31 thoughts on “Ugly Belgian Houses

  1. Mickey Twopints

    I like No. 3

    They’re quirky, for sure, but ugly? I don’t think so. I’d live in any of those in preference to living in a McHouse on an estate.

  2. Duncan Wheeler

    I don’t think any of them are ugly, such a small minded narrow definition. These homes are individual and eccentric which is good to see rather than mind numbing conformity, and dull colourless homes we have here in Ireland. These Belgians have the right idea, idosyncratic homes built for the individuals who choose to live in them. I would love to have these near my home in Stillorgan, or have one myself. Bravo Belgium.

  3. Boj

    2nd last pic is great I think. Do Dublin like that! Leave the oul fronts and go up! That last house..wow! I get the shape is due to those power lines beside em but what were they thinking??? Also, those power lines beside them!!!

  4. SOQ

    Ah here, at least there is some sort of variety. In South Armagh you get a choice of a one story and a two story- all the same- all the time- end of.

    Travel trip: forget Google maps- You know you have crossed the border into Louth or Monaghan when homes looks like they have been designed by someone not a civil engineer using lego.

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