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    1. jusayinlike

      Every high profile murder in Northern Ireland has involved collusion between the British security services and dissidents, almost always unionists.

        1. jusayinlike

          Plausible deniability, hence the use of uvf thugs in all high profile murders in Northern Ireland.

          1. Dav

            Does everything about the North have to be reduced to an argument that “theothe crowd did worse”?

          2. jusayinlike

            The only person reducing this to an argument is you.

            All I’ve stated above is fact.

  1. shayna

    One guy with a hand-gun shoots off 10 rounds at Police in Derry, kills a journalist, Lyra McKee with a stray bullet. Weren’t they all stray bullets? Potentially, 9 others could have died. If it’s a war they (they – whoever they are) want to start, don’t do it in in the name of Republicanism. I’m so sorry for Lyra Mckee and her family.

  2. eoin

    Telegraph is the only major “quality” paper not to have Lyra featured on the front page. The Times London (not shown above) also has Lyra on the front page. Even the Daily Mail. In naked terms, Lyra was a journalist killed by terrorists in a UK city. What has become of the Telegraph?

    1. Jibjob

      The Torygraph, like much of the Tory party, is disinterested in and ignorant of Northern Ireland. A reason why Brexit is a shambles for the Tories.

    2. jusayinlike

      The telegraph is known for not reporting on MI5 collusion cases in Northern Ireland.

      They didn’t cover the loughinisland massacre families announcement that they were suing the MOD for collusion with loyalist terrorists, nor did they cover the Omaha bombing victims families who are also suing the MOD for collusion. The Miami show band victims families are also suing the MOD for collusion with loyalist thugs involved in their murder.

      They have actively lobbied for the british soldiers accused of war crimes in Northern Ireland to be given a pass.

  3. eoin

    Meanwhile the Telegraph is forced to apologise for its star columnist Boris Johnson. Defending BoJo’s column, which contained a claim that no-deal Brexit was the most popular option in the UK, the paper said the article “was clearly comically polemical, and could not be reasonably read as a serious, empirical, in-depth analysis of hard factual matters”

    Indeed, BoJo is clearly comically polemical. Worth remembering if he ever pops up again for a €60,000 speaking gig in Ireland.

    1. shayna

      Yikes, 60,000? I remember hearing back in the day that Victoria Wood and Steve Coogan were charging 30,000. I worked on a conference in Tenerife, Jeremy Paxman was the MC – he told me he’d never done a gig before, I mentioned Coogan was on 30 grand, plus limos, plus,helicopter, he told me he was there for a paltry 4,500. I could have felt sorry, then I remembered what I was being paid.

      1. eoin

        It was the Pendulum summit which paid €58,000 to BoJo in January this year. Seems that this summit is regarded by the public sector in particular as a kick-start to motivate workers back after Christmas and with so many attending, they can afford to pay silly money to speakers. €5k for Paxman was a bargain. You’d hardly get Miriam for that.

        1. shayna

          I was the Autocue operater/script writer. I wrote a few jokes for Paxman – he was delighted that the audience of 600 found his ad -libs hilarious (Shayna’s jokes). He never really said thank-you to me, but, he nodded at me the following morning in the hotel pool. I was paid to unload two 16.5T trucks, set up my gear, and offer creative input? I didn’t get there by helicopter.

  4. eoin

    This week’s edition of Private Eye reveals the Mail’s Alison O’Reilly has departed with “a handsome redundancy package”, which was all the more handsome as she agreed to drop her multiple legal proceedings against her employer.

    While Alison got a bad rap for turning up with her kids at the home of the family of the Buncrana drowning tragedy victims, surreptitiously in search of a story, she was one of the stars of the Charleton Tribunal last year and her testimony was accepted as the truth, in contrast to other executives and hacks who sadly haven’t been made redundant at the Mail. Alison is also one of the journalists at the forefront of the Tuam mother and baby scandal. Good luck to her.

  5. eoin

    British MPs lambasted for taking 11 days off in middle of phoney Brexit. Meantime our lot take 20 days off, they’re back on 8 May.

    1. jusayinlike

      They’re hoping a tax exclusion can be reached for their beloved city of London and it’s blood money, and than the whole panto can be called off

  6. eoin

    “It could cost the State up to €500 million [over 5 years] to provide public patients with wider access to innovative new cancer therapies in the same way health insurer VHI has for private patients” reports the Irish Times today

    If you were a pharma company whose drugs weren’t being accepted by countries’ public health services on cost/benefit grounds and you risked losing €500 million [over five years], almost all of which will be pure profit, what lengths would you go to, to get the public to clamour for your drugs to be provided free on the public health system? How would you target “influencers”? How would you target the media?

    1. Increasing Displacement

      Em…almost all profit?
      You obviously don’t know anything about the research costs that went into getting a drug to market.
      Not that I agree with the high price, but your statement is lol

      1. eoin

        No disrespect to you, but research on an approved drug is what Vanessa might call a “sunk cost”, it’s already happened. If you’re the pharma board, you’ll be focussed on what Vanessa might call “marginal cost”. The marginal cost of selling €500m of the drugs to Ireland is itsy bitsy, it’s basically production and packaging. So, yes, it’s almost all profit.

        1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

          If I may

          R & D investment, once it satisfies very strict criteria, that I won’t bore ye with, but will generalise slightly, as follows

          Once general research has identified something that might lead into something
          And it can be proved it may eventually lead into production

          The expenditure in that particular ‘product’ up to it enters the market starts to get ring fenced as R & D so they can secure a tax credit against its future profits

          So once a drug is cleared, tested, patented, licenced, approved and commences production, the only costs it incurs are it’s physical production – materials, labour, packaging, marketing, overhead allocation, and general cost of sales etc

          From which it then enjoys all the identified and isolated R & D investment costs up to that point – the point of dispensing, as a tax credit

          Set against the profits of that product

          But be mindful
          Most R & D activity doesn’t lead to full product launches

          But when it does

          Pharma is also blessed with being an Industrial activity in this jurisdiction for tax purposes

          So there’s all those lovely capital allowances as well as the infamous FDI no questions asked assistance on the promise of a sod turning photo op

          Over to Ro

      2. rotide

        Remember when Bart made Bart’s people?

        That’s basically Eoin. Facts don’t actually matter.

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    RIP Lyra. A shocking murder of a talented journalist.
    This 21-year old GFA needs to be dusted off and re-visited, with all parties to it re-assembling in Stormont to renew its vows and fill this dangerous vacuum quickly.

        1. jusayinlike


          What was Lyra’s next book dealing with?

          Missing children and the kincora boys home..

  8. Dub Spot

    RIP Lyra. A tragic, sad, sudden loss of a human being. But the media mileage being made out of this is distasteful and wrong.

    It is completely irrelevant she was a journalist or identified one way or another. Flag-waving and identity politics have already killed enough on this Island, and here we have more.

    The reporting of her death by the Irish Times and Guardian has been shamefully lacking of empathy and humanity. Of course, the usual journalistic suspects are involved. Show some respect.

    How many people were killed in Syria this week? Name ONE of the them.

    1. SOQ

      Lyra wasn’t just a journalist she was also a writer, her publisher was Faber & Faber no less. She wrote about the ceasefire generation, and peace. She was also a LGBT activist and the only flag being waved is the rainbow which SHOULD tell you all you need to know.

      She was worked in the media and was in the public eye so it is perfectly understandable that her death would get so much coverage, especially because she was murdered. Now go educate yourself eh?


  9. Johnny


    Today is 420 in states-the annual weed holiday,decent piece at NBC of all places,it’s going mainstream.

    ‘But if marijuana is a gateway to anything it’s a gateway to a better quality of life for those who just want to eat, sleep, and feel better again. There’s a rush of research that says cannabis is good for you in moderation, we should pay close attention and listen to the science, the scientists and the patients, not the sourpuss pessimists and prohibitionists. Especially not on 420.’


    1. Rob_G

      You’re a hypocrite.

      – how was this death any different to any of the other innocents murdered in the name of Irish unity?

      1. Johnny

        There’s a big difference Rob/Mary Lou between sharing sympathy in the face of a tragedy, be it a death or a war, and appropriating the grief of a tragedy that isn’t yours.Try have some manners and class,you appear rather uncouth and quite rabid.

      2. rotide

        Remember this is the same guy who berated Leo for hanging out with Kylie the “drug user” while going full 420-blazeit-smoke weed e’eryday at every opportunity.

        Hypocrisy is a life choice here

        1. Johnny

          It was April 1 failed editor – duh – you were so consumed as usual with jealousy,you screamed and screamed to have the post taken down after noon-do you have no friends ?

        2. SOQ

          ignore that stoned clown.

          Derry is the heart of a united Ireland but it really needs to get it’s poo together, quickly, NOW.

          1. jusayinlike

            Rob G morphed into his Mary Lou alter and triggered the mods with his potty mouth.

            What brought out Mary, Rob?

    1. shayna

      The Sunflower? That’s kinda my spot of an e’en. I haven’t been barred from there yet. I go to listen to fiddly Dee. I used to play the violin. A great bar – the outside, smoking, pizza etc. Count me in.

  10. shayna

    My previous bar was Falls’s in Derrylaughan -the old geezer who owned this bar in the middle of nowhere in Tyrone, well just beside the bottom bit of Lough Neagh. He used to issue 80 years bans. A particular night, a guy walks into Falls’s, puts a chain around the slot-machine that he’d emptied his week’s pay. The chain was attached to a Ford Transit. He drove away, well, the door-way wasn’t so good. He drove back to his home, down the road a bit, where he’d pre-dug a hole (I know) beat the machine , couldn’t open it. Threw it in the hole. He was a tad bemused when the cops arrived. Strangely, the slot machine guy got a year’s ban. The owner didn’t press charges. I know there’s a thing to be learned from that?

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