No Alarms And No Surprises


Garda Commissioner Drew Harris addressing the conference of the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors in Cavan yesterday

This morning.

RTÉ’s Morning Ireland broadcast an interview its crime correspondent Paul Reynolds carried out with the Garda Commissioner Drew Harris at the AGSI conference in Cavan.

It followed Mr Reynolds reporting that one of An Garda Síochána’s members is being investigated by the National Bureau of Criminal Investigations for allegedly engaging in “outside security work”, which is not permitted.

Mr Reynolds previously reported that false alarms were allegedly set off at a business and these were responded to by gardaí, in patrol cars, and these false alarms were then reported on the Garda PULSE system.

Mr Harris said he couldn’t speak of the specifics of the case as the matter is being investigated.

Mr Reynolds put it to Mr Harris:

“But you are known and have taken a very strong stand on discipline. I mean, and there has been criticisms of your stance at this conference [AGSI] of the fact that even though allegations have been levelled against individuals, that have not been proven, you have prevented people from being promoted.”

Mr Harris said each case is examined on its merits and he’s examined a number of cases and people have been promoted.

He said others have been delayed until he has received more facts.

Meanwhile, separately…


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4 thoughts on “No Alarms And No Surprises

  1. eoin

    Now why would Garda Reynolds confront the Garda Commissioner about a grievance on the part of civilian (huuuk, spit!) member of An Garda Siochana, especially since it was a colossus like Mick Clifford who exposed the matter. If Garda Reynolds didn’t promote the interests of middle-ranking Gardai, he might find no-one was leaking potentially unlawful (contrary to s62 of the 2005 Garda Siochana Act) info to him any more, so he’d be no better than the Virgin news people.

  2. realPolithicks

    I heard that interview and must admit that I was very surprised that reynolds wasn’t his usual deferential self, I guess if you didn’t come “up through the ranks” you’re fair game.

  3. Catherine costelloe

    Reynolds needs a new nose. Two garda have made a complaint against a senior colleague so stay out of it Mr Reynolds.

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