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Mick Wallace writes:

Whatever the Ireland South recount brings, I’m a bit shocked to have polled 80,000+ first preference votes without using a single plastic corriboard poster. Thank you to those who voted for me and gave me a preference. Who knows, maybe plastic-creating political parties will take note.

In fairness.

This morning

A recheck of the European Election vote of Sinn Féin’s Liadh Ní Riada and The Green Party’s Grace O’Sullivan has begun in the Ireland South constituency at 9am.

Ms Ní Riada’s director of elections requested the recheck after the 18th count left her trailing Ms O’Sullivan by 327 votes.

After the 18th count was announced, returning officer Martin Harvey said he had acceded to a request from Ms Ní Riada’s director of elections for a recheck.

Recheck of votes in Ireland South with three seats left (RTÉ)









This evening.

via Olivia Kelleher:

Independent TD Mick Wallace chatting to a family member of Green Party Senator Grace O’Sullivan in Nemo Rangers Cork. Ireland South count continues…



This evening.


This afternoon.


This afternoon.

Count 17 in Ireland South.


This morning.

Count 15 in Ireland South.

Meanwhile, In Midlands North West…

Five battle for three seats in Midlands-North-West (RTÉ)

Last night

RDS count centre, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

The Dublin count of the European Election was suspended following a dispute over transfers between candidates Independents4Change Clare Daly (top centre) and Fianna Fáil’s Barry Andrews (above) and will resume at 11am.

Green Party’s Ciaran Cuffe and Fine Gael’s Frances Fitzgerald have already been elected in Dublin. Brexit means Dublin gets an additional MEP  and whoever wins between Mr Andrews and Ms Daly would only become a full MEP after Britain’s withdrawal.

Part of the disagreement centred on whether [Sinn Fein MEP] Ms [Lynn] Boylan’s vote should be distributed after [Soc Dem[ Mr [Gary] Gannon – something Ms Daly argued was “very clear” under new legislation and, she contended, was an approach being followed in the Ireland South constituency, which also has a Brexit seat.

That dispute has raised further questions about how the count was conducted – including whether the surpluses of Ms Fitzgerald and Mr Cuffe should also be counted.

After detailed discussions between the Returning Officer and the two parties – both of whom had legal advice – Mr Gallagher suspended the count.

However, there is no certainty that the issue will be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction – which raises the possibility, it could end up in the courts.

Daly, Andrews in dispute over transfers at Dublin count (RTÉ)



This morning, on RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Seán O’Rourke, Virgin Media One’s Political Correspondent Gavan Reilly pointed out an anomaly.

He explained that barrister and Minister of State for Local Government and Electoral Reform John Paul Phelan told Morning Ireland earlier this morning that Sinn Féin’s Lynn Boylan’s votes should not be redistributed…

However, Mr Reilly highlighted that this wasn’t what Mr Phelan told the Seanad on March 6:

Via Gavan Reilly


From left: Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage and President of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen

This morning.

The current projection from the European parliament is that center-right and center-left blocks will end up with a total of 329 seats out of 751.

The lack of a majority for the centrist bloc — the center-right European People’s Party (EPP) and the center-left Socialist and Democrats (S&D) which has held power in Brussels for several decades — could further complicate decision-making at the European Union….

In Italy, provisional results put Salvini’s far-right League party in the lead with 33.6 percent of the vote. The party is on course to win 28 seats in the new parliament.

In France, Le Pen’s party came first with an estimated 23.5 percent of the vote, edging one point ahead of Macron’s party and gaining 22 seats.

Spain’s Socialist party recorded another strong performance following a general election win in late April, winning 32.84% of the vote.

In Britain, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party was in the lead, while the pro-Europe Liberal Democrats came in second. Both the ruling Conservatives and the main opposition Labour party suffered major losses.

Centrist bloc loses majority in EU vote as Greens and euroskeptics gain, early results show (CNBC)

Pics: Getty

Last night at the RDS Count Centre, from top: Ciaran Cuffe, Frances Fitzgerald with Eoghan Murphy (left) and Kate O’Connell; Mary Lou McDonald (centre) and Lynn Boylan; Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Count centres around the country stayed working well into the early hours and are due to open around now.

While none of the country’s 13 MEPs have been so far elected, the Green Party’s Ciaran Cuffe is on course to be the first to cross the line.

Greens set to take first Dublin MEP seat as election counts resume (RTÉ)

Steady on.

This morning.

Bebe writes:

They’re certainly pushing her boat out…

Last night.

The ‘Big Debate’ on Virgin Media One.

How was it for you?

This morning.

Irish Architectural Archive, Dublin 2

Sinn Féin EU election candidates launch the party’s European Elections manifesto. Top from left: Lynn Boylan MEP, Matt McCarthy MEP, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald TD, Martina Anderson MEP, Liadh Ní Riada MEP and Michelle O’Neill MLA.

In today’s Irish Times, Ms Boylan writes:

‘Instead of a Europe of deeper concentration of power in a centre that is unaccountable and fails to respect national sovereignty, we want to see a social Europe that place citizens at the centre and acts in their interests. Instead of a Europe of greater co-operation in furthering the neo-liberal economic agenda and in respect of militarisation, we want to see greater co-operation in tackling concerns that assist in building a more progressive Europe: issues like climate change, poverty and workers’ rights.’



Taoiseach must reveal the investment of private company in broadband – Mary Lou McDonald (Sinn Féin)

This morning.

That facial expression.

Royal College of Physicians, Kildare Street Dublin.

Fianna Fáil party leader Micheál Martin launching his party’s European Election Manifesto with Director of Elections, Lisa Chambers (white top) and Billy Kelleher (yellow tie), Anne Rabbitte (red top), Malcolm Byrne (purple tie), Brendan Smith (front right) and Barry Andrews (back left) – the five candidates nominated to contest the election on May 24.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has said that his party is targeting a minimum of three seats in the European Parliament elections on 24 May.

He vowed that Fianna Fáil’s five candidates would seek to protect core EU values, such as a free media and an independent judiciary across the EU.

….He said that others are seeking to undermine the union and are continuing to spread conspiracy theories about EU militarisation.

FF targeting at least 3 seats in European elections – Martin (RTÉ)



Rabbitte, eh?