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What’s the difference between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael? (Prime Time, RTÉ)

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17 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Termagant

    I’m no fancy big city politics doctor but my understanding is that Fianna Fail don’t care about the people they govern whereas Fine Gael actively hate the people they govern

  2. john f

    In terms of ideology, both parties and nearly identical!
    There is a reason why one of them is always in government. That is that the opposition parties just cannot be trusted, and indeed most of them do not want to go into government. Their whole stick for appealing to their support base is being critical of the man. Most of their proposals will not work and they know that. But it gives them something to talk about and that’s all they want.
    Take a look at Sinn Fein, the biggest of the opposition parties. Their positions have largely flipped over the past 3 years. They have gone from being the most Eurosceptic party in the land (which I respect) to being the most pro-EU? They rightly protest poor public services and housing et cetera but then call for increased levels of immigration. This increases the demand side of the equation exponentially, this simple piece of logic seems to escape them.
    Labour make good soundbites in opposition, but that where the positives stop. They are near as hawkish as ffg when in power,
    the green solution to everything is to tax it to hell irrespective of how this will affect the less well off in society.
    There are some bright, well-meaning independents, but their voices get drowned out, then again, there are some imbeciles who care little about the national interest.
    Then there is solidarity/PBP/R2C or whatever they’re trading as this week. They are a full stop Joke. The Masters of making populist soundbites, they never ever want to be in government. If they ever were, and a person was trying to conjure up an image for that. Just imagine a flaming dustbin on a skip in a landfill. Take a look at the numerous socialist disasters in history.
    There needs to be a credible centre-rightish alternative that puts the interests of Ireland and the people living here first and foremost. One that doesn’t have the corruption and moral flexibility that the 2 main parties are famous for…….. but good luck with that.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    One was pro-Treaty, t’other anti-Treaty – now both like to Treat themselves.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    It’s just a reason to make a program to advertise both parties- it’s Prime Time and RTÉ after all. No such thing as bad publicity.

  5. Truth in the News

    What its about is who wanted the cushiest job in 1922 an the trappings of power
    they both are now intoxicated with the lust for power and in that there is no difference
    between them just the initials

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