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  1. nigel

    To be honest why would trump be even interested in even spending a night in Ireland?
    We are just a small little island with no political importance
    Its time we realise that we need to look after our own

      1. nigel

        Sure why would he bother playing golf only to be confronted by the likes of brid smith
        He has bigger fish to fry than winging loonies left paddies
        Bet you want him over so you can moan at him

  2. Ron

    Government urged to come clean over Broadband. Did you ever in your life hear the likes of such stupidity. I know the Irish voter is a very mentally challenged voter but sweet mother of divine baby Jesus, are we that daw daw that you don’t see the skoom of society doing that to you. Good Grief. People elect politicians in their own image. In Ireland thats very true, we have consistently elected the most inept of the clowns to be elected band them the clowns wonder what happened. FFS

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Good morning Ron! Are you feeling a bit better today?
      Hope you managed to get some sleep, at least. Stay strong brother. together we can beat this!

    2. nigel

      Now 5 billion
      We swallowed 3 billion what next
      In all honesty everything has a price but that is based on what the market will pay
      In the age of 5g and mobile technology plus satellite technology why do we need to bury cables under ground?
      In the 1980s I was in the Philippines where they used not cable but microwave technology
      And it worked then
      Since then technology has evolved

      This project must be stopped now and a criminal investigation started by the EU

  3. eoin

    “Top Garda “used crime links” to climb ranks” says the Sunday Times.

    “Top Garda”? So, that would have been the which of the following arrested last week for corruption

    (a) Garda superintendent
    (b) Garda inspector
    (c) detective

    Yes, the “top garda” was (c) the detective which isn’t very top at all. And how did he use crime links to climb ranks?”he [allegedly] provided drugs and tip-offs to organised crime gangs in return for cash and information to advance his career.” How? Who knows, John Mooney doesn’t or at least it’s not in the story.

    Misleading article altogether.

      1. Verbatim

        Gemma O’ will be happy…

        Weak wording: “A spokesman for the Taoiseach told the Sunday Independent: ‘There should be no home for corruption in Ireland, especially when it comes to those who make the law or are charged with enforcing it’.” How about, THERE WILL BE NO HOME for corruption…anywhere in Ireland…

  4. eoin

    RTE may (or may not) be preparing to flog off the RTE Guide which may (or may not) be profitable, claims the Sunday Times.

    Apart from the average circulation figure of 35,000 per issue in Jan-Nov and the first two weeks of Dec, and 300,000 for the Christmas issue, there is little info available because RTE doesn’t separate out the financial performance of individual products in its accounts. And RTE isn’t commenting on the speculation.

    1. eoin

      “Blue”Hugh in the SBP is out batting for Frances F, no-one is “railing” against her, he claims. Apparently Hugh hasn’t seen the plethora of defaced posters around Dublin with “Maurice McCabe” scrawled on them, and I still think that was a bullet hole, not a snot on the side of the bus poster on Broadsheet a couple of days ago.

        1. eoin

          Is that what it was? I had this picture in my head of the armed gardai in the Emergency Response Unit using their guns (after they’d retrieved them after they fell outta their jeep, and were handed in by a member of the public, like) taking pot-shots at the woman who did sweet FA to repair the tarnished image of a force that was exposed as lying, corrupt and criminally incompetent.

  5. eoin

    Funny to see the SBP and the Sunday Times both trying to assume a position of influence in the elections on Friday this week. Both have opinion polls which show very different results and of course, what value opinion polls after Trump, Brexit and yesterday’s Aussie elections? Both are subtly (for the masses) pushing some candidates and parties, but at the same time insiders will be in no doubt the papers still think they hold sway in elections, so continue with the political advertising,leaks and patronage.

    Sad really.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      And that is the story

      Reporting the results of what is clearly a push poll and pretending it’s genuine

      It is all about patronage
      Pals act
      Of course Main Stream want McGuinness to top the poll FFS
      Carty rang rings around the lot’ve em after the general / during count tv, Miriam still isn’t the better of it
      Same for Fitz in Dublin: where they can’t even manage to make Lynn Boylan walk inta a puddle

      You’ll need to get one of the lads to write it up tho
      Fake Polls – the new Spin Class

      1. Gabby

        @eoin & vanessa: There should be a law against publishing opinion polls so close to an election. Voters are being confused by statistics, sometimes contradictory, and issues are pushed into the background.

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          That’s only one condition of Political Polling Gabby
          And it is going to be impossible to police now in the era of SM, Cyper Canvassing and Guerilla Trollers and Frapers

          The biggest risk are these Push Polls being presented to the public as bonefide, randomly selected, balanced and un-coercive

          Of course the main titles are going to draft questions that elicit answers that keep the status quo of main party politics, and their gene pool in the higher professions
          And they’ll not find any objections from their benefactors
          They ALL have a vested interest in keeping FF and FG in situ

          Those articles and splash pieces over the last couple of weeks were deliberarty contrived to influence the electorate

          In my opinion Gabby there should be no polls conducted within 30 days of the vote.
          Polling should be suspended by the Dept of Environment/ Election Commission/ who ever is in charge

          Cause we have absolute proof that the current Government have actively paid for positive new coverage

  6. eoin

    The Garda-media loop is alive and well.Sun’s Stephen Breen has a new book out which relies heavily on Garda sources. He’s even got pictures of the crime scene. Next time the Gardai want to smear a whistleblower, I hope Stephen doesn’t get the call “Someday, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to perform a service for me” and if he does, I hope he’s got stronger resolve than some journalists who appeared at the Charleton tribunal.


  7. newsjustin

    Trust women, trust doctors, no women will ever regret abortions, and disability won’t be grounds for abortion. All proven to be absolute nonsense from RepealtheEight (and most pro-repeal people on here) by the sad case in Holles Street.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      I’ll freely admit that I struggle to comprehend how someone can take so much masturbatory pleasure in the pain of those two misfortunate people and their medical team.

      1. realPolithicks

        Spot on Mickey, its often these “christian” people who are the worst. There’s just a basic lack of humanity which is difficult to understand.

      2. newsjustin

        At least I’m not jumping for joy in the yard of Dublin Castle. Mickey, your response is telling and not unexpected. It is far, far easier to have a go at me rather than contemplate the awfulness you’ve helped bring about.

        To yes voters, this case is only tragic because it’s a case of mistaken identity.

          1. newsjustin

            In highlighting individual abortions where individual babies have been destroyed, I’m more than happy to be called petty by you Mildred.

      3. Mickey Twopints

        You’ll find that I did not “have a go”, however tempting that may have been. You’ll also find that I did not share my views on the repeal of the 8th.

        You are attempting to build a fallacious argument for the status quo, and you are doing it on the back of two people who have suffered a devastating and tragic blow in their plans to have a child. You have no idea what they are going through, and I suspect you don’t care. If you did, you wouldn’t use their anguish and pain as a stick to beat the rest of us.

        Fupp you.

        1. Mickey Twopints

          BS moderation toned down that penultimate word, but I’m certain the sentiment is still plainly conveyed.

        2. newsjustin

          Aborting healthy, as well as disabled, babies is now entirely legal and acceptable. That is the status quo. It’s not one that I want to defend. Clearly you do.

          You accused me of taking pleasure in the death of a child and the pain of its parents, clearly you were having a go at me. But that’s par for the course here. People who campaigned and cheer led for abortion do not like to be challenged by the fruits of abortion and the fallacy of their own arguments in favour of repeal.

          It’s a story as old as the referendum campaign itself. Talk about the targeting of babies with Down Syndrome for abortion…get accused of being insensitive. Talk about how abortion rates will rise….get accused of being hysterical. Talk about how disabled or gravely ill babies will be treated with abortion as the first option…get accused of intruding on the private affairs of a couple.

          These are the types of cases pro-repeal people were warned about and dismissed. All of these cases and all of the statistics on abortion that emerge will be put to pro-repeal people.

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Explain your behaviour whatever way you like
            Whatever gets you thru the day bhoy

            But know this

            You have exploited a couple
            Who are currently going through the worst hell
            Just for pure callousness

            That makes you the worst kind of coward
            And the perfect example of
            Of nothingness – a failure

            You’re a pathetic excuse of a man

            If you really had depth to your arguement and conviction regarding abortion
            You wouldn’t have to resort to this

            If you had any humanity at all
            You would be capable of empathising with this couple and their medical team
            It breaks my heart

            Yet you’re very capable of picking them up and throwing them like a stone at any pro-choice target

            You are a despicable human being

            You couldn’t give’ah twinkle about these parents

            You’d be better occupied this week trying to figure out how ‘your pal’ is going to get her deposit back
            Or work on who you’re going to blame this time

          2. newsjustin

            Whenever a tragedy occurs that points to the reality of abortion and empty rhetoric of #repealthe8th, people like me are accused of being “insensitive” and “intruding on private grief” by raising it. It was the same pre-referendum – “please don’t talk about the abortion of people with Down Syndrome,” etc…

            But, naturally, tragedies that could be used to bolster a case for repeal were used to infinity and beyond to drum up votes.

            It’s hilarious double standards and you’re smart enough to know that Frilly.

            The jig is up. With 800-900 babies aborted per month, be prepared for people to interrogate that. Be prepared for people to ask how tragedies like this happened and why they happened under this legislation which is, after all, only a few months old.

            Oh yeah…..and who’s my pal?

          3. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Ah would ya give over with your lecture
            WTF d’ you think yer talking ta ffs

            800-900 your number btw
            Terminations a month
            Are now being conducted

            In the care
            Probably – hopefully anyway
            Of the patient’s own GP
            In her own parish

            800-900 !!!
            Why the rhymes with luck
            Would you want those patients travelling to another country to be treated privately?

            And you and your pals all talk about ‘taking Ireland back’

            I’m surprised your hypocrisy doesn’t come with a hazardous materials plate
            Like on the tanker trucks

          4. newsjustin

            Ah Frilly, they’re not my figures. They’re directly from the START group of abortionist doctors. Question those people if you can’t believe me.

            And who am I and my pals? I’ve never in my life uttered the phrase “taking Ireland back.” I presume it’s some slogan like “keep your rosaries off my ovaries” is it?

        3. Mickey Twopints

          It should of course have read status quo ante, but you go ahead and take comfort in my failure wherever you can find it.

          Once again, you hold up this tragically awful event in support of your position. You clearly have no shame or self respect. During the debate leading up to the referendum I recall your posts as relatively moderate insofar as the NO side had any moderates. It appears that context is everything after all, and you are actually an intolerant, dogmatic and hateful zealot.

          1. newsjustin

            “….and you are actually an intolerant, dogmatic and hateful zealot.”

            Yes. I won’t tolerate hundreds of babies being aborted every month. I do believe, as a matter of fact, certainly call it dogma if you like, that it’s wrong to kill fellow humans. I guess I am zealous, and I hate that #repealthe8th got away with a fantastical spin on the realities of abortion.

          2. millie st meadowlark

            You won’t tolerate abortions, you say?

            I’m sorry, but it’s not really about you. It’s about women. We voted to give women a choice, to able to safely access abortion in her own country, and now we must ensure that every care of duty is taken so that something like this never happens to another woman again. This is a heartbreaking situation, and one that no one should have to go through.

            And as for the realities of abortion, I suggest you look around you at the women you know. Because I can promise you that more of them than you think have had an abortion. But that’s the point: We never know, do we? Because it’s absolutely none of our business.

          3. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Lemme tell ya what I think is fantastical Justine

            Your reappearance around here under that login

            Feeling cocky are we?

            In the meantime you
            Nor I
            Nor anyone else
            Are entitled to speculate about the realities of abortion
            That’s entirely a matter for the patient and her medical team

            None of our business
            So get used to it

          4. newsjustin

            I don’t understand what you mean about reappearance and “that log-in”. I’m always (or very regularly) here and always me – newsjustin. You’re the one fond of name changes.

            Bottom line is dead humans is everyone’s business. And while we’re aborting them, we’ll have to ask ourselves some tough questions.

          5. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Am I?
            Am I really

            G’wan on then
            List them
            List the user names ye’re going to accuse me of now
            Let’s have it

            Here you are again attempting to mangle the gaff with yere scummy and cowardly insinuations and falsehoods to try and worm your way out of your own badly made argument

            Exploiting other people’s pain to try and point the finger at all of us, 67% of us anyway, for this awful personal family tragedy is too shameful and hateful to let you off

            So let’s have the rest of your pathetic cowardly attempts to shut me up and shut me down (again)

            List the user names you’re accusing me of
            And do it here
            No snaking off to another platform now
            To round up your butties and have them swarming around ya like a Yaxley Robinson traveling party

            Let’s have ya

          6. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Vanessa you can’t argue with someone who sees abortion as murder, there’s just no point
            just take comfort in the fact that anywhere religion is receding and logical thought has the voice his kind will soon be extinct.. god willing of coarse
            just as he wills 11 year old children who are victims of rape and incest to bear children or wemon who’s mental or physical or financial health is at risk, God doesn’t give a Danny about those

          7. Cian

            Vanessa, you’re being unfair to newsjustin.
            You are the one throwing baseless accusations.
            newsjustin is a regular contributor to BS all year round – not just particular topics. He hasn’t (as far as I can tell) gloated about this, or exploited anyone. He made valid points – even if they are difficult to hear.

          8. Mickey Twopints

            Searing analysis of the key discussion point there, Cian. Good man.

            Wouldn’t expect you to register that it’s a discussion about the complete lack of empathy on display, given your past form.

          9. newsjustin

            Frilly, I just meant that you keep changing your name, which you do. That’s what I said.

            You’re now Vanessa The Holy Face of Frilly Keane. You were Frillbake in Aug 2018. And Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane in March 2019.

            As I said – “You’re the one fond of name changes”

            I don’t. I’m newsjustin.

          10. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Fair enough Justine

            In this case, you have the misfortune of sharing views with ugly intolerant vicious no-hopers that bulldozed lies and false accusations against me
            Right across the internet and SM

            Unfortunately you mistakenly employed their preferred tactic in an earlier post
            However I will apologise for tagging you with those racist prolife gimps

            And for the record
            I have never received an apology, a correction or a retraction from anybody
            Not even for the “Broadsheet Trolldog”
            And so much more that was far worse
            For me, my friends and comrades, and my practice

            And yes those emails are still coming in
            “Scottser” being the most recent accusation

            And since I’m still the target for a certain cohort of thick overreaching personalities who encourage trolls and bots
            With whipped up fake allegations
            I will defend myself
            In as much as I’m allowed

            Again Justine
            I apologise for plugging you into that particular ‘vested’ interest group

          11. newsjustin

            “…….that bulldozed lies and false accusations against me Right across the internet and SM.”

            Yeah, I have no real idea what you’re talking about there and don’t really want to get into it. I just have a vague notion that you were Frilly Keane for a long time then you became “not anonymous” or whatever the word for that is.

            Listen, I don’t agree with you on abortion. I’m sure we agree and disagree on other things. I really like the Bake-Off.

            I’ll just keep commenting on here and please do keep commenting too. I think you’re a bit of craic. BUT, and here’s the most important thing, will you, for the love of God, start using the normal rules of grammar and punctuation. I think I’d like you more then.

  8. GiggidyGoo

    Another ‘misleading the dail’ correction coming up? These FGers just can’t help themselves. They want to keep the details of the Broadband ‘tender’ quiet, but day on day, week on week, they find there’s nowhere to hide, as more damaging information comes into the domain.
    Tender was run in the same way that local lottery results used to be (picked out in secret in the back of a car up some side road, and – surprise surprise – the winner happens to be a relative of one of the pickers).

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      I think fibre roll out should go ahead
      But bring the ESB back to the table

      Let the keep their annual Dividend to the Minister of Finance untill

      And get them to sell off ESBI

      I know ye need to hear stuff like that from one’ve the lads
      But I’m here now
      So tis done

      I expect ye’ll be reading something along those lines in about 6 months

      1. nigel

        Why not satellite and 5 g
        Technology has evolved over digging and burying cables and all the hassle of what goes with that
        Many countries use satellite and lets face it the cost doing it this way is now being touted at as 5 billion
        There is too much of a stench of corruption regarding who is involved so just before anyone can sue the taxpayer for contractual reasons just halt it

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          I sure there are far smarter ideas and lads that know what the next big tech is
          And know the mega gigs from their gigabits
          Wether I’m right or wrong I know that for this investment
          five billion +
          we need to own it and secure it
          And be sure of any dividends

          Subbing it out
          Be it to the Granahan McCourt Tender – lads in vans etc
          Or the Satellite Launchers and Astronauts
          Should not be the preferred option

      2. GiggidyGoo

        No objections to fibre. My issue is the flawed tender, the flawed awarding to a ‘consortium’ that Denis O’Briens Actavo ‘joined’ in the final stages. This is ESAT all over again in my opinion. This time the alarm bills are binging loudly,
        O ‘ Brien has had more than his share of my taxes. His FG business unit has rifled our finances once too often.

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          And precisely why the ESB need to be brought back into the gig

  9. eoin

    Fair play to Leo for speaking to the C1, C2 and D’s (as his former strategic communications unit might have called them) in his exclusive interview in the Sunday World. I’m not buying or reading it, but extrapolating from the “I wouldn’t vote for Trump” on the front page, I’d guess it’s “I like kittens”, “I don’t like broccoli” throughout.

  10. SOQ

    Anyone got a link to the Madonna like a prayer Eurovision thing last night? Can’t find it anywhere.

    1. nigel

      Actually you can download it on your RTE player
      Sadly its performed in Israel and if you are in favour of the boycott you will not want to watch it
      I believe she was out of tune but the duet with the American rapper was not too bad

        1. bisted

          …oh you’ve got it…I was certain there would be a queue of other scabs ready to provide it…

          1. bisted

            …you’ve just asked for someone to post a link to the main sanctions breaker in Tel Aviv…you’re a scab…

          2. SOQ

            I don’t even like the Eurovision. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It is not every day an artist like that gets their act sabotaged.

            Grow up.

  11. johnny

    Peter Hamilton-‘business’ reporter at IT-dragged up indeed Pete,thanks for framing that so nicely.

    “The move has divided opinion, particularly on social media, where references to the high-profile rape trial Jackson was involved in last year were dragged up”

    -involved in…

    This hack is an absolute disgrace to journalism,.


    Its a error strew piece of garbage fanzine to rugby-why anyone would buy that rag escapes me,Mick was born in Shepherds Bush,London-not Cavan for example.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      I wish I could apply lipstick like that

      Absolutely magnificent


      A work of art

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