What The Bunk?


Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

A bunk space in the living room for €425pm. It’s unclear whether this is a studio or one bed apartment. There are currently 2 residents looking for 3 so one would hope it’s not a #BedShare #RaiseTheRoof

9, Belvedere Place, Dublin 1 (Daft.ie)

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14 thoughts on “What The Bunk?

    1. rotide

      Yes you linked it multiple times, now go and back up your incorrect assertions about boxing and katie taylor with sources please.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Did you read the same (Eoin’s) comment as I did? You know the one where he says ‘Not in any way suggesting this is a fraudster set-up….’

        1. Cian

          If I said “Not in any way suggesting that GiggidyGoo is an idiot, but did anyone read his comments yesterday.” do you think I’d be suggesting that you’re an idiot?

          1. millie st murderlark

            Cian are you on your period? Because, me too. I am on a chocolate rager right now.

            Your cranky comebacks are hilarious.

          2. dav

            her indoors tells me to get away ta twinkle and mow the lawn, I do so, even in winter..

  1. George

    It really needs to be illegal to do this and there need to be restriction on the number of adults that can live in an apartment of a given size. Otherwise minimum size requirements for apartments become a joke.

    1. Termagant

      You can’t possibly be suggesting that some rule of law be applied to one of the foremost crises the country is facing, such a thing is inconceivable

      1. Termagant

        Let’s be fair, it also needs to be taking place in a country that’s not populated mostly by gougers out to grab what they can at anyone’s expense

        I’m not saying such a country exists but let’s not pretend this is purely a governance problem

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Gougers on all sides of the equation. And the government is far from blameless as they have created a flock of gougers that have hoovered up property at knock down prices only to create a society subset who have no option now but to take this kind of accommodation

  2. john f

    I don’t know, it’s in Dublin 1, that is a pretty expensive area to begin with., One could imagine that a person could rent out the entire apartment for 1400 or so a month if they so wanted to.
    Most people could not afford to do so. The natural option is to move to somewhere cheaper and commute.
    Some idiots are calling for more involvement and regulation by the government! It’s government involvement regulation that has helped to create this crisis in the first place. Hap has increased the prices of rent across the board, and the increasingly complex regulations are keeping small-scale investors out of the market and driving up the costs for those already in it. Inevitably, these get passed on to the renter.
    Archaic and out of date planning laws are holding up and stopping newbuilds which would increase the supply and law the rounds across an area assuming demand stays the same.
    However, this will not happen.

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