Are You Running Without Support?


Local Election 2019 boundaries


Are you an independent candidate in the Local or European Elections on May 24?

Lacking the resources and budget of the big parties?

Would you like to share your message with Broadsheet readers and potential constituents for nothing?

Send your manifesto (under 500 words) with a headshot to and we’ll do the rest.

Map: Local Area Boundary Commission

38 thoughts on “Are You Running Without Support?

    1. eoin

      + 1

      Disrupt the fupp out of them, BS.

      With this government running around like headless chickens on housing, health and policing, all touchstone local election issues, these local elections should herald a sea change. Farewell FG and the political eunuchs who give you confidence and supply. These parties of “law and order” and economic responsibility have been exposed as the most incompetent shower of clowns imaginable, presiding over a litany of spending scandals and an abysmal policing servoce.

      1. eoin

        Did anyone hear RTE’s This Week yesterday when supposedly independent political correspondent John Downing (of the Sindo) has this impartial commentary to impart

        “She [Frances Fitzgerald] starts with many strengths; as a former Tanaiste, unfairly removed from office it has to be said in the winter of 2017. But she can’t take anything for granted, she’s going to have to campaign very strongly. Last time, FG got the last seat, Brian Hayes who is probably the best performing MEP we have had in a very long time. So, again, it comes back to the campaign, FG are going to have to put an awful lot of resources and an awful lot of thought into this campaign.”

        “unfairly”? What was it Mick Clifford had to say on the matter “She had to resign because she misrepresented the extent of her knowledge about what went on in 2015, she was slow in answering legitimate questions, her briefing to the Taoiseach saw him mislead the Dáil, and her Department failed to discover important documents to the disclosures tribunal.”

        And Brian Hayes the “best performing MEP” in a very long time? hahahahahahaha

        But. that “independent” commentary from our national broadcaster just shows why someplace like Broadsheet is so important.

        1. ReproBertie

          “political correspondent John Downing (of the Sindo)”

          “that “independent” commentary from our national broadcaster ”

          The Sindo is not our national broadcaster. Are you suggesting that RTÉ should police the opinions of people they bring on to talk shows?

        2. Mickey Twopints


          I was backing a trailer through a gateway when I heard Downing say that. Nearly wiped out a stone wall! If Fitzgerald had any self respect (as opposed to self regard) she’d stay quietly in civvy street and well away from politics.

        3. Rob_G

          If a member of a panel on an RTÉ programme offers an opinion on something, it is not the same as RTÉ news stating “Brian Hayes is officially Ireland’s best-performing MEP” as fact.

          Good grief…

          1. realPolithicks

            But doesn’t it come down to who rte invites on to its shows as guests, its always the same establishment figures with the same conservative views about everything. You’ll never hear a well rounded debate on rte because they don’t want to have one.

        4. Cian

          Let me get this straight:
          John Downing (of the Independent) = bad, and can’t be trusted.
          Mick Clifford (of the Irish Examiner) = good, and must be trusted.

          Have I got this right? Is it the paper they write for that makes them trustworthy? or the journalists themselves?

        1. eoin

          Careful Vanessa or you’ll have one of the ( what is it now?) seven FG special advisers recruited from press and other media on to upbraid you.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      She said “I don’t believe ya”
      I said “It’s true.
      “I swapped him for a bag of yokes
      “in 1992!”

      I’ll get me horse….

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    I’m obsessed, I saw the headline and thought you’d done a weird graph on sports bras…

  2. The Dude

    An excellent initiative Broadsheet!

    One small thought – wonder if the map could be made interactive once candidates in different areas come forward? Just an idea! :-)

  3. The Old Boy

    Independent candidates! We offer you this rare opportunity to subject yourself to an old-fashioned Broadsheet Public Pillorying!

    Get unprecedented access to that all-important anonymous crank demographic. Best of all, almost none of them live in your electoral area. Apply at once to

  4. class wario

    Hello, my name is…Demma O’Goherty and I come from…somewhere far away…yes, that’ll do.

  5. Sharon Mac M

    This is not a current electoral map, as Donegal now has 7, not 5, municipalities. Fantastic actual independents running there include Tracy Cullen in North Inishowen; Sinéad Stewart in South Inishowen; Thoiba Ahmed in Letterkenny, Valerie Mc Nulty In Donegal; Alan Mc Menamin in Stranorlar; Declan Meehan in Milford; and Cathal Mc Glynn in Letterkenny, too.

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