A Limerick A Day


Sunny Beach, Bulgaria – the cheapest beach destination in Europe – where a glass of wine costs €1.36

If when you sit down to dine
You like to knock back some wine
Without breaking the bank
You might like to thank
Bulgarian prices, they’re fine

John Moynes

Pic: Balkan Holidays

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4 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Termagant

    My ma and da went on their honeymoon to Bulgaria way back at the dawn of time
    The side of their hotel fell off and the bar closed halfway through the week because the bartender had been nabbed by the secret police

  2. Shennanagins-a=go

    Best holiday I ever had, 30+yrs ago.
    The Balkan Airways planes felt like they were falling apart, the army checkpoints on the roads were corrupt but if you spoke English they let you through. (They had guns but they were afraid of us. Seriously.) The people were beautiful, because they were mostly Russian, and the place was named properly. It was sunny and it has a fantastic beach.and the sun shined every day. and the beach is made of sand.
    The best part though was knowing that all your ‘mates’ were in Spain.

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