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Cows cool off in County Cavan in the summer of 2017

Máire Geary is of course correct to point out that those who adopt a vegan diet “should be mindful of where food is sourced and grown when adopting this type of diet” because of the contribution of the relevant “food miles” to environmental harm.

It is indeed the case that vegans consume foods “not grown in Ireland and imported from long distances”.

However, the implication that vegans are significantly different in this respect from their fellow citizens is difficult to accept. Ireland is a country where more than 90 per cent of the agricultural land is used for grazing livestock.

Predictably, in order to give citizens even a moderately balanced diet, we have to import large amounts of nearly everything that is not meat and dairy. Indeed much of the crops we do produce are grown as feed for animals.

Those trying to reduce or eliminate their intake of animal products may not have emission-free diets, but at least they can hope that their behaviour will begin to change the pattern of demand, and that more than a tiny fraction of that glorious Irish soil will be used to grow some vegetables.

Christopher McMahon,
United Kingdom.


Climate change and veganism (The Irish Times letters page)

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2 thoughts on “Everybody Stay Cool

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Michael Healy Rae handed Catherine Martin her bum on Prime Time the other night. Worth a look at. She had very little to offer the discussion apart from talking over O’Callaghan and MHR and trying to shout them down and interrupting answers. Poor showing. Empty vessels and all that.

  2. SOQ

    Absolutely fair point- farming in Ireland = either beef or dairy now, nearly all of which is exported, mainly to Britain. It’s not all the farmer’s fault of course- they are told what and how much to produce, what they will be paid and what subsides they can claim. Agri is probably the most regulated and controlled industry in Ireland.

    But, it is also responsible for nearly half of the emissions of course so Greens, expect a serious blow-back if you propose an urban carbon tax before addressing the near 50% national contribution from the agri-industry.

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