Have You Seen Toby?



Stephen Manning writes:

My pals have lost their best friend Toby at about 1.30 this afternoon near Blackhall Place [Dublin 7]. He’s a bit nervous and quite shy.

Please get in contact (below) if you’ve seen him or know where he might be. There’s a cash reward.



Stephen writes:

Toby found. Lost in Benburb Street. Found in Ranelagh [Dublin 6]!! Ducking Fastard!!!

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12 thoughts on “Have You Seen Toby?

  1. Conall

    Well done Broadsheet. Another good hound found. Lovely weather here. I hope Toby’s day out was a pleasant one. Shy dogs are the ones to watch!

  2. Toby's Human

    Toby is home and though he has a few cuts and scrapes to his paws, he is well. He has a cone to keep him away from the stitches and is tired and a little more timid than usual. Who cares though, we’ve got our boy back. Thanks Broadsheet for posting. We got a lot of help around town from taxi drivers and people living on the streets as well as a mighty bunch of pals who gave up their precious Saturday to hit the streets. People are good, just a reminder.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      glad you got him back Toby’s human
      my little piece on nonsense went for a jaunt once, heart stops until they are back

          1. millie st murderlark

            I wish you’d just delete my replies when you’re doing a purge. CONTEXT IS IMPORTANT.

      1. SOQ

        I used to live with someone at college who was a model- she ate on a Wednesday whiter she needed to or not, usually a pot noodle. She also had a dog called Lulu who was of similar greyhound-ish stature as Toby except she was an off white colour with dark brown circles- I kid you not. Lulu had a lamb’s skin collar which folded at the front like a scarf. I never saw a dog who could sashay before.

        So my flat mate would fly out to something and I was left with precious, who got very upset when left alone. A run out to the garage meant she had to come- on the lower Ormeau Road, in Belfast, with young spides (gurriers) standing around the street corners drinking.

        Oh yeah I heard it all- Oi M8, nice cat, that’s a big pussy etc etc… No idea what breed she was as I have never seen anything like her since. She didn’t eat much either- obviously.

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