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Carlow Weather tweetz:

Sherkin Island gusting to 93kmh in the past hour as low system approaches Southwest. Fastnet Lighthouse has hit 112kmh (offshore and elevated). Heavy rain and strong winds expected across the country today with Yellow weather warnings in operation.



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Carlow Weather

Alan O’Reilly, of Carlow Weather, tweetz:

Another great day and the longer range weather charts want to keep us nice and settled into next weekend and beyond!


Carlow Weather (Alan O’Reilly, him off the telly!) tweetz:

A Ryanair flight from Paris to Dublin circled Dublin then went to Belfast, circled there and now heading for England! #StormAli


He addz:

Power outages spreading across the country now. The fine people at ESB Networks will be busy for a few days after #StormAli and then potential for another stormy day Sunday.


Carlow Weather (Facebook)

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Carlow Weather tweetz:

Latest charts for the remains of #Helene are not good news with the path moving back in over Ireland. This is just one run but it’s not a good one with strong gusts and heavy rain Monday night and again Tuesday night. All eyes on the ECMWF update later this morning.

Carlow Weather (Facebook)

Scenes from Tullow, Co Carlow on Tuesday morning

Further to Carlow Weather guy Alan O’Reilly (him off the telly!) breaking his drone…

And setting up a successful GoFundMe campaign to replace it…

Alan, who provides weather forecasts to the nation for nada, is now back in the sky.

Follow Alan on Twitter here and Facebook here

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From top: Carlow Weather guy Alan O’Reilly; his broken drone

We’re calling it the Alan Parsons O’Reilly Project.

Much-followed Carlow Weather guy Alan O’Reilly (him off the telly!) has broken his drone.

And he’s set up a GoFundMe page to help him replace it.

Alan, who provides his forecasting to the nation for nothing, requires 1450 lids to fly again.

He writes:

“Sadly my old drone hit the rocks and I’m to to replace it so I can continue to share photos from the air…”


Carlow Weather Drone (GoFundMe)

Carlow Weather writes:

‪A nice morning over the Electric Picnic site in Stradbally this morning as my photo shows and the weather looks ok for tomorrow and Saturday but latest charts show some heavier rain possible Sunday. More updates later. #EP2018 ‬

Carlow Weather (Facebook)

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