“It Is Clearly Time For A Regime Change”


Minister for Sport Shane Ross; letter from FAI to Mr Ross

Minister for Sport Shane Ross is currently addressing the Oireachtas sports committee.

He’s just said the entire FAI board is to step down.

He said:

“This move is to be welcomed and it is hopefully the first step on the road to rebuilding trust in this important NGB. Considering the issues over which most of this board has presided and those issues being obvious even before the various investigations have started, it is clearly time for a regime change.”

He also said no new capital payments will be made to the FAI until he is satisfied with the new measures put in place.


Deloitte audit of FAI; chair of the committee Fergus O’Dowd, CEO of Sport Ireland John Treacy, Social Democrats TD Catherine Murphy


Mr Treacy tells the committee that no other organisation that receives grant funding from Sport Ireland has had a form H4 filed against them to the CRO.

In response to a question about this from Fine Gael TD Noel Rock, Mr Treacy said:

“Not that we’re aware of. Never heard of it before. So we’re hearing about this for the first time. We heard about it this morning.”


Asked if funding will be restored to the FAI before the year is out, Mr Treacy said: “Well, there’s a lot of work to be done.”

He said there is a mechanism to fund on a monthly basis “but that’s an issue when all the various bits and pieces have been done”.

Watch live in link above

Pic (letter): Ruth Coppinger

Pic (audit): Gavan Reilly


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21 thoughts on ““It Is Clearly Time For A Regime Change”

    1. Ian-O

      Literally laughing out loud.

      IF….the FAI did anything illegal, you can be sure there was some sort of state or at least political involvement so no, nobody is going to jail, this is Ireland. Only the small people go to jail.

      Worst comes to the worse they can get someone to shred a few files and set them up with a cushy job afterwards.

    1. eoin

      Surely, “stepped up” if John Delaney is expanding his role at UEFA, he was getting €120,000 a year for a few hours a month.

    1. curmudgeon

      Not true they provide excellent cover (when refusing to answer difficult questions) and offer reports that can be tailored to a time frame that suits your exit strategy

  1. Conksi

    voluntarily stepped aside, still on payroll. Board to resign en masse.
    Bertie Aherne to take over as interim chair

  2. eoin

    The 11 members of the board in March 2019 were being paid between €70,000 – €130,000. On top of that, you had John Delaney on €360,000 + whatever in expenses and accommodation.

    The entire board should be removed, I would personally pay to be the one to dropkick Mulvey out.

    1. DeKloot

      Regardless of what you think, or even he thinks, he is still an employee and entitled to due process – especially for the FAI’s protection. If they dismiss him without following process to the letter of the law, he’s the kinda fellah that’d take ’em to the cleaners…. moreso than he does now. And he’d win too…
      Board members = not employees
      CEO = employee

  3. Jake38

    1) Why did JD seek a court order to stop media reporting of the “loan”?

    2) Who paid for the court action?

    Focus, please, focus.

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