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  1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

    Imagine needing to be told not to use the company Credit Card from your old job
    Or when off from the job

    If that’s not an indication that their Finance Dept was about as rigourous and convincing as a pink wafer
    …. after getting dunked

    Then tis any wonder the Big 4s have eejits made of us

    Suppose it definitely explains why you have the same useless faces turning up as NEDs on Board after Board after Board

    1. eoin

      Poor John, €1k a day for sitting on your mimsy. If the FAI board are waiting for the ODCE to start and then conclude an investigation, John could be in that €1k-a-day hell hole for the next 18 months.

    2. Dub Spot

      In “normal” organizations, you don’t need to be told or shouldn’t. You get a checklist of stuff to return – like Corporate Credit Cards – having zeroed out the balance owed first. FAI is a total joke… an ATM for blazers… Governance? That’s for the private sector.

    1. eoin

      In fairness, Howlin is calling out “family hubs” for what they are. He said yesterday

      “The central issue here is that standards of conduct are being imposed on them. What is the basis for that? Can it be justified and what is the Department’s justification, or is it simply the State telling people how to behave? This is an echo of the poorhouses of old and the State restricting the basic freedoms of people in a way that can only, objectively, as the Ombudsman has said, be seen as punitive.”

      So-called “family hubs” are poorhouses, those unable to afford their own accommodation are sent to these institutions which are staffed and governed by rules. What do people think poorhouses looked like in the 1840s?

      What is doubly infuriating is, the private sector (including charity) operating these poorhouses are being paid 10s of millions in long term guaranteed contracts.

  2. bisted

    …happy holidays…this morning I shall eat a bacon sandwich with the added relish that I can add christians to the long list of religious who will take offense at me eating pig…nomnom…#equalopportunitiesatheist

    1. theo kretschmar-schuldorff

      Would like to have seen Nancy Pelosi catch Michelle & Arlene each by the ear and march them into Stormount to restart power-sharing.
      NI will continue to spiral until they do a deal.

    2. eoin

      ATM thieves in Kells county Meath steal, not one but two ATMs, one from AIB and one from Bank of Ireland, just 400 metres from the local 24-hour Garda Station. €200,000 stolen from right under their noses. Were they snoozing on the job?

      1. rotide

        “Hey guys, ignore that incident involving the people who pay me to post endless poo, and look at this completely unrelated thing!”

    3. GiggidyGoo

      Pretty harrowing to be honest. I was listening to RTE News this morning and was informed by the northern correspondent that he was told by some other reporter that there was a high possibility of trouble on Monday next. And that the PSNI moved in to the Creggan to look for weapons. Mentions of dissidents, mentions of IRA all over the broadcast and about it being the anniversary of the GFA.
      He also informed us that she was hit by a ‘stray’ bullet.

      So what is at work here? PSNI go into an area that would always be a flashpoint on the eve of the anniversary of the GFA. Well, how clever is that security-wise? Not even politically-wise.
      ‘Stray bullet’ Was that a security forces bullet? Or a dissident’s bullet?

      A young woman has lost her life here. Proper information is lacking.

      1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

        What is at work here is that Republican terrorists are tooling-up for a renewed campaign.
        One arm of their strategy is recruiting disaffected teens in Creggan and similar into their ranks.
        The other is accumulating a campaign cash-pile from the last two months’ worth of ATM heists.
        This is their classic playbook.

        At least the cops in NI were trying to disarm these thugs, while the ones in Kells were napping.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          That may or may be true. But if this known, then identities of the people involved is also known, so why aren’t they arrested? Or watched? In the case of ATMs, a watched person would surely get caught in the act.
          I’d reckon that your knowledge of the situation would be an asset to the police and security forces.

  3. SOQ

    Can we have a Good Friday Agreement day please?

    No fighting or bitchin, just be nice to each other – for one day?

    1. SOQ

      Well that went well…. as expected.

      So has BS gone all religious today? It’s not a bank holiday ffs.

  4. eoin

    Jebus, the sales figures for the English newspapers in Ireland for the month of March 2019 have been published and it’s beginning to make sense why the Sunday Times journos are increasingly desperate on Twitter begging you to go out and buy a paper. In March 2019, they had an average circulation of 67,989 copies (down 13% from March 2018), comprising 65,235 full price sales (down 10% from 72,483 in March 2018) and 2,754 bulk copies (down 52% from the previous year).

    The Sunday Times broke the John Delaney €100,000 loan story on 18 March, and there was another John Delaney bombshell the following Sunday. Imagine how bad the circulation would have been without the FAI story.

  5. Nigel

    Here’s a petition you guys might consider signing. Sometimes these work, sometimes they don’t, but it only takes a few seconds.


    ‘Nasrin Sotoudeh, a prominent Iranian human rights lawyer, has been sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes because of her work defending women’s rights & protesting against Iran’s forced hijab laws.’

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