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David Long – Underground Song.

From David’s new album In Headphones out now.

Cáit writes:

I would really appreciate if you featured the latest offering from a totally under-rated Irish artist, David Long. It’s notes pull at the heart strings and make you long for a world you were never part of.

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11 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Kieran

    Fabulous song. What a great artist Dave Long is. His plaintive, wistful delivery is quite unique and deserves widespread recognition.

  2. Conor Fagan

    Great song , Dave, beautifully delivered.
    Wishing you all the best in the future,

  3. Goodthingshappen

    Wow, a proper artist! We are bombarded with such nonsense everyday, we can almost forget what one sounds like. Great song.

  4. Justin

    Love this. Makes me miss the Underground…and I was never there. I’m thinking that Fergal is the Whipping Boy singer (got hint from she is the air I breathe)!?

  5. Brother Barnabas

    that brings back some big memories

    remember seeing Into Paradise in the underground back then. i was about 14. handful of e’s, everything so exciting.

  6. Jesus Joaquin

    Bittersweet memories come and go every time I listen to dave music. I was only 19 when I moved to England (1990) first, living in Norwich and later in London, Into a very grey night i was so lucky to enjoy Into Paradise at ULU. What a magic and thrilling gig. My best memories are made of this. Thank you Into Paradise for your music.

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