Protecting ‘Brand Ireland’


European Election candidate Peter Casey

“I don’t want to go there [travellers], I think that has been done. I think a more important issue however is migration.

It is great that we’ve got wonderful diversity . . . We have a skills shortage, so we have to bring in people who can contribute.

What we can’t afford is to become a haven for freeloaders: people who come in because they know that Ireland won’t deport them and will give them accommodation, will give them education, will give them medical services.

Ireland cannot afford that and still provide the proper welfare state for people who are in Ireland.

We should take in our fair share of refugees; however, we can’t afford economic migrants to come in and we shouldn’t be forced to.

We [should] put them on a plane and give them a ticket back . . . it is very simple . . . under the European act…

We have 200 different nationalities in Ireland at the moment. They are entitled to bring in their relatives from other countries.

We have 535,000 immigrants at the moment, so we’ve got a wonderful diversity. You don’t need to worry about that . . . you need to worry about maintaining, protecting Brand Ireland.”

European Election candidate Peter Casey.

Casey turns his guns on ‘freeloader’ immigrants (Stephen O’Brien, Sunday Times)


47 thoughts on “Protecting ‘Brand Ireland’

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    For someone who’s supposed to be so wealthy, he dresses like a tramp. He’s incapable of finishing a coherent sentence either so for that reason, I’m out.

    1. rotide

      While I agree that he can’t actually speak if his life depeneded on it, Picking on his appearance is a bit of a double standard for you.

      Can’t wait to point out the women that dress like brassers.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Speaking of double standards… It’s very telling that you jump straight to women being brassers. Casey is pure brasser, but that’s nothing to do with him dressing like a tramp.

      2. Dr.Fart MD

        i think it’s fair game to pick on his appearance. he hasn’t earned any respect, he rips into the weakest demographics of society, making him a bully. so i say it’s open season on saying what you like about his looks. i’ll add to it sure; he looks like there should be the arse-end of a rollie in his mouth as he clutches a bunch of betting slips mumbling incoherently in a paddypowers 2pm on a tuesday

        1. rotide

          Don’t get me wrong,. I also think he looks like Wurzel Gummidge, but there’s a fierce double standard all the same.

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    he’s a freeloader, he doesn’t pay tax in Ireland. the mainstream media are so desperate and thirsty for controversial characters that they just keep really really tryna make Peter Casey a thing.

    1. realPolithicks

      He’s engaging in what they call in the states “dog whistle politics”, he doesn’t need to mention travellers anymore because he’s already milked that cow so he’s moving on to “immigrants” to see if he can stir up the same segment of the population that were happy with his stance on travellers. He’s a demagogue plain and simple.

  3. diddy

    a bloke on Marian finucane yesterday gave Casey the stock PC rebuttal yesterday…immigrants enrich and pay more in than they take out. anyone who says otherwise is a rascist etc. I’d like to see some detailed finincial data analysis on this instead of facole bluster, from both sides

  4. edalicious

    He doesn’t seem to realise that most “people who can contribute” are economic migrants too.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      He’s an economic migrant too, paying nothing to the state he supposedly wants to represent.

  5. ReproBertie

    “we can’t afford economic migrants to come in and we shouldn’t be forced to” says economic migrant Peter Casey.

  6. Col

    “a haven for freeloaders: people who come in because they know that Ireland won’t deport them and will give them accommodation, will give them education, will give them medical services.”
    Are there numbers available on how many immigrants are currently freeloading?

    “We should take in our fair share of refugees…”
    Are there number available on what our fair share is vs. the amount we have taken?

    “We have 535,000 immigrants at the moment”
    Wow- a number!! How many are working, how many in direct provision etc etc etc?

    1. ReproBertie

      I seem to remember a time when a large part of what could be considered “Brand Ireland” was the whole notion of Céad Míle Fáilte.

  7. class wario

    the overlap of the usual anti-migrant stuff with some awful neolib-in-boat-shoes ‘brand ireland’ stuff makes this particularly puke-worthy.

    i genuinely think the best practice with casey would be to ignore him but god forbid the press don’t stir up a bit of immigrant/refugee bashing for hits

  8. SOQ

    Last time he claimed he just stumbled into the traveller thing but this time he made a deliberate decision – reprehensible

  9. eoin

    At least Peter Casey won’t lead us into an EU army like FG’s Mairead McGuinness will….

    FG wants us to spend €7bn a year on EU defence initiatives.

    They’re campaigning for (in their own words!):

    “Amending Ireland’s ‘Triple Lock’ system; Supporting the emerging EU Defence Union; Redefining neutrality; Developing a National Security Council; Creating a Central Intelligence Unit; Spending more on defence both current and capital; Developing Ireland’s defence industry; Assessing the implications of Brexit for our security and defence policy; Continuing our strong commitment to peacekeeping and crisis management operations; and Establishing a cohesive National Cyber Security Strategy.”

  10. Rapscallion

    I love the nads of these rich fellas blaming the ills of the world on others worse off than us so we all refrain from looking behind the curtain. Sad thing is it works.

  11. Zaccone

    Peter Casey chooses to not pay tax in Ireland. Peter Casey therefore should not have a say in Irish affairs. If hes not going to help pay for it why do we care about his opinion?

      1. Rob_G

        Any Irish citizen who is still on the electoral register is able to vote. There were plenty of people ‘Home to Vote’ for the last two referendums who cast their votes in similar questionable circumstances.

          1. Rob_G

            Well, there we have it.

            Anyhow, it residency thing must not be too onerous, as Martin McGuinness ran without ever (to my knowledge) residing or paying taxes here.

          2. Alastair

            Martin McGuinness couldn’t vote in the election he ran in. As he had no residency in the state. Eligible to run, not eligible to vote.

  12. scottser

    so peter, can i see your new assessment templates designed to weed out freeloaders? the tools and criteria used by revenue, social protection, local authorities and the hse are obviously not robust enough for you. those waiting lists – they’re just not long enough, dammit!

  13. Junkface

    Peter Casey seems to be pushing ideas of ignorance and xenophobia. I’d love to see some verified numbers on the subject of immigrants receiving money from the welfare state in Ireland. I don’t think Ireland has huge numbers compared to other EU countries or Islands for that matter. He’s a complete langer.

    Does he just want to be the Irish Trump? Seems that way

    1. SOQ

      What exactly has immigrants from outside the EU got to do with the European elections anyways?

      1. Junkface

        All of the right wing and populist parties across Europe are bringing up the same issue. They’re obsessed with immigration from the Middle East warzones and Africa, to the point where Italy are turning away rescue ships in the Mediterranean Sea. So I’m guessing they want to get more power within the EU so that they can set stricter border policies for their countries.

        1. ReproBertie

          There’s an EU wide policy on refugees, driven by the European Commission in response to the refugee crisis in 2015. I doubt Casey is aware of that though. He saw the benefit of punching down in the presidential race and what would one expect from a pig but a grunt.

        2. SOQ

          But he claims not to be right wing- just an average wealthy Irish American tax exile wanting to bring home what he has learned abroad- a bit like that transphobic Father Ted fella- very similar in fact.

          Thanks, we’ll call you.

  14. Hector Ramirez

    I don’t agree with this idiots views. But all day yesterday I was reading people complaining about his comments and his stance against the more marginalised of society and how the media are going easy on him. Firstly, I believe the Sunday times is behind a paywall, so all these people are complaining without reading the piece or they have subscriptions to this newspaper. If the paper are
    going too easy on this standard of politician, maybe stop the subs?

  15. Kolmo

    Casey McFarage, a opportunist spoofer, his ilk are emboldening the likes of the Taxi unpleasantness we saw over the weekend, he’s the thin end of the wedge, making unreasonable, anti-social, them-and-us rhetoric normal, he is an actual danger to the fragile stability we have, the troubles in the North started due to inequality between citizens regarding housing and voting rights, we have a housing crisis in the Republic, this professional chancer wants to misdirect the simmering rage by stoking up tensions to gain power, he’s a dangerous carpetbagger, he knows what he’s at and it’s a moral duty of decent people to stop him.

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