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  1. scottser

    ‘Culturalist’. FFS
    btw since when has London ever been an ‘English’ city? The Romans built it, jews financed it and every nationality in the world lives or works there. Seriously Cleese, get a tootle grip

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      Cleese was only 36 filming the first series of Fawlty Towers… that always amazes me.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      I’m a bit confused by this furore. Cleese was 100% correct in saying that London is not an English city but a multicultural one, just like New York is not really an American city but a hot pot of cultures and nationalities. These are two of the world’s ‘super-cities’ of over 10 million people where everyone migrates to from different countries for opportunities. I personally think that’s a good thing. Even if Cleese doesn’t, where was the racism in his comments? If he prefers the Dickensian awright mate, my fair lady London of old that’s fine – a lot of English people are nostalgic about that type of Englishness. I don’t think that makes them BNP-type extremists.

      1. Listrade

        It does if the message is that
        1) there ever was or is an “English” city or town or place. It appeals to those with a notion that a white utopia existed.
        2) a shift away from something that may never have existed in the first place is negative.

        That’s exactly the BNP’s appeal, that’s what they live for, it’s why listening or reading about Morrissey is like passing your first stool after 2 weeks codeine induced constipation. They’re talking down to people, pretending they know best, pretending that something used to exist (that never did) and now that people are more brown, it’s all gone away.

        The “english” he longs for (all the way from America for the last couple of decades) only existed for a privileged few. Those like himself that grew up in the wealthier, upper middle class regions of the south in small villages with private schools that had a line into Cambridge and Oxford. The London he knew was fellow white, rich Cambridge associates. It was a small part of what London was or ever was, but it was invisible to him and his ilk.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          That may well be true of Cleese – and I understand the nostalgic power of that silver-spooned Old Blighty that you’re describing – but where is that stated in his public comments? It’s the outrage I don’t understand.

          If someone is racist, they are masters at thinly-veiling it and then throwing the hands up innocently and saying, ‘What, Me? Racist?’. But I don’t see this in Cleese’s comments. All I see is nostalgia. Maybe I’m deluded.

      2. dhod

        I think people are reading between the lines. Maybe he’s reminding some of trump who is always pining for the good old days when men were men and worked in mines/steel factories, people were white and everything was fantastic. We all know it wasn’t fantastic, it was repressive and segregated. We also know that people would choose WiFi and flat whites these days long before working in a 50 degree steel works but yeah, bring back the 50’s & 60’s

      3. Nigel

        I think people who live there might find the suggestion that its multicutural nature makes it somehow less English a fundamentally unpleasant one – parochial, snobbish and ignorant at best. Certainly ahistorical. Similarly New York being less American. Disappointed in Cleese.

  2. Ron

    The father must be ready to disown him?

    From an interview by Miriam Lord in the Irish Times Sat, Jun 10, 2017. An interview with Ashok and Miriam Varadkar; parents of Leo Varadkar just after the FG party elected him Leader.

    Have they any advice for their son, who will become taoiseach on Wednesday?

    “He never asked for it and we never give it. He’s a big boy,” smiles Miriam.

    There’s just one thing. “I want him to look after the most vulnerable . . . to work for those who need help. He shouldn’t forget about those people,” says Ashok, pointing out that his son’s views have “matured” over the years. “I can see that he’s changed so much that he’s thinking about people, those who don’t have that much.

    “If I have had any political influence on him over the years, that’s the only one thing.”

  3. SOQ

    Trump says Russia ‘helped me get elected’ for first time in furious outburst at Mueller

    Mr Trump continued: “Russia, Russia, Russia! That’s all you heard at the beginning of this Witch Hunt Hoax…And now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected.


    Whither he was part of the conspiracy or not, admitting that the meddling of a foreign power played a part in him getting elected is not great optics for a sitting president.

    1. edalicious

      That didn’t happen.
      And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.
      And if it was, that’s not a big deal.
      And if it is, that’s not my fault. <– We're here
      And if it was, I didn't mean it.
      And if I did…
      You deserved it.

      1. Nigel

        ‘Oh now you believe what TRUMP says? I thought he was supposed to be the Father Of Lies? Etc.’

          1. rotide

            So I take it you now accept there was russian interference in the elections italia90?

            Seeing as Trump said it like.

            If you could answer without changing the subject to one of your other rants, that would be fantastic.

          2. jusayinlike

            Trump is of course telling the truth much like Alex Jones.

            Don’t let a lack of evidence get in the way of a hysterical baseless conspiracy theory eh editor..

            What’s your favourite flat earth theory while we’re discussing whackjob evidence free conspiracy theories?

          3. italia'90

            You’re better than that Nigel. The facts are all there contained in the article.
            Would you care to make a comment on the article?

            Rotide, I’ve always accepted that there was some form of Russian interference in 2016. They probably interferred in many others too. And they’re not alone as we all know, but seem to turn a blind eye to.
            Is American democracy more important than any other sovereign nations?

            It’s to what extent they interfered, what is provable and how much they affected the outcome is what I’m more interested in.

            Also the smearing of wikileaks is a genuine concern for the freedom of the press.
            It seems to be the new M.O. to smear the whistleblowers, don’t provide the evidence then move on with the next story and hope the public move on too…

            It would be very naieve to presume that there are no bad actors in any democratic election/plebiscite.

          4. Nigel

            Thanks for proving me right jusayinlike! You’re almost as trustworthy and reliable as Trump and Alex Jones!

            My favourite flat earth conspiracy theory is that Bernie bros are obsessing on the shenanigans at the DNC that probably didn’t cost Bernie the nomination but which were pretty disgraceful while relentlessly downplaying the shenanigans at the national election because they’re a secret cabal of short-sighted twits.

          5. jusayinlike

            Yea ok, Alex Jones was wrong about pizzagate and Sandy hook but he’s correct about lizard people.

            Trump is right about Russia interference but he’s right about Obama’s birth certificate..

          6. italia'90

            It’s almost funny that yesterday you were outraged about voter suppression etc. when the republicans were the guilty party but today…
            nah not so much when the dems are shown to do similar suppression during their own primary elections.
            You’re not a hypocrite, sure you’re not Nigel?
            Russia’s intereference is a threat to future elections you said but the DNC are only up to shenanigans.
            Rigging the primary is only shenanigans.
            Get off the effin stage will ya.

          7. Nigel

            You tell me, jusayinlike. You tell me.

            Italia’90 it’s funny that no amount of agreement that the DNC acted badly will be enough to move on from the actions of a single organisation in one primary to the actions of multiple parties across a national election, with ongoing knock-on and cumulative effects that are profoundly damaging to a national democracy, including indications that all democracies are going to have to learn to deal with similar tactics and subversion and shady funding.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Cloak and dagger. 75% owned by the state. Fined €21m – payable to the Central Bank. One state-owned outfit pays ‘fine’ to another. With taxpayers money.

    No person held responsible. Naw – sure it was a computer glitch?. No. Someone(s) made the decision to rob people. They MADE the decision. But escape being held to account. Par for the course in this Banana Republic.

    1. eoin

      Ulster Bank says “We have a provision taken, and we will not be disclosing the amount” so they’re expecting a fine also. But will the fine find its way to the people that were the victims of “unacceptable harm”? Will any individual at Ulster Bank be held responsible? Will pigs fly.

      1. martco

        this has nothing to do with punishing PTSB

        that €21mil is a just money go round as everyone can see

        there’s PILES of unresolved tracker customers in the courts…sure even the ones who went into the oireachtas are still on the wrong rate?!?

        this is an optics play to give everyone confidence in PTSB, tis all grand now the problem is in the past. my guess….probably hoping someone buys the bank.

        total bollocks

  5. eoin

    Seen Enda Kenny lately at all? Other than a token pop-in to press the flesh at the count centre in Castlebar? He certainly hasn’t been seen much around the Dail, not that attendance is a prerequisite for the €90k+ salary. As a director at the Ireland China Foundation, it’s no surprise he has been seen doing several Chinese things. Like this.


    Was Enda involved at all in the controversial decision this week to grant a Chinese oil company a drilling and exploration licence for oil/gas off the Kerry coast, despite the FG govt suddenly embracing Green credentials?

    Also, not specific to Chinese National Offshore Oil Company at all, but isn’t China one of the most corrupt countries in the world for doing business? And, across the globe, isn’t the state granting of mineral/hydrocarbon exploration licences the most prone to corruption (after mobile licences!)? And doesn’t the FG-led Dept of Communications, Natural Resources etc have a poor record for corruption?

    Looking forward to hearing all the details of this licence, they’re not commercially confidential, are they?

  6. eoin

    Front page of Guardian: Charles Dance says he’s the thinking woman’s crumpet. Feck off Charles, it’s the settled opinion on BS, or at least missred’s and mine that Alan Rickman, God rest him, owns that title.

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        The comments section under that piece are quite the read.

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          Ah yeah
          The good oul’ days

          And that wasn’t even the best ov’ em
          But ta for the reminder of the best part of any Broadsheet Thread
          The Comments

          Speaking of historical threads
          Sum’ting came inta my Twitter feed there earlier
          Re a certain someone’s Campaign Announcement thingie

          Well now
          That was an interesting reminder of the origin of some heads around here

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar but I'm trying to stop

            according to this post above you have been asking Frilly that from at least 2016, might be time to let it go ? :)

          2. rotide

            I thought the same thing Janet, it’s what caused me to comment.

            Surely it would be better to let the affectations go in order to get ones point across.

          3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Makes complete sense to me. Don’t mind him, Frillz. He’s only jealous.

          4. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Ah now Row
            I had tidied it up a bit before I was sacked

            And shur’ you must be thrilled with yourself with all the fellas around the place
            Dan, Michael, Brian, Terry, Anthony, Eoin, Derek – proper McGill quota stuff

            There’s just no pleasing you is there

          5. Bodger

            Vanessa, you were not ‘sacked’. After outing yourself as Frilly Keane on the ‘telly’ you were asked to revert to your real name for any future columns.

          6. Bodger

            Your opinions on certain people, for instance, were often in direct conflict with the stated thoughts of your Frilly persona. This caused confusion and upset and led to our request.

          7. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Oh great
            Please let’s finally get this sorted
            And I’m asking all of you now
            To please

            Please provide where opinions on certain people, for instance, were often in direct conflict with the stated thoughts of your Frilly persona

            Incidentally I would ask everyone to revisit that night on the telly
            See the Chat Pit for yourselves
            See the behaviour of another panelist
            See the before and after threads
            See the lies and accusations
            That still remain outstanding as exactly that
            Despite my begging for proof

            So come folks let’s all join together and End Corruption Now

            For all our sakes

  7. eoin

    The (daily) Phoenix reports

    “the company [AirBnB] has now drafted in the services of Edelman PR, where Fine Gael’s former government press secretary, Feargal Purcell, has been lobbying on their behalf. Purcell, who served as a senior advisor to Enda Kenny throughout his time as Taoiseach before working for Varadkar until October 2017, has been making phone calls to his former colleague, Jack O’Donnell, at the Department of Housing, so that Minister Murphy may better understand the “Airbnb business model and the unintended consequences that this regulation may have on Airbnb and the Irish tourism industry”.

    So far, it seems that Eoghan Murphy has been resisting the calls to delay the intro of rules which were announced eight months ago. But with the old boy network buzzing, won’t be surprised if there’s some fudge which effectively grants a delay.

  8. eoin

    Interesting figures from the statistics office today.

    “In 2018, there were 37,955 (62.2%) births registered as within marriage and of these 2 were within civil partnerships. There were 23,061 births registered as outside marriage/civil partnership accounting for 37.8% of all births, an increase of 0.2 percentage points from 2017. The highest percentage of births outside marriage/civil partnership was in Limerick City at 54.5% and the lowest was in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown with 23.8%. A total of 980 teenagers had babies in 2018, of these 22 were aged under 16. Just under half (48.5%) of births outside marriage/civil partnership were to mothers under 30.”

    Also, Ireland needs migrants.

    “A value of 2.1 [total period fertility rate, how many sprogs an average woman bears over her lifetime] is generally considered to be the level at which the population would replace itself in the long run, ignoring migration. In 2018 the TPFR for Ireland was 1.8 which is below replacement level. ”


  9. Lurch

    Incredible hypocrisy from Fine Gael once again when it comes to climate change.
    Subterfuge at its finest in order to facilitate the agendas of billionaire foreign oligarchs over the life of the planet.
    Their dubious reasoning to block the debate (nevermind the vote)_have changed from “security of supply” (this oil will not be landed in Ireland) to “money message” which more nonsense when you delve into it.
    There are very dark forces at work.


    1. rotide

      Unfortunately the world as we know it is reliant on fossil fuels at the moment.

      Unless you want to start building nuclear plants in the midlands, or come close to bankrupting ourselves putting wind and tidal farms almost everywhere, thats not going to change. Even if we do that, we will still rely on fossil fuels for a couple of decades.

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