4 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Inserting gratuitous ‘keep geography as a compulsory leaving cycle subject’ comment here. One of the many things I learned in Geography was how to read weather maps such as those above, and I feel it has really stood me well over the years. Having travelled to many countries where I did not understand the language, I could still tell the weather when the local service used these maps,and showed fronts, without needing varied sized wind arrows.
    I don’t claim meteorological brilliance, but I can usually tell if I need my umbrella or not…

    1. retroboy

      And the thing that wouldn’t strike you is how much higher the temperature is from the ’30 year mean’ in the first graph?

      You need to go back to school, me thinks.


    2. scottser

      Weather charts only make sense when read to me by a hot chick. Otherwise just throw on a geansai

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