Staying In Tomorrow?


Baz Ashmawy

On The Late Late Show….

Sarah Whiteacre writes:

Ahead of the Irish Open in July, Paul McGinley will join host Ryan Tubridy to discuss how preparations are coming along, and why he wants this tournament to be the biggest one yet…

In his new TV show, Wingman, Baz Ashmawy helps participants to embark on a journey of discovery to achieve something they wouldn’t have thought was possible…he joins Ryan….

…it’s been 25 years since Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids won the Eurovision Song Contest at the Point Theatre in Dublin, and to celebrate, we’ll have a special performance of the song by Paul Harrington, Niamh Farrell from Ham Sandwich, Ruth-Anne Cunningham, Ryan O’Shaughnessy and the Line-Up Choir.

Ryan will also be joined by Linda Martin, Paul Harrington, Rory Cowan and Mary Coughlan to discuss this year’s contest, and Sarah McTernan will perform Ireland’s 2019 entry, 22.

…We’ll also be meeting Nicholas Ryan Purcell who is a budding filmmaker with Asperger syndrome, and Ryan will be joined by three mothers and their three children to discuss the realities of living with autism.

The Late Late Show on RTÉ One tomorrow at 9.35pm.

Pic: RTE

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11 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

  1. GiggidyGoo

    What a small pot of ‘celebrities’ we have. Same tired old faces. Same tired old patter from the ‘host’.

  2. bisted

    …can’t believe Mary Coughlan is supporting this disgusting spectacle in Tel Aviv…can’t believe she is even participating in this whitewash…music has died…died

    1. Paulus

      Politics aside; what would tempt Mary Coughlan in to discuss music with two three-chord-trick, wizened, leathery relics of the Irish Showbiz scene. As for Cowan, what use is a Cowan…any Cowan?

  3. shitferbrains

    Exactly. She might be supportive of Jews being scattered to the four winds again. Worked out so well in the past.

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