Fast And Luas


Luas tweetz:

Seconds could change your life. Luas reminds all motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to be aware of surroundings at all times. ALWAYS look left and right and NEVER break a red light.

Seconds Could Change Your Life – A safety message from Luas (Luas)

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8 thoughts on “Fast And Luas

  1. rotide

    Maybe it’s the psycopath in me but there’s something almost satisfying seeing the cars in particular get nailed. So many people take red lights as a ‘go’ for that turn they’ve been waiting for, its infuriating.

  2. kellMA

    They’ll have to start doing add campaigns on this like they used to have to do for the rail crossings…. All these clueless people ..

  3. Cian

    They should just put huge spinning blades on the front of the Luas.

    A few chopped-up people and nobody else would walk in front of the Luas again.

    1. martco

      ha! knew you worked for Blofeld ;)
      spinning blades are a fine idea but who would clean up the mess?

      I betcha there’s one principal reason for the peds & cyclists anyway – mobile phone – almost daily now I get eejits walking out in front me in the van & the common denominator is screen time.

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