Co-Living Space


On the dedicated cycle lane next to the Alfie Byrne Road, joining Clontarf to East Wall in Dublin…

Citizen Wolf tweetz:

These 2 images were taken within 100m of each other. 1st taken [yesterday]. 2nd one week ago. Utterly shameful. How about building safe segregated cycle infra & not just pretending with paint.

Velo City 2019?


Citizen Wolf tweetz:

Also from last week on the same stretch of cycle-track…..

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8 thoughts on “Co-Living Space

  1. Declan

    Is there something on up there (an event) or has the bus just parked up? I’m a bit confused

  2. JollyRoger

    This entire area is used for coach parking for events usually during concerts at Croke Park. In this case I assume the spice girls.

  3. Dhaughton99

    NTA paid 1.5 mil for a coach park in the dock lands and only opens 7 to 7pm mon-fri.

  4. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Good on the I BIKE DUB people!
    Cannot heap enough opprobrium on this city’s attitude to cycle infrastructure.
    VeloCity coming to Dublin is some laugh. Inviting international delegates over to have a good chuckle at the state of us.
    Hopefully the Greens will make in-roads (in roads) in the new Council.

  5. The Dude

    This is a really, really tough one.

    If only there was something radical, like I don’t know, maybe a coach park perhaps?

    Oh, look there is one – and its the same distance from Croke Park as Alfie Byrne Road.

    Ergo, the NTA have developed a coach park which does not accommodate coaches when needed.

    God help Dublin if the NTA are ever charged with developing anything more complicated, such as BusConnects or the Airport Metro.

    Here’s another little gem also in Dublin’s north inner city that the NTA have presided over – the new Metro Station at the Mater that is no longer going to be used as the route is being altered. It only cost €12 million.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      To be fair to them (or Leo, as it was actually he who gave the go-ahead) constructing the Mater station-box while the new hospital foundation works were underway in 2011 was a pretty far-sighted thing to have done.
      We’d all be throwing up our hands wondering why the hospital had to be closed to allow retro-installation of a station box if the Metro had kept its Drumcondra alignment.
      [And incidentally, yes, the re-alignment through Cross Guns and the two main-line interchanges there was absolutely the right move]
      We probably can thank Bertie’s influence that was ever going through Drumcondra.

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