Green New Deal



The Dublin Commuter Coalition tweetz:

The #Metrolink from Swords to Charlemont is going ahead as Phase 1 of a possible 2 phase development.

Phase 2 will be the Green Line upgrade.

By splitting into two Phases, saving can be made in planned closures. Above is an explainer of the Proposal….

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13 thoughts on “Green New Deal

  1. SB

    Good to see that the Green Line upgrade hasn’t been TOTALLY abandoned to avoid D4 motorists losing their rat run of Dunville Avenue for a few months. The Green Line is already bursting at the seams, with thousand of apartments under construction in Cherrywood and other locations nearby due to add thousands more commuters.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      The train at Dunville used to cross on a bridge. What’s the problem with putting it back .. problem solved..

    1. Cian

      Same route – yes. But upgraded to metro. There will be a three-fold increase in capacity (at 10% of the cost of a wholly new line – according to The Dublin Commuter Coalition tweets):

    2. edalicious

      If this doesn’t happen, all the new units going in at Cherrywood will potentially add a load of extra traffic to the N11 so that’s somewhere new. That’s not the point though; it’s a huge amount of extra public transport capacity for a relatively tiny expenditure, in an area that’s desperately going to need it very soon. It’d cost at least ten times as much to get the same benefit elsewhere.

  2. DL

    That’s not so bad, So there’s 9 months of pain. Everything else is a short enough walk. So many lies about the Luas closing for 4 years.

    Personally, I’d take 9 months of pain now to put in proper infrastructure and have a line that works properly. If this isn’t done, the thousands of extra units going up will make the green Luas line impossible to use. It’s already difficult to get on the tram at rush hour. Why would we wait until it’s chronic before fixing the problem? Not acting now only makes things worse for an even greater number of people. It’s a no-brainer.

    A small suggestion: make sure 3 of those 9 months are when schools are closed to reduce the inconvenience a bit.

    1. Joe

      the 4 months commissioning needs to line up with the summer months where traffic is lighter, if that happens in autumn or winter it’ll be a nightmare.

  3. realPolithicks

    “By splitting into two Phases, saving can be made in planned closures”

    What could possibly go wrong?

  4. Zaccone

    A 9 month closure to future proof the line for next 20 years. Its already badly needed, the Luas is completely full at rush hour as it is. And just wait until Cherrywood is built…

    Only the most corrupt, NIMBYist politicians of D6 could be against this. If we had a party in power that actually believed in getting things done (ie, not FG) the objections of the Ranelagh locals would be ignored, for the much greater good of the city.

  5. Blonto

    Why not spread the Luas around the city first?
    Can’t longer trams be accomodated on existing lines?
    Surely the cost and time to go underground is too much.
    Most of the city is still stuck with poxy buses and traffic jams.

    1. edalicious

      Because, this is going to cost far less than a new line elsewhere and all the planning, feasibility studies and land acquisition has already happened so would be done ~10 years quicker than starting that process now for a new line.

      They’re already in the process of rolling out longer trams which will help but won’t be enough long term.

      The green line extension isn’t going underground, it’s using existing track.

      Agree. But it isn’t a question of this project vs another project because the costs involved aren’t comparable.

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