Can’t. Hold. On. Much. Longer


Pressure grows on Maria Bailey to step down from Oireachtas committee (Irish Times)

Yesterday: I Found Myself On The Floor


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15 thoughts on “Can’t. Hold. On. Much. Longer

  1. eoin

    Can we give the swing thing a breather and look at the Aer Lingus thing. Worth remembering, the High Court where she apparently sued Aer Lingus, is where you go when you’re suing for more than €60,000 in a personal injuries action. Guess what [shocker]? Maria isn’t commenting. According to the Sunday Times last weekend.

    “The TD did not respond to queries from The Sunday Times last week about a personal injuries action filed in the name of Maria Bailey against Aer Lingus, her former employer, in 2004. The case did not go to court and was either settled or withdrawn. Aer Lingus declined to comment.

    Bailey began working for Aer Lingus in 2000 as a member of the airline’s ground staff. In a 2015 interview about her life as a migraine sufferer, she said she “loved” her job with the airline but the hours were “erratic and that was bad for my sleep pattern”.

    Bailey described it as “one of the nicest jobs I ever had” but said that “when the migraines got worse, I had to give it up. I have to have regular sleep”. She left the airline in 2004 at the age of 28.”

    1. The Old Boy

      A small correction, if I may Eoin. When the action against Aer Lingus was filed, the Circuit Court had jurisdiction to award up to €38,090 in a personal injuries claim. It was common practice at the time to commence all but relatively minor cases in the High Court, rather than risking exposure to a professional negligence action because a claim hit the Circuit Court ceiling.

      1. axelf

        I have a feeling that the full pleadings in both cases will make their way into the public domain in the very near future

      2. eoin

        That’s true OB, thank you. But, even with a €38k ceiling in 2004, you’re not talking about the simple reimbursement of fixed medical costs of, say, €7,000. The 2004 claim looks far more substantial than the swing one that’s been abandoned.

        As Axelf says below, the details are unlikely to remain buried for long. She’ll have colleagues at AL. And maybe the party colleagues who she’s apparently blaming for leaking the swing case to the papers might also have the down-low on the AL case. We’ll see…

        1. The Old Boy

          It will be interesting to see. Forgive me, but who is saying it’s a PI case? The only information on the High Court search is that a plenary summons was issued. It could equally be an employment law matter.

          1. eoin

            Sunday Times reported

            “The TD did not respond to queries from The Sunday Times last week about a personal injuries action filed in the name of Maria Bailey against Aer Lingus, her former employer, in 2004.”

            I don’t know how they know it was a PI case. A friendly solicitor might have given a nod in that direction, but I really don’t know at all.

          2. The Old Boy

            Perhaps, although I suspect that someone might have thought the “P” in the case number stands for for “personal injuries” rather than “plenary”. If it was just a guess on the journalist’s part, it may well turn out to be a correct one.

  2. dav

    Here’s the Aerlingus one

    But not much in it
    BAILEY -V- AER LINGUS LTD 2004/8778 P
    Issue Date: 28/05/2004
    Setting Down Date:
    Setting Down No.: 0
    Appeal Court Ref.:
    Date Appeal Lodged:
    Supreme Court Ref.:
    Date Appeal Lodged:

    1. Iwerzon

      The Aerlingus High Court link above from Dav has expired, from yesterday funny enough????
      “Expired Session
      The web session has eNote: Details last updated at close of business on 27/05/2019”

  3. David

    The whole first-name (“Listen Sean…”) technique is intended to establish rapport, credibility, trustworthiness; in this case it has had the opposite effect.

    1. Otis Blue

      Yeah, sounds like a technique flogged by the Communications Clinic at workshop for rubbish TD’s.

      Maria took copious notes (badly), it seems.

    2. Termagant

      It’s right there between “repeat the main clause of the question verbatim before answering” and “steer unwanted questions around to your prepared policy points by any means necessary” in the Idiot’s Guide To Annoying People On The Radio, from the chapter titled Making People Think That You Think They’re A Shower Of Pricks Who Won’t See Right Through It

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