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      1. Catherine costelloe

        22 Exhibits gone awol including a blood splattered gate and a bottle of wine found in adjoining field. The carelessness of An Garda in this horrific murder is mind boggling.

    1. topsy

      No, France tried and failed twice. Substantive evidence of is required for a successful extradition.

    1. dav

      I suspect some “unfavourable” stories about harris to be leaked to paul Williams soon

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Maybe not – I’m sure Mr Harris has sussed out the leakers to the press. Garda Reynolds might have a better chance.

  1. SOQ

    I wonder what % of people own Huawei mobiles? I doubt if it very high. Either way Google has blocked Huawei from using apps on its phones, it is reported.


    Of course one of the other Chinese owned companies the American administration is expressing concerns about is- Grindr.


        1. dav

          I don’t think so. I’ve been hearing nothing but good reviews about Huawei hones over the last 12months as a good cheap alternative to Apple and Samsung, so the 5 sales aren’t really that surprising.

  2. eoin

    Will your Huawei mobile phone work on the net after Google stops providing it with updates to Android?

    Maybe that’s something our national centre of hazing excellence could research with the millions Huawei is showering upon it.

  3. eoin

    Former minister David Davis challenges UK’s newly revealed position on torture in today’s London Times

    ““Ministry of Defence has been approving actions that could lead to torture if “the potential benefits justify accepting the risk and legal consequences”.””

    The Guardian says the Ministry of Defence is defending is position and says it’s consistent with established practice.


    Week-by-week, our neighbours seem to be descending into a police state dystopia and they don’t even realise it.

  4. eoin

    The Times Ireland is keeping on one of the most high profile local councillors in the country, ex-FFer now Independent and current Lord Mayor of Dublin, Nial Ring. Nial magicked up €1m for an unknown source a couple of months ago to save his home which was the subject of a Bank of Ireland seizure.

    Nial has been involved at a senior level with some interesting energy and mineral exploration companies, one of which would dissolved in 2017. Today, the Times Ireland publishes another story about the questionable conduct of that company.

    Bottom line though, Nial is claiming investors in the companies didn’t lose out. If the Times Ireland wants to nail this story, it will need to speak to investors and establish precisely what losses, if any, were suffered. Until then, this is a bit of a damp squib.

    1. SB

      I wonder if the Revenue are interested in where the sudden mortgage money came from? Maybe it was PadyThePlasterer.

  5. Catherine costelloe

    Limerick city and county council spend 220,000 over 20 months on food and drink. FG Senator Marie Byrnes family pub had the contract.
    4 cups of tea = 81-28 euros.
    A packet of biscuits = 20.32 euros.
    This waste would have housed 2/3 homeless families.

    1. Cian

      “The prices came about because of a delivery charge associated with orders from a caterer.”

      “The council awarded a tender that allowed the cafe to charge €20.32 every time a drop-off was made to council offices – no matter what the size of the order.”

      “The contract, which they no longer have, was won by open tender. She added all of the costs were laid out in the document, including delivery.”

      1. Rob_G

        Jaysus – when was that contract signed? Seems mental to pay anything over a couple of euro just a couple of years later with Deliveroo and whatnot.

        1. Cian

          It really depends on what the rational was.
          If this was set up for catering for large meetings then the delivery charge would be reasonable. If it was then abused by people looking for “2 teas” then it isn’t the fault of the original contract.

          I’d be interested in *who* was ordering these small items and for what purposes. Was it the council workers themselves or for the councillors.

  6. eoin

    Remember last Friday when Niamh Lyons in the Times Ireland reported about “up to €1bn of gold bullion” in a sunken ship off the Donegal coast?

    It seems Pat “The Cope” Gallagher might have been her source. At least, he is now coming out to lobby for the salvage company on RTE. The salvage company is said to be “Atlantic Subsea Ventures”, no other info given. There is a Gibraltar company by that name, but I can’t be 100% it is the same people. If it is, their website, https://www.atlanticsv.com was registered on 24 February 2019, three months ago.

    “Atlantic Subsea Ventures has been carrying out work on the wreckage for about two months. ” reported the Times Ireland

    Now, how reasonable does it feel to you that a company, possibly a very new company, has been working on a salvage for two months and has hit a jackpot of up to €1 billion? Especially since credible reports say previous searches of the ship (it’s only down 500 ft, the Titanic is down 12,500 ft) revealed nothing, and the ship wasn’t suddenly sunk in 1940, it was bombed first and then some time later, after it had been rescued and was being towed, was torpedoed. Wouldn’t the first thing the rescuers would have rescued, be the gold, if there was any?

    So, what is up?

    I have no idea, but I do hope the government isn’t being asked, and isn’t being lobbied, to reduce its wreckage levy from 7.5% to 4% generally, not for this supposed gold which seems very doubtful to me, but for something else which might have been found, maybe something in Irish national waters?

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