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Related: National Broadband Plan may cost more than €3 billion (Pat Leahy, The Irish Times, October 26, 2018)

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29 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. eoin

    It was always going to cost €3 billion.

    Last June, it was reported from an interview with the leading bidder.

    “each of the three main partners will put €100 million in to the project, with a further €200 million for design and construction, “and probably €600 million in bank debt”..On top of that there will be “a couple of billion in subsidies” from the Irish government and perhaps from the European Commission, he said. ”

    3x€100m + €200m + €600m + “couple of billion” = €3bn +

  2. Zaccone

    All these repeated absolutely massive state project cost overruns are really showing FG’s claimed “financial responsibility” claims up.

    Plus, over 5,500eur per house? And it’ll probably take half a decade to implement? By that time 5G coverage will be universal and probably cost a tenner for a dongle. This whole plan just needs to be binned.

    1. Dr.Fart MD

      that’s what he’s banking on. he knows if he throws out the figure 3 billion, especially on the back of the childrens hospital costs, that people might say “ah forget it” and then he gets to handle the issue the FG way; not doing anything.

  3. Andrew

    The spending of this government is out of control and there’s very little real analysis taking place . Public pay bill reached €22.2 billion last year, exceeding bubble era. Public pay has risen 21% since 2014 more than twice the rate of non-public pay.

    1. millie st murderlark

      Where’s your source for that Andrew? I’m not surprised but I’d like a look if you’ve a link handy

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    25 years??
    We’ll be a bigger, island state by then. Maybe they should start Phase 1 in Donegal.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    FG-enomics. The original NCH was less than €500m? And that will exceed €2bn. The broadband was €500m and they want us to accept €3bn?

    This lot need to be ousted pronto. They’re making a mockery of government, and gifting our taxes Willy nillly. In both of the instances above, there’s a Denis O Brien interest. Enough of this chicanery.

      1. eoin

        FG economics, Pt 4

        Social housing costs will be SIX TIMES more expensive under FG’s public private partnership (with an Aussie investment bank) than if the homes were provided by local authorities.

        I suppose all political parties get clumsy with the public’s money the longer they’re in power.

        1. A Person

          Really, your source on the cost of social housing is the Shinners? Seriously, get a grip.

  6. DeSelby

    That works out at an average of €5,500 per household. That’s very difficult to believe.

      1. Zaccone

        Its not at all, considering there are alternative technologies to provide internet access to the minority of homes in the state not already covered by wired connections. 4G/5G masts, or satellite, would be far more cost effective. Its a complete waste of taxpayer money to spend 5,500e per house on this.

        1. Brian

          Zaccone, I would have thought so too. But for some reason all the discussion seems to be about cable in the ground. I’m not sure why people aren’t discussing 4G/5G masts?

  7. Junkface

    FG do not seem to be able to shop around for better deals. Everything they plan to do costs billions! Doesn’t satellite technology provide new ways of providing internet worldwide? Are they sure that this is the best choice of technology to go forward with?

    What’s the budget for a typical FG politicians wedding? €1.2 Billion?

    Seems like they don’t get out of bed over at FG offices if a project isn’t worth a billion at least

    1. Jeffrey

      Sat tech works but latency cannot be less than 700-800ms (round trip to sat – earth) and that is just not suitable for a lot of applications (gaming, live video / audio)

  8. phil

    Why stop at 3bn , you know the banking bailout is starting to look cheap … but I guess those weren’t FG numbers …

  9. Joe Small

    I was told a decade ago it would cost €2-3 billion to roll out broadband to everyone.

    The low density Irish population who live on one-off housing is a logistical nightmare for the provision of services like broadband.

  10. Brian

    People who live in cities and towns expect a certain level of service in exchange for a higher cost of property, noise, dirt, people and some lack of privacy that comes with living in an urban area. People who build a house down a lane, off a road, on their dad’s land, 16 miles outside the village shouldn’t expect a certain level of service. That includes taxis, Just Eat, a quick ambulance service (sadly), a nearby pub and broadband. Given the amount of houses dotted around rural Ireland the cost of this was never going to be less than billions. Whoever promised this should be held responsible. Who’s idea was this? (Born and raised in rural Offaly BTW).

    1. Mike

      People have constitutional right to a home. They also have constitutional right to education. Hence the State is obligated to provide essential educational infrastructure to rural homes for which planning permission was approved. Providing rural broadband is also essential in the battle against rural depopulation. Which by the way is contributing to urban homelessness. The cities are overcrowded. Breathe a bit of live back into rural Ireland and provide services to entice reluctant urban dwellers to escape the rat race.

  11. Dub Spot

    But when?

    Brexit, Irish Broadband, Rebuilt Notre Dame. I’d say the latter is a closer estimate (5 years). Good luck with the other two.

    As I have Virgin Broadband already can I just have the 5,500 yoyos please? Now.

  12. Truth in the News

    Precisely how was the 3 billion arrived at, and how does it compare with the costings
    for the couple hundred thousand customers Eir are now wiring up, are Eir spending
    a fraction of this given they have an already heavy debt burden, its obvious that the
    current government haven’t a clue, and been fed a load of lies about costs by well
    placed grus that see the opportunity to make a killing.

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