This afternoon.

Conor Ferguson writes:

In the cordial section in Lidl, Glenageary [County Dublin]…


In fairness.

14 thoughts on “Cordial

  1. Paulus

    That was cordial of them:
    Though they’ll need to concentrate more on stock control.

    (I’ll get my shopcoat).

  2. missred

    Those bottles have clearly been on the shelf for some time, that’s a thick layer of dust.

    1. Termagant

      The Aldi is in Sallynoggin, the Lidl is 100% Glenageary since they own the green as well and the green is on Glenageary roundabout

  3. Rois

    Now this is a mad idea, but I wonder could Conor have – a) mentioned it to a member of staff instore or b) wiped the slur off – in the time it took to take and post the photo??

  4. Niallo

    Did the other ones have “boobs” or “knob” scribbled on them by any chance ?
    Kids (little scuts) messin i’d say.

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