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  1. SOQ

    I would never for one moment suggest that there was a conspiratorial timing between Uk getting an EU extension and the person not connected with Russia finding himself in new accommodation.

  2. Jdawgs

    I like how they felt like they had to put 2 pictures of Assange on the front page of The Times. Weird looking man either way.

    1. Shayna

      He was hardly recognizable after 7 years. He looked as if he’d been doing a, “Grizzly Adams” in the Ecuadorial Rainforest, than being pampered in a central London embassy. No doubt, the USA are going to go to town on him when he is extradited (of course, he will).

      1. eoin

        Looks like there was coordinated hostile action against Julian Assange from March 2018, that’s when the American’s filed their indictment and when the Ecuadorean embassy withdrew broadband (which is like withdrawing water to Julian Assange). Not surprising he looks shook today.

        Several papers report today a claim that Assange had smeared faeces on the walls of the embassy, this before 2017.” The [Ecuadorean] politician did not make it clear if Assange used his own poo for the alleged smear campaign.” says the Metro.

        Smear campaign is right.

        Ecuadorean ex-president brands the current president who decided to withdraw asylum “the greatest traitor in Ecuadorean history”

        1. f_lawless

          This article from Craig Murray brings clarity as to where things currently stand:

          “Tonight both Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are in jail, both over offences related to the publication of materials specifying US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, and both charged with nothing else at all. No matter what bullshit political and MSM liars try to feed you, that is the simple truth. ..

          ..District Judge Michael Snow is a disgrace to the bench who deserves to be infamous well beyond his death. He displayed the most plain and open prejudice against Assange in the 15 minutes it took for him to hear the case and declare Assange guilty, in a fashion which makes the dictators’ courts I had witnessed, in Babangida’s Nigeria or Karimov’s Uzbekistan, look fair and reasonable..

          ..The whole team, including Julian, is energised rather than downhearted. At last there is no more hiding for the pretend liberals behind ludicrous Swedish allegations or bail jumping allegations, and the true motive – revenge for the Chelsea Manning revelations – is now completely in the open.

          To support the persecution of Assange in these circumstances is to support absolute state censorship of the internet. It is to support the claim that any journalist who receives and publishes official material which indicates US government wrongdoing, can be punished for its publication. Furthermore this US claim involves an astonishing boost to universal jurisdiction. Assange was nowhere near the USA when he published the documents, but nonetheless US courts are willing to claim jurisdiction. This is a threat to press and internet freedom everywhere.

          These are scary times. But those may also be the most inspiring of times. “

          1. shayna

            Donald Trump reacting to the media about Assange’s (re-) arrest – he said that he knew very little about Wikileaks and that it wasn’t his thing – despite repeatedly saying that he loved Wikileaks during his campaign trail in 2016. Perhaps, Trump is a politician after all, he’s showing symptoms of selective memory, a common trait in politicians. To continue with scary times – Trump uses the Patriot Act, and signs Executive Orders to suit. There was a line in the most recent episode of, “The Good Fight” – two NSA staff were listening to a telephone conversation triggered by 5 key words, one was Trump. They discussed the implications of passing the details on – one was worried that the person they listened to would end up in Guantanamo – the other said that Guantanamo doesn’t exist and that they’ll probably end up in a lovely B&B in Costa Rico I doubt if Assange will end up in Costa Rico.

  3. eoin

    If you see a dwarf or little person walking down O’Connell Street today, do NOT leap-frog them, it’s disrespectful and could be a hate crime.

    Disability rights campaigner Sinead Burke recounts incident in her interview in Times Ireland today.

  4. eoin

    We’ll be seeing crying chair-type ads from Daft.ie for some time to come as FF gang up with FG to cynically delay legislation to force Daft to vet ads for legality.

    The Shinners tried to introduce their Property Services (Advertisement of Unfit Lettings) (Amendment) Bill 2019.

    It makes total sense and this was accepted by all, FG and FF included.

    But, while FG and FF voted to approve the progress of the Bill, they both voted to delay any further consideration of the Bill for six months.

    Meantime, looks like we might have to continue moral suasion on the Fallon brothers, Eamonn and Brian, photoed at the link below. Maybe have a polite word with them if you come across them, I’m sure they’re decent people and would be aghast if they knew what sort of ads they’re hosting, and even the €8m dividends wouldn’t merit such despicable standards.


    1. The Great Wall of Gammon

      We need a crying chair post here showing off a certain single room for rent in a certain embassy in London…

      1. Yep

        Because they are making some of their money by not vetting many postings with the regulations that were clearly outlined 2 years ago.

        Thought we went over this?

        As a man who loves job creation wouldnt it be better to hire 2-3 who could investigate the postings and if they don’t meet the required standard send an email stating they will no longer facilitate the listing of illegal properties?

        1. Cian

          And should they also have to police their “Done Deal” website and ensure that all of those advertisements aren’t breaching any laws?
          That all the cars for sale are taxed and NCT-ed?
          That the content of the ads matches the descriptions? that the advertising standards aren’t breeched?

          Or are they providing a platform and the people using them are liable for their own ads?

          If a landlord is trying to let a sub-standard property it shouldn’t be daft.ie that gets a slap across the wrist – the local council should be down on the landlord like a ton of bricks and there should be serious fines involved. The problem is the landlord NOT the advertiser.

          1. My Man

            They don’t even control Daft any more

            Why doesn’t Eoin do some real research and organize a badger baiting lynch mob to go to Norway where the owners of Daft live?

        2. Yep

          Done deal and daft are not comparable. You can’t tell from a pic if a car is passed the NCT or taxed. However you can clearly see if a property is up to regulation.

          Best business practice is not always maximise profits. I’m not calling for a slap on the wrist but if they were compelled to advertise properties that were not illegal it would go a long way.

          1. Cian

            I think you’re trying to fix the symptom not the problem.

            The problem is that landlords aren’t meeting regulations. The solution is to enforce the regulations (which will be really difficult and cause a drop in properties and an increase in rents). Or, to reduce the standards (why, for example, does a one-bed apartment need a 4-hob stove?). We would be better off with a lower minimum standard that was rigorously enforced than the current regulations that are flaunted.

          2. Yep

            Cian, nowhere have I stated Daft properly vetting the postings is a cure all. I will say that the current crisis has been like a severe cold for a long time. If you have a cold you treat the symptom.

            Simple fact is, they are advertising ILLEGAL properties. Dancing around what should be the standard doesn’t change that fact. They are facilitating the dodgy landlords.

            What do you think would be more likely to happen if they took the stance I suggested above? Would they lose market share due to an up and coming site that specializes in potholes?

            Or would people advertising properties realise they need to meet the LEGAL standard to let a property on the vastly superior housing site?

            As I have said, they are normalizing these subpar properties.

          3. Cian

            @Yep. neither, if daft.ie started to remove the dodgy ads, then those landlords would just re-advertise the same property either without showing the problematic photographs (e.g. don’t show the photograph of the kitchen with a 2-hob cooker: show a different photograph that only shows part of the hob); or even with photos from a different flat.

            The problem isn’t daft.ie; the problem is with the landlords (and the lack of monitoring by the councils, and lack of heavy fines for non-compliance of said standards).

          4. Yep

            Daft in not the problem. Daft has a problem. I think I’m making that very clear. They are, from what I can see, not even attempting to correct the problem.

          5. Yep

            They consistently advertise illegal properties. They have no system to discourage it. I would consider that a problem. Maybe it’s my problem, and I would argue anyone currently fupped in the rental market, with how they do business that is the issue.

            It’s a shame you don’t seem to care about those people. I suppose we can agree to disagree

          6. Cian

            We’ll agree to differ.
            It isn’t that I don’t care about renters – we just have different opinions on how to fix the problems. I think it is the landlords, you think daft.

            I think daft don’t have a problem because they are making money in spite of the bad landlords. But I think this is an issue for the councils to fix.

  5. eoin

    Is it now the case there can’t be a no-deal Brexit until 31 October?

    Before that, the UK can approve the draft withdrawal agreement or it can withdraw Article 50. The former is what Ireland has planned for and the latter would maintain the status quo.

    With that in mind, isn’t now the optimum time for a general election? Or are FF not just political eunuchs but crafty enough to realise they’re making no impact and that’s why they’re languishing in the polls? I mean, how many people would be even able to name the FF housing spokesperson, that”s how useless he or she is?

    1. Cian

      FF won’t drop their support until their polls show a bounce.
      If there is an election in the next 3 months I predict very little change in party percentages…. so we would end up with the status quo – all that would change is they would have another 5 years before the next election.

    2. edalicious

      No eoin, that’s incorrect; if the UK don’t hold EP elections in May, they’ll be out with no deal on the 1st of June.

      1. SOQ

        May has already committed to EU elections- if no agreement reached in HP before then, they are definitely going ahead. And, with the polls all indicating a substantial lead for Labour, they will be in no rush to compromise.

        1. edalicious

          Ah yeah, I know that. I was just pointing out that there was a possible situation where the UK could no deal before October.

          1. eoin

            You’re technically correct Edalicious but isn’t today the day the UK has to confirm it’s holding EU elections (in exactly six weeks on Thurs 23 May)? Will they seriously have 400 candidates campaigning for the next six weeks only to tell them, no, sorry, no elections.

          2. ReproBertie

            No. The HoC can vote to accept the WA before the EU elections and that will be them out of the EU.

  6. eoin

    “Mick Wallace is “tempted” to run as a prospective MEP in Ireland South…The Wexford deputy and former football manager said that he would decide over the weekend if he would run in the constituency”

    reports the Times Ireland today, confirming a report three weeks ago in the Phoenix about the likelihood of Click running for Europe.

  7. martco

    FAI tinpot now getting prised open a wee bit in public

    hoarding payments from UEFA for CL/Europa league runs meant for clubs who in turn have to beg to receive whats rightfully theirs via instalments :)

    + Mr Conway entered the exchange to say the FAI was there to talk about public funds and not Uefa money.
    “Our arrangement with any creditors is not something we want to talk about here,” said Mr Conway +

    no surprise, the money indeed “resting in the account” while the domestic game dies

  8. Junkface

    The front page story on the Independent is crazy. Rising wages will increase rent, child care and house prices!!? People need higher wages to keep up with the insane levels of rent, child care and house prices! Irish people are being squeezed to breaking point. Something needs to change fast because quality of life is deteriorating, stress levels must be through the roof!

    1. ReproBertie

      Good. An opportunity for Ireland to publicly reject an anti-vaxxer who thinks that wind farms are sinister and that people who disagree with her are pursuing the death of Ireland.

        1. ReproBertie

          Far from being triggered I find her nonsense very amusing. Except her anti-vax stuff which is dangerous and irresponsible.

          1. T Oylett

            I’m not a big fan of anti-vaxxers either, but really it’s like taking one tiny little aspect of her platform and making a big deal out of it, it’s hard to escape the impression that pure misogyny is at the heart of the liberal haters who decry her like she is an antichrist

          2. ReproBertie

            “it’s hard to escape the impression that pure misogyny is at the heart of the liberal haters”
            It’s not hard to escape. it’s a convenient excuse to dismiss people who disagree with her.
            Just to be clear I disagree with her stances on
            – vaccination
            – wind farms
            – immigration
            – wifi causing cancer
            – the big pharma thing
            – that Robert Emmett would have been turning in his grave at the low turnout at her RTÉ protest
            – the Soros funded globalist agenda
            – that by disagreeing with her I am pursuing the death of Ireland

            This is not an exhaustive list and none of it has to do with anyone’s gender.

          3. T Oylett

            good man bertie

            you are as pure as the driven snow

            a man of principle and ultimate integrity

            the fact is if it was one of your male friends waffling on about stuff like that, you’d be going oh look at that oul eejit there again going off on one, and laugh it off, whereas as a woman, Gemma attracts nothing but vitriol and puerile, vile smears

            Also you are very selective highlighting a few points to disagree with (in fact a lot of people hate wind farms, nothing controversial about that at all), and failing to mention any of the great crusading work she has also done in the past

            no balance at all, just bland, reactionary badger-baiting

          4. ReproBertie

            I’m being selective? I’m listing everything I can think of at the moment. I’m sure if I check her twitter feed I can find more.

            Utterly pathetic that you throw gender into it. Clearly I hit a nerve and that’s the best comeback you have. Projection is a mirror. I was giving out about Herman Kelly’s guff yesterday. Either you missed it or it doesn’t suit your agenda to acknowledge it. I vote on political positions not on gender. You should try it.

          5. T Oylett

            On the contrary it looks like I hit a nerve

            you appear to hold female politicians to a different standard than male counterparts

            utterly pathetic that you throw wind farms into it – against which there are many, valid objections (I don’t agree with those objectors either as it happens) – but I’m not scurrilous enough of a toe-rag to link people’s principled objections to those kinds of things in along with their views on vaccination or immigration, simply on the dubious premise that they are all topics that I personally disagree with their opinions on – that’s not balanced, it’s not rational, it’s not objective – de facto, it’s misogny.

          6. ReproBertie

            Hahahah! She was the one who brought up wind farms, I just disagree with her on them being sinister.

            Hey, cling to the gender thing if it makes you feel better about supporting her but deep down you know it’s baloney.

            Oh, you disagree with a female. It must be misogyny! Pathetic.

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