At The End of The Day


Leo Varadkar, then Minister for Sport, and the FAI’s John Delaney at the National Sports Centre in 2013

Leo Varadkar said he doesn’t think anybody would be satisfied by Mr Delaney’s refusal to answer questions about corporate governance at the FAI during his tenure as chief executive.

….Mr Varadkar said Mr Delaney was not a public servant and therefore was not accountable to the Oireachtas Committee on Sport.

But he said Mr Delaney and the FAI were accountable to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement and to Sport Ireland, and those bodies still had questions which had to be answered.

Taoiseach criticises Delaney appearance at Oireachtas Committee (RTÉ)

Previously The Nation Holds Its Breath

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7 thoughts on “At The End of The Day

  1. realPolithicks

    I know that people don’t resign in Ireland but surely delaney won’t be able to remain in place at the fai.

  2. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

    They’ll just rebrand

    Soccer Ireland
    Or something like that

    And knock seven shades of ….. rhymes with hit
    Out’ve their finance dept

    Don’t be fooled lads
    They are a cash machine
    And it suited a lazy and easily influenced board to have a careless and sloppy incompetent accounts dept

  3. realPolithicks

    If nothing else comes of it then at least he has been exposed to the general public for the arrogant d1ckhead that he is.

  4. Catherine costelloe

    Wait till there’s accountability in GAA. Another gravy train.The mother of all gravy trains surely.

    1. Keane of Thrones

      There is

      Everything goes back down to the Club’s

      There is no one person running the GAA

      And you see won’t League Teams
      At any division
      Getting changed on the side of the road

      The top of the GAA Pyramid is the Club
      And always will be
      If it helps :
      Regional/ Amalgamation – this happens in rural areas where clubs are typically Junior – they join up to compete a Senior Club level.
      County Board
      Provincial Board
      National – Ard Craomh

      With the exception of Congress
      All the other tiers are decision making entities on their own. With their own facilities, resources, boards, and indeed audited accounts.

      Croke Park itself is a separate operation, whilst housing in some part the admin of the association at National level. It’s commercial lettings and other corporate activities for profit report back and are answerable to Ard Craomh CLG; on behalf of all members.

      Congress is a show. A giant AGM and bigger that all the Ard Fheiseanna put together
      But consider it the Gathering of the Clans
      Manners, Rule Changes, Elections, accounts of the National CLG entity, Strategy, Training and Development updates, Players Compo Fund annual report, national Marketing and Sponsorship updates etc
      These all get aired, sorted and voted on for another year.
      It is here at Congress that the infamous Rule 42 gets thrown in and kicked around

      Don’t ever
      The GAA and the FAI

      Our Stadium and Club Grounds infrastructure
      Our attendances
      a Club First ethos across all levels of participation

      Have you ever wondered why you don’t see a lot of player transfer carry-on in the GAA

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