking about Cian. it was the 400 million over runs that were known about in 2018 before the budget. I’m going to assume that the political silly pumpkin pootie pies have since revised that figure up because that’s usually how it works when you have inept, incompetent, incapable people such as Irelands civil service and the politicians at the wheel. Absolutely everything they have touched has been an unmitigated disaster, again due to incompetence and ineptitude.

        You are silly.

        1. Cian

          um, thanks for that Ron (I think).

          Now. Re-read eoin’s post about the 400m; and then my post. Then read your post and see where they differ. Also look at your post and see if there is any irony.

        2. rotide

          Bodger, if this doesn’t consitute personal abuse, I’m not actually sure what does.

          1. Boj

            My take is that it’s pure frustration from Ron at the whole thing…but then Cian comes along to pick on one thing (sometimes ignoring all else). We’ve all seen it. However in this case, it was a pretty reasonable question from Cian. Even if he maybe knew already that the figure was wrong. That would put you over the edge wouldn’t it! Maybe i’m wrong throwing a bit of empathy Ron’s way but either way….a)this is the internet b) it’s Friday
            Enjoy the weekend…pints now!

        3. Brother Barnabas

          you mightn’t like cian’s comments, but he’s certainly not silly. far from it.

  2. Kevin Higgins

    Always willing to applaud anyone who battles against unhealthy weight levels …. but don’t think he should get back into the Speedos just yet ….be difficult to look him in the er..eye

  3. Joe Small

    I’m not a fan of Leo but I have no problem if a media outlet wants to do an occasional piece on the country’s leader that recognises that he’s an actual human being.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      especially one the recognized their unhealthy lifestyle and set about fixing it.

  4. Dub Spot

    Why not do the same metabolic age tests again to see if things are trending up or down? Should be good on strength and conditioning scores given the amount of media dumb bells he’s carrying through to the next payday.

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