Vote The Plank


Ahoy there.

This afternoon.

Donnycarney, Dublin.

Thanks Mike O’Brien


This afternoon.

Dorset St, Dublin 1.

Marian Fitzpatrick writes:

Fianna Fáil – what else would you expect! Is this how Barry Andrews will behave if he gets elected to the European Parliament?

12 thoughts on “Vote The Plank

    1. Scundered

      any election poster is a canvas to be drawn on as far as I’m concerned. Time to get some new markers.

      1. millie st murderlark

        Passed by a bunch of young lads energetically trying to see who could get as many posters down as possible on my journey home. Good, clean fun all round.

  1. eoin

    What’s the pirate stuff a reference to? The fraud at GOAL? The collapse of the economy and plundering of the sovereign fund and workers’ paypackets to pay for the collapse caused when Barry was a minister in the last Fianna Fail government? Or does he just have a parrot that demands pieces of eight.

  2. Ben Redmond

    Election posters are a form of pop-up art. They may also be considered as suck-up art, mop-up art and cock-up art. They can be regarded also as lamp post f-art. Freedom of expression is sacred in the world of art. Bring on the art critics and other gazers who have an ‘eye’ for political expression that might have a Warhol sensibility.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Nice wind brewing. Many posters bent in half. (Rob_g / B not included) Notning like a good storm.

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