Dublin Cycling Campaign writes:

A major protest cycle will take place on the 15th May 2019 just before the May local elections on the 24th. The starting point is Merrion square West opposite National Gallery of Ireland beside the Dublin Bike station.

We will be meeting from 5.15pm. We aim to arrive at the Dáil just before 6pm on the Wednesday evening. We have partnered with our colleagues iBikeDublin who will be protesting on the day with Dublin Cycling Campaign.

We will be reaching out to other like-minded organisations in the coming weeks.

The goal of this protest is to highlight that cyclists are voters too and we have a voice. The logo #iBikeIVote represents this clearly.

Cycle to the Dáil (Dublin Cycling Campaign)

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7 thoughts on “Ding-Ding

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    That’s a journey of 650 metres – approximately 4 mins by bicycle – and with only two sets of traffic lights to break.
    What are they protesting about – the arduous life of a cyclist?

    1. Ciuncainteach

      I’ll take this one: they’re protesting the lack of consideration given to cycling infrastructure (not that you had any actual intention in engaging in good faith).

    2. Rep

      Its quite amazing how any mention of safety for cyclists brings on sneering bile from people, generally the type who have never cycled and so have no actual idea of what it is like. But hey, some people break the lights so no cyclists deserve some safe infrastructure.

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