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The Restoration

(A poem inspired/provoked by the image (above) photo of the five Fianna Faílers elected to Galway City Council last week)

Election results tumble in,
like pinstriped clumps of hairy bacon
being lowered via giant mechanical arm
into a fizzing Jacuzzi
to be congratulated by the media
who have long since discarded their g-strings.

Things as they used to be
have been pasted back together,
or almost, like a vase broken during an argument
or a marriage in which both parties
have agreed to pretend.

Right thinking people will have restored to them
the right to their old wrongs
and for the first time be permitted by law
to order children’s teeth on Amazon,
to do with as they wish in the privacy
of their vastly worthwhile lives:

for example
fashion them into impromptu dentures
for their Julian Assange effigies,
or offer as mints to those who got unlucky
and now mess up the pavement
by living on it.

Kevin Higgins

Pic Mike Shaughnessy

Good times.

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Conor Cleere – I’d Vote 4u (Won’t You Vote 4 Me)

Written by Fianna Fáil South Dublin Councillor Trevor Gilligan.

Cllr Gilligan explains:

“I’ve always wanted to write an election song. I’ve had this song on my mind for years but was too shy to release it. It has a 60’s rock n roll vibe to it, something I wouldn’t normally write.

My Dad Martin died from cancer at 61 years old, this month 8 years ago. When I started out in politics and I had no one, he was there, without fail.

He was a great banjo player, he loved his bluegrass and passed his love of music onto me. I would like to dedicate this song to him.”

Cllr Trevor Gilligan

Dublin Cycling Campaign writes:

A major protest cycle will take place on the 15th May 2019 just before the May local elections on the 24th. The starting point is Merrion square West opposite National Gallery of Ireland beside the Dublin Bike station.

We will be meeting from 5.15pm. We aim to arrive at the Dáil just before 6pm on the Wednesday evening. We have partnered with our colleagues iBikeDublin who will be protesting on the day with Dublin Cycling Campaign.

We will be reaching out to other like-minded organisations in the coming weeks.

The goal of this protest is to highlight that cyclists are voters too and we have a voice. The logo #iBikeIVote represents this clearly.

Cycle to the Dáil (Dublin Cycling Campaign)

This morning.

Iveagh Garden Hotel, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin launches his party’s Local Election Manifesto flanked by Dublin Local Election candidates.

A total of 415 Fianna Fáil candidates will compete for council seats on May 24, of which 87 are women .

Mr Martin said:

An important part of Fine Gael housing policy in recent years has been to try and blame local authorities for the failure to build houses – while the facts show that the critical blockage remains Government restrictions and inexplicable delays which are holding back well-planned and urgently-needed projects.

Local Authorities are only allowed spend €2 million on building houses locally and we believe this should be changed but the Fine Gael government are dragging their heels.

This should be initially increased to €6million so more houses can actually be built without having to go through numerous loop holes.

Fight. etc.

Top pic from left:  Fianna Fáil candidates Fiona Nolan, Claire O’Connor, Leader of Fianna Fáil Michael Martin, candidates Keith Connolly, Imran Khurshid and Helena Kelly.

Speech by FF Leader Micheál Martin at the launch of the Party’s Local Election manifesto (FF)


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Local Election 2019 boundaries


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Map: Local Area Boundary Commission