In The Pink [Updated]








This evening.

via Olivia Kelleher:

Independent TD Mick Wallace chatting to a family member of Green Party Senator Grace O’Sullivan in Nemo Rangers Cork. Ireland South count continues…



This evening.


This afternoon.


This afternoon.

Count 17 in Ireland South.


This morning.

Count 15 in Ireland South.

Meanwhile, In Midlands North West…

Five battle for three seats in Midlands-North-West (RTÉ)

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45 thoughts on “In The Pink [Updated]

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Some nutter alright. Left two government ministers and two Garda Commissioners licking their wounds. UK and US investigations in NAMA.
      The only nutters will be those that he drives nuts.

      Looks like the electorate aren’t in agreement with your analysis.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          You do realize that the votes were from all over the South? You know – the clue is in the name Ireland South Constituency.
          You don’t have to confirm what your name says.

    2. :-Joe

      You’re taking him out of context as he was using the image to raise a very valid point that is not even controversial to jewish intellectuals anymore. Israel is widely accepted to be a rogues state and has been abusing it’s power against Palestine for decades.

      If you want to clear the shitferbrains about Israel v Palestine out from your confused head, just look up the Jewish American Professor Norman Finkelstein and read his books or even just watch his recent reporting from the past year or so.

      You can find a very good detailed summary of the present state of the conflict with recent history and references to the overall history on It’s about one to two hours long and probably on pootube as well.

      He is considered both the scholar and the worlds most trustworthy authority and goto reference point on Israli and Palestinian actions by the most respectable intellectuals alive.

      He is Jewish and his parents are holocaust survivors etc etc so he’s not some flag waving intellectual crank like many out there..

      Also, you shouldn’t further the problem and continue with the abuse of what is real anti-semitism(a.k.a anti-jewish, anti-judean types of racism, bigotry, religious hatred etc) and all that smearing that goes along with it by lobbyists who support the insane zionist wing of the apartheid rogue state of Israel…

      Educate yourself, not all jews are the same, stop defending the ones who perpetrate evil actions under the smokescreen of fake anti-semitism..


  1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    Posted something similar on annuder thread there
    probably de’papers
    I can’t remember seeing anyone gather as many transfers in an election as Mick Wallace is getting down there in South

    It’ll be interesting now with the bigger distributions

    Especially Malcolm Byrne’s
    Who’ll get the better hop

    The fellow Yellowbelly or the party colleague?

    Oh yeah
    Annuder Candidate’s that’s surprised
    Well me anyway
    Cause I think she’s useless as well as a gobsh_ rhymes with Alex White

    FF Anne Rabbitte over there in MNW
    Over 30 thousand 1st preffs

  2. eoin

    “Sheila Nunan and Andrew Doyle’s votes to be distributed together next.”


    1. Owen C

      Even if Doyle got ALL of Nunan’s transfers he still wouldn’t get above Clune and therefore avoid elimination in the next count

    2. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      Their combined total is lower than the next Candidate
      Deirdre Clune as it happens

      Who will or should anyway get a daycent share from that 67k ish pool of ballots

      And might leggie her over FFs Malcom Byrne
      And if he goes next (16th count) then you can Mick and Billie to be elected from his transfers
      Worst case is Billie will have to wait on Clunes

      1. Owen C

        @ Frilly

        you don’t reckon Clune nicks the last seat (with Grace) at the expense of Liadh?

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          I don’t think theres enough there for Clune to tip in ahead of either Liadh or Gracie Green
          Malcolm will go next and his Prefs will swing heavily to Mick and Billie

          The fight is between Gracie and Liadh as to who gets to start work now and who hasta wait on Brexit

    3. Cian


      Even if all 25,958 of Sheila’s votes were transferred to Andrew he would still have fewest votes and be out in the next round. So they transfer both together.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    ‘Rumours abound that the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will make an appearance’.

    Firstly, he’s not Elvis. And secondly, if he does appear then I trust the good people of Midlands North West will ask him the questions that need asking.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        So what’s going to be the final result in seats?
        FG =
        FF =
        GP =
        Independents =
        Other =

        1. eoin

          FG 4
          SF 3
          I4C 2
          FF 1
          DUP 1
          Alliance 1
          GP 1
          Independent 1

          (Reserves for if/when UK leaves EU before 2024)
          FF 1
          Green 1

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Looking at that, independents Wallace, Daly and Flanagan take 3 seats. No big spend. No massive ‘machine’ behind them. Two ahead of big bucks FF and one short of bigger bucks FF.

          2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            SF to get 3

            ha ha ha haaaa
            ohhhh good one

            what a great election this has been, SF/IRA getting humiliated across the country, and Casey was shown for what he is. Fantastic stuff, well done Ireland.

  4. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    Quick update for ye
    Gracie Green got 8,382 transfers putting her ahead of Billie
    93, 123 to his (now) 92,876

    There’s no telling how long that’s going to last as logic would suggest Malcom Byrne’s 80, 623 will favour neighbour Mick and running mate Billie

    But at this stage eff’ knows
    But Mick may well be elected after this count (17th btw)

  5. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    Quick update for ye
    Gracie Green got 8,382 transfers putting her ahead of Billie
    93, 123 to his (now) 92,876

    There’s no telling how long that’s going to last as logic would suggest Malcom Byrne’s 80, 623 will favour neighbour Mick and running mate Billie

    But at this stage eff’ knows
    But Mick may well be elected after this count (17th btw)

    Meanwhile Clune got a savage 20, 183 transfers and is just 2096 behind Liadh ….

    Me nerves

    1. eoin

      What’s the prog V? Will FF, the Republican Party transfers/excess split to SF or the Greens. Or, could FG Deirdre Clune do a Liverpool?

      Pensioned-off FGer and bankrupted bookmaker, Ivan Yates is predicting Grace and Deirdre to take the last two seats and adieu to the Shinners Liadh.

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        It all depends on Malcom Byrne’s transfers
        You’d think they’d go between Mick as a fellow Wexican and his running mate – Billie
        Although there’s no love lost there

        But if Mick gets a daycent slab
        Like enough to give him a surplus
        Then you’d have to lean towards that surplus swaying towards Gracie Green
        Then we have a Game of Thrones finale

        Because Billie (most likely at this stage) needs Clune to go out asap to get him over the line
        If she survives another count

        Nemo will be like Westeros
        I wouldn’t be surprised if Deirdre Clune does better from Byrne’s transfers than Liadh

        Brilliant Count t’folly all the same

  6. eoin


    Mick Wallace 101,725 (18,141 votes short)
    Grace O’Sullivan 93,123 (26,743 short)
    Billy Kelleher 92,885 (26,981 short)
    Liadh Ní Riada 91,839 (28,027 short)
    Deirdre Clune 89,743 (30,123 short)

    Wouldn’t it be fuppin’ gas if Malcolm Byrne’s transfers largely avoided Billy Kelleher because of the barbed comments between the two in the campaign.

    What are the odds of Mick, Grace, Liadh and Deirdre taking the final four seats, with Billy Kelleher coming nowhere. That would be some result for Micheal Martin, just one MEP seat in Dublin which doesn’t even come into effect until the UK leaves the EU.

  7. ReproBertie

    Paddy the Racist now saying he’ll run in Donegal in the next general election because he’s only failed to get elected twice so far.

  8. :-Joe

    G’wan the mighty Wallace….


    Starring Clare Daly and Mick Wallace

    Suddenly European affairs has got that little bit more interesting….

    Or invent / insert your own 70’s style hit tv show theme tune…..


  9. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane


    Malcolm Byrnes transfers are an indication of the biggest message the voter sent
    The want main parties

    Of Byrne’s vote
    61,089 were transferable
    63% went to his party colleague Billie electing him with a surplus – and they were no party pals on the campaign
    13% went to another main party – confidence and supply partner I suppose, FGs Deirdre Clune

    12% to fellow Wexican Mick Wallace
    Which is my biggest shock
    I thought the Wexican’ s would put Mick higher than Corks Barry Tea Heiress, who can now expect to be returned to Brussels thanks to them, as she will enjoy a fair clutch of Billie’s surplus.

    Looks like the voter is still mainstream
    Byrne’s Voters were main party voters

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        There’s less than 400 votes between Liadh and Gracie Green
        After 18 counts

        With a sitting MEP looking at being eliminated
        Of course there’s going to be a recount somewhere

        I’d start at Byrne’s distributions meself

        1. Mickey Twopints

          I hope someone (you?) can do an analysis of this and present it in plain language for us mere mortals in due course.

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Oh that’s man’s work

            I’d say ye’ll be treated to feast of versions from the lads over there on that list

            Feckin full recount and recheck granted down in Nemo

  10. Lilly

    Dear god Sharon, those boots. Pity RTE insisting on stand and deliver the news these days.

  11. Gabby

    Independent voters have returned three independent MEPS, but in general independent voters are not much organised. Registered parties are fairly well organised. Wallace and Flanagan don’t lead any ‘movement’. They have attracted many votes of citizens who don’t fancy parties. What talents and personality traits in Wallace and Flanagan attracted so many votes across their constituencies?

      1. Gabby

        My question was about two of the Independents, Wallace and Flanagan. They are not mainstream and are not FF-FG centrists. They don’t represent a known movement, unlike the 5.7% GP candidates. They are not allied to any left organisation like SP, LAB, PBP or any of their affiliates. They are simply themselves warts and all and they have scooped votes across the board. Why and how?

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          Because they’re established Household names that have gone before the electorate with the same message more than once

          The Voter knows exactly what they’re getting

          Unknown Independents will have a tough time of it going forward

          Told ye last week
          The voter wants stability
          And established Indos and Main Parties attract that vote

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