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  1. SOQ

    A picture of sheep sheltering where they can, before or after a storm, with no trees or bushes is cute why?

  2. SOQ

    A picture of animals, sheltering where they can, before or after a storm, with no trees or bushes is cute why? The most ‘feisty’ arrive to the slaughter house first of course.

    1. Conall

      This is their native habitat.

      Are you suggesting that they be kept as pets, with pink ribbons round their necks?

      Or in suspender belts and diamond necklaces, before a fire with Gene Wilder?

      I don’t think they would like that and neither would you.

      If you feel that they are traumatised by the storm, then this is something which should be highlighted and you should be grateful to the photographer for doing so.

      I agree with you about the horror of slaughterhouses.

      A leaping lamb is a delight to behold and should live a full and happy life grazing.

      The questions of animal sterilization and sheep reservations are fraught ones but need to be considered.

      I don’t eat lamb or mutton myself, thank you.

      1. Increasing Displacement

        A sheep’s native habitat is a field with walls built by another animal?
        Life is weird

      2. SOQ

        I am a country not an urban princess dharling.

        A picture of animals huddling along whatever shelter they can find is not cute because good farmers take their livestock indoors during storms- including sheep. Or, unfashionably, have shelter like trees and bushes planted in advance.

        1. Conall

          Baa to you both.

          SOQ – why do you assume that the picture was intended to be ‘cute’.

          Increasing displacement – fields have been sheep’s natural habitat for some centuries now. Yes I know about commonage. But a common is just a large field basically. And I’m open to the idea of sheep reservations.

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