‘Snide And Hostile’


From top: the offending article in The Spectator; Ireland’s UK ambassador Adrian O’Neill and his letter to the magazine’s editor

Last night.

A diplomatic response to ‘ cheese-eating surrender monkey’ accusations leveled at Ireland in The Spectator by the suitably-named, Robert Hardman.

To wit:

Hardman said that Ireland was joining a group of “flimsily-connected” countries with “deplorable human rights records” and “French-speaking crooks”, some of whom, he added, appeared “at the bottom of every global corruption index”.

“Only the mean-spirited would suggest that little Leo will do anything to suck up to the top gang in the EU playground…,” he continued.

How odd, then, to see the Irish — usually so quick to take offence at any whiff of imperialism — acting as a cheerleader for French aggrandisement.”

Ireland’s strange decision to join the French commonwealth (Robert Hardman, The Spectator – behind paywall)

Magazine criticised by ambassador for “anti-Irish sentiment” (The Irish World)

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36 thoughts on “‘Snide And Hostile’

    1. Nullzero

      Those notions haven’t gone away you know. Anti Irish sentiment is the final acceptable type of xenophobia. Sure don’t we take it in good fun to be shure to be shure.

  1. Kolmo

    It’s the spectator ffs..
    ..the same Brexit clowns are now actually blaming Mrs Elizabeth Windsor, the queen of England for the failing brexit project

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Jesus. What a fox’s paw. I’ll make sure never to make that mistake.

      2. Kolmo

        I got barked at while sipping a pint in Toners pub by a fellow patron, an earwigging stranger, who irately informed me that “Aviva paid a lot of money to have the stadium change it’s name..” when I referred to Landsdowne Rd in a conversation he was not party to..I will never call it Aviva for a lot of reasons, mostly out of spite..

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          “Fupp off. Nobody’s interested in your opinion.”
          The only response, really.

        2. shortforbob

          For extra spite I like to refer to Landsdowne Road Insurance when the chance arises.

          And I hope you told him the taxpayer paid the lions share of the cost of that stadium.

      3. milk teeth

        Ha-ha cracking analogy!

        BoJo was the editor of the Spectator for while – of course its full of brexit poo.

  2. Dub Spot

    Cue article in this weekend’s Sindo saying the Spectator is right and they agree with it. Eoghan Harris will be joining Ruth Dudley Edwards soon (let go from the Sindo), so hurry.

  3. Captainpants

    What is our ambassador doing writing whiny letters because of a bleedin’ article in the Spectator?

      1. Captainpants

        His literal job is to represent us, and I dont think sending sniffy letters cause he disagress with an article represents us well.

        1. Rob_G

          An article appeared in a British publication criticising Ireland; Ireland’s ambassador to the UK wrote a reply. Ambassadors write letters to newspapers all of the time; if you got your news from anywhere other than broadsheet, you would probably know this already.

  4. class wario

    had to really strain myself to stop my eyes rolling all the way back into my head upon reading the intro fawning over the spectator.

    probably fair to say that anybody who self-identifies as a fan of such a rag probably isn’t the most ardent Irish republican, despite whatever pithy comments they make in letter form

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Maybe he was going for the poopy-poo sandwich approach. Though not very well executed.

    2. Paulus

      I think it’s just that some people can remain polite while delivering a considered and well-written complaint:
      Not too much of that around these parts I fear.

      1. class wario

        one can be polite without fawning.

        actively reading the spectator since the 1980s is an issue independent of both anyway.

    3. Rob_G

      I’m guessing that, in order to rise to the most important position in Ireland’s diplomatic service, you just need to be better-read than you.

  5. Cú Chulainn

    No doubt Brexit has brought out the racist attitude of many English. At least we are certain who they are now.

  6. Margaret

    Vast majority of us, though 100% Irish have many relations in England, can we not respect each other without creating more division. We have Peace in Ireland for 20yrs and it has been good. Long may it continue.
    Peace and love to all.

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