29 thoughts on “The Feet Of Shame

  1. martco

    mmm. tell ya what though I HATE the seats on those later variant Japanese dart carriages (Hitachi?)

    they’re (no offence) definitely made for Japanese bums, feckin tiny & at a weird angle

    major uncomfortable

    on those darts I’d honestly rather stand

      1. martco

        nah, like that since day 1, by design
        my lower back starts pinging after 5 mins in them
        made for a much smaller person

        1. SOQ

          The commuter trains from Dundalk means anyone with back or hip problems has to stand the whole way because the seats are so uncomfortable. And not only do they stop at every hole in the hedge, most of which never have boarders, upon opening, the door system emits the most deafening loud screech alert.

          It’s like CIÉ are trying to make the ONE AND A HALF HOUR journey as uncomfortable and miserable as possible

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      Makes no odds.
      Don’t put your feet on the seats.
      or better still… don’t have feet.

      1. Chuckenstein

        To quote Mr. Partridge…’I don’t like big feet. Reminds me of gammon’.

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar but I'm trying to stop

    darts , buses, it’s my major bug since I have moved back, uncivil behavior by people who should know better, what’s with it, the snot flicking, the sniffing, the feet, the nail filing, the complete absence of the word excuse me, the mad nattering and I’m sorry always a woman ..on the phone like she’s in her front room.

    1. Joe

      30 years ago folk using public transportation had the fear another passenger would try to engage them in conversation to pass the time. Now no one talks to anyone on public transportation and folk give out. Some folk are never happy. Me I like to watch the world burn.

  3. Janet, I ate my avatar

    and no one calls anyone out on anything, god forbid confrontation right

        1. Lilly

          Or people who blow their nose violently and repeatedly in cafes. Ugh, use the bathroom, people are trying to eat.

  4. Gokkers

    Let the person who hasn’t put their feet up on public transport cast the first ‘huh’, close their cardigan swiftly turn and stare out the opposite window!, have the bottle to confront or shut up!

  5. millie st murderlark

    It’s the bumholes who open the windows on the bus in the middle of March and then sit there in their effing coat while an arctic gale blows the length of the bus that are public transport enemy no. 1.

    1. Lilly

      I dunno Millie, I’d prefer a blast of air over the stench of people whose clothes stink of fabric conditioner.

  6. Termagant

    Looks like the undergroundy bit around Glenageary/Sandycove/Dun Laoghaire. Fertile ground for self-absorbed buppyholes I’m afraid to say.

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