11 thoughts on “Drink It In

  1. Boj

    Thats reasonable thinking from the driver…half blocked path, half blocked road. Walk/drive around and carry on with your day.

    1. George

      Nope. He is operating a vehicle which should only ever be on the road. Block the road or park around the corner or use a vehicle of a size more appropriate to the location receiving the delivery.

        1. George

          It is truck on a footpath. Joy doesn’t come into it. The truck clearly isn’t ideal for city center deliveries of water bottles. It would be better for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians if a van was being used for deliveries like this.

  2. H

    Is it illegal to park like that – genuine question? Where I live in London citizens can take pictures of illegally parked vehicles and report them to the council who can then issue a ticket.

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