‘Ask Your Local Shops For Some Empty Cardboard Boxes’



David Hall tweetz:

Thought I had seen it all! Ulster Bank writing to customers in arrears suggesting they surrender their home and giving them notes on how to prepare to move out! Cardboard boxes from the shop! This to a 60-year-old couple!

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30 thoughts on “‘Ask Your Local Shops For Some Empty Cardboard Boxes’

    1. wheresmefibre

      i’m exercising my constitutional right to demand a recount on my mortgage non re-payments

  1. postmanpat

    60? They can both work for another 5 years each so. Mortgage is cheaper than rent so cry me a river. Also, if memory serves that checklist page goes out with all UB mortgage products. Like , say a young couple who are moving from rented accommodation to their new home. But unlike Mr & Mrs “This to a 60-year-old couple!” they intent to . you know , pay their mortgage. I’m sorry! But a 60 year old couples mortgage would have been given 30 years ago , where houses were far cheaper and the average mortgage 25 years and not 40 to infinity like young people are paying now. , they must have been working to get a mortgage the first place, your telling me in all those 3 odd decades they didn’t prepare a rainy day fund to keep up the payment on the roof over their heads? Its more likely they both opted out of the rat race at 50 and sat there puffing the Rothmans and drinking cans in front of the TV, not paying a penny for 10 years and ignored the banks calls. Oh well, they still have each other awww a 60 year old couple. bless!!! Anyway now they have to move and a younger couple can move in and fumigate the place.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Your undisguised hatred of older people on display once again, postmanpat. I take it you’re planning to die young?

        1. postmanpat

          No Cian, Mickey Twopints is right I don’t like older people . I’ve always had a problem with greedy boomers. I don’t see all old people as sweet little Raymond Briggs cartoons. I see them as environmental polluters, greedy , financially irresponsible and selfish. Their whole generation has destroyed the world we all live in ,we are still paying for them and still they have their hand out. But its all beside the point as this Irish Mirror story is entirely made up and perpetuated by another aforementioned greedy obese boomer clicking away on his twitter for personal political gain.

          1. Mickey Twopints

            Postman pat, I don’t know if you’ve been made aware of it, but age is one of the grounds for discrimination. Please reread your post above and substitute ethnicity, race, gender and sexual orientation. Do you still think your comment acceptable?

          2. scottser

            jays pat, i was so convinced by that i went and pushed an oul wan into the road :)

    2. Kingbotterson

      You OK hun? You’re terribly grumpy when you’re hungry. Have a Snickers.

  2. Yep

    You have no idea why they can’t make the payment Pat. I hope that speel of poo helped you forget your painful life for a bit.

    1. postmanpat

      Don’t worry about it Yep. the story came from the Irish Mirror so its cooked up in the first place. Because that single page check-sheet goes out with all Mortgage information packs. There’s no evidence that its related to any persons (cute 60 year old couple or whoever) being asked to leave their home.

  3. Joe Small

    Its impossible to make an informed comment either way without more context. Has one of them suffered from illness or been made redundant? Were they greedy during the boom and just refusing to face reality now? Its impossible to tell, so don’t expect me to be outraged against the bank or them.

  4. Andrew

    Does David write off the debts of the gamblers in the casino he part owns?
    These kind of emotive tweets, with zero context, are beneath contempt. This man gets a very easy ride from a docile, unquestioning media.

  5. small ads

    What a shower of poos answering this post.

    Try getting a job when you’re 60 and see how lucky you are, mateys. In fact, I hope you have to, that’ll soften your cough for you.

    (Well, I don’t, but I wish you knew at least how hard it is.)

    1. Andrew

      Should I have felt sorry from Brian O’Donnell of Gorse Hill at the time?
      Or the St.Matthias Wood couple? They were in their seventies.
      We don’t have ANY information about this supposed couple and no I don’t have blanket sympathy for all.

    2. Col

      So if you lose your job at 60 you should be allowed stop paying your mortgage and keep your house without finishing paying for it?

      1. postmanpat

        This couple, (not that they exist in the first place because the story is made up but lets pretend they are real. ) if getting kicked out today , would have stopped paying their mortgage for 8 years and refused to communicate with the bank before it got to this stage. So ..yeah its worse than that, if you leave employment at 52 you apparently should expect to remain in your house without paying for it. Yuu can go on the dole and spend the cash on whatever you want and screw the bank. Mortgage might be 500 a month but . naw , keep all the two person 1600+ doley money instead. Its fine . rules are for other people not you . When the going gets tough. …quit and cry!!!, there’s always a bunch of saps that will come to your aid and help you freeload off the backs of young people for a few more years.

      1. postmanpat

        This (non existent) couple made themselves homeless by not paying their mortgage. But don’t worry, no one going to end up on the street because the story is cooked up. But by all means , blame the blushirts for all of life’s challenges Dav. I’ll continue to blame the boomers and…hang on…. .maybe this isn’t healthy for either of us?

  6. Kolmo

    Well, Gordon Gecko would be elected on the first count if he were real and running for election in Ireland….the inhumanity of the comments are something to behold…there is no society, just shareholders and non-shareholders. I hope the story isn’t true, the “strategic defaulter” is a myth.

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