An Industry Unto Itself



Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Helping Homeless, tweetz:

I’ve just received the expenditure by Homeless Dublin for the 2018 period (above). The figures are to say the least outrageous. A total of €141,147,361 was spent in Dublin alone. A full and complete review is needed here…



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15 thoughts on “An Industry Unto Itself

  1. postmanpat

    €141,147,361 could buy 500 houses. If greedy second property owners were prepared to sell them that is. €2800000 all at once from the government or €20000 a year in rental forever? Were it me, Id take it all at once and get out of the landlord game because I d hate myself too much being a landlord. (…LORD. Come on!!!! how evil does that sound?) the thing is, most landlords don’t have a conscience.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Step forward the Bou Murphy to tell us how cheap that is and how much it’s done in the long term for the problem.

  3. deluded

    ÷ 10,000 people*
    €14,100 each
    Am I mathing wrong?
    *pulled that number out of my behind as they say in the bank.

    1. Tom

      Yes it’s wrong but not your fault. When you include all the state funded charities doing the same job it’s more like €100k per person.

        1. Tom

          No problem. I just sourced a list of all homeless charities operating in Dublin. Weighted by population for national groups. Then I looked at all their published accounts for an aggregate spend. Then divided by the homeless figure in dublin.

      1. deluded

        Thank you.
        You’re right, there are other costs like wages, shelters, food and support services.
        And there are matters of time and travel and working out-of-hours. Empathy and outreach are not readily integrated into management systems.

    2. eoin

      Of the 10,000 in emergency homeless accommodation *nationally*, there were an average of 7,000 in Dublin and the above €141m relates to Dublin, so, maybe around €20,000 per homeless man, woman and child, but I would say that’s on the light side.

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