First-Person Boozer


For your consideration.

‘It is the year 2019, and Ireland maintains its nefarious law against the sale of alcohol after 10pm. You’re at home with some friends, and as always, did not buy enough beer to last the night.

You rush to the shop to restock, and arrive one minute before 10pm. Hurry up and load up on the booze your friends ask for before the clock strikes ten, forcing you into a packed pub for the rest of the night.’

A new game by Jennifer Abe and Clara Kumagai with art and coding by Aidan O’Flannagain telling the age-old story of rushing to buy drink moments before 10pm.


Play here

Please feel free to share it. Credits are in the site, and also here:

4 thoughts on “First-Person Boozer

  1. Ian-O

    I find I drink far less at home than I would in a pub. But that’s irrelevant, they think I am not mature enough to drink at home hence this nonsense.

    1. rotide

      You’re clearly not mature enough to drink at home.

      The real pros get to the offy early and often

      1. Ian-O

        Possibly – I definitely am nowhere near as good at binge drinking at home so I guess I should think of the loss to the exchequer and up my home drinking game.


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